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last updated 08-Nov-2005

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

Two non-shareware trackers to check out:

Program Price features
Audio Simulation
$89 music synthesizer combined with tracker interface and full MIDI support, provides virtual analog synth, wavetable synth, step-sequencer, mixer and effect processors, very nice, check it out!
RBF Software
Octamed Studio
$44 successor of the famous AMIGA tracker, PC version for Win9x/NT , 64-channel tracker with real-time effects, sample editor facilities, midi support


MadTracker (13669 KBytes) by Yannick Delwiche

  • 20 € shareware (40 € including the .WAV rendering export extension), could be called the inofficial successor of FastTracker2 :-)
  • 32 tracks, 4x polyphony channels per track, automation for tracks volume envelopes, effects, New Note Actions, stereo samples, synchronized samples, keep-on-disc samples
  • 32-bit internal mixing, WAV renderer supports up to 24 bit 96 kHz output (Pro version only) for external mastering
  • sinc interpolation for perfect quality (.WAV export for external mastering, Pro version only)
  • supports original ProTracker & FastTracker shortcuts
  • loads & saves songs as MT2 (it's own), MOD and XM, imports S3M, Unreal music UMX, IT
  • supports instrument formats MTI (it's own) and XI
  • supports stereo samples, sampletypes MTS (it's own), WAV, AIF and IFF
  • FastTracker effects + new effects, drum patterns, track effects (delay, filter, stereo delay, delayed filter)
  • free high quality stereo reverb for MadTracker available
  • MadTracker2 player plugin for Winamp available
  • BeatMax wrote a german translation of the TrackersHandbook as part of his MadTracker tutorial, which is also available in english and german
  • NEW: VST plugin support (VSTi and FX) + ReWire support
  • NEW: Track EQ
  • NEW: import/export of .MID files
  • NEW: pattern manager which allows to assign names to the patterns and to copy or move them by drag & drop
  • NEW: built-in IRC (chat) function to get instant help and/or to chat with other MadTracker users

    Sk@le Tracker 0.71 (4039 KBytes) by Baktery + Awesome

  • freeware, formerly known as "FT3", very nice tracker in FastTracker2 style, req. latest DirectX, support for ASIO multi I/O (under construction)
  • 32 sequencable channels + 256 stereo virtual channels
  • standard MOD-types support, MIDI In+Out support, WAV export song rendering
  • support for VST instruments and effects, 8 stereo channels for FX
  • integrated sample editor, stereo samples, New Note Actions, multi-envelopes, i.e. assign different envelopes to the same Instrument parameter (volume,pan,cutoff,resonance) for complex modulations
  • instruments come with the common volume+panning envelope + filter (cutoff & Q envelopes) + assignable MIDI device and controllers + Aux Send to MultiEffect
  • many things can be customized, i.e. skin, keyboard shortcuts
  • NEW: added support for DirectSound output
  • NEW: added save to MOD + save to XM
  • NEW: added WAV renderer (8/16/32 bit)
  • NEW: detailed version history

    Buzz (3795 KBytes) by Oskari Tammelin

  • flexible digital music composing tool, freeware, a 100% must download
  • fully modular system "but still" very easy to use, realtime parameter recording to playing patterns (F7), consists of machines (generators and effects), supports MME, DirectX and ASIO output devices, VST instruments and VST effect plugins
  • the Buzz Millenium Standard pack includes all required DLL's, selected gear (Generators and Effects) and a bunch of templates and color themes
  • thanx to scaldor for sending those great 3 songs (14 K), everything made with BUZZ machines - no samples used, listened to those tunes and still not in love with Buzz? Impossible.
  • James Holden wrote a handy tool called Buzz Groove Calculator, it calculates the tempo-commands you need to enter into the pattern to add a bit of groove/swing to your buzz tunes
  • m2buzz 3.61 (441 K), it's a nice little tool which converts MOD, XM and MIDI-files into BUZZ-songs (BMX- or BMW-files), allows to merge 2 BUZZ songs into one, included "Transformer" allows to clone a single generator, transfers notes and volumes to a generator of a differnt type and more useful things
  • NEW: new Buzz portal site BuzzXP launched, among other things offering a complete BuzzSDK with a recompilation of all available source code to program your own Buzz machines
  • NEW: updated version of the Buzz Starters pack available, totally repacked with essential machines to start your Buzz experience

    Psycle 1.6plus (1269 KBytes) by Arguru + Mats + JAZ

  • freeware modular audio creation studio with VST 2.0 instruments / effects support
  • Psycle is divided into four sections: machine view, pattern editor, sequencer and instrument editor
  • included is a stereo sampler, substractive synths, an FM synth, filters, flanger, distorsion, delay, reverb ...
  • the included english documentation should make it easy to get started with Psycle, Buzz users will feel at home immediately
  • Psycle Winamp plugin available, to play Psycle songs with Winamp
  • preliminary XM import (will be further improved, an IT loader is also planned)
  • NEW: lots of new features (like retrig command), changed stuff and some bugfixes, to much to list here, check details here
  • NEW: also contains newly compiled M3, JMDrum and AS2f, and a new native plugin synth "Plucked Strings", coded by Druttis
  • NEW: important: if you have an old version installed (previous to 1.6final) please read this first
  • NEW: also note that PSYCLE plugin for Winamp (allowing to play .psy songs directly from this player) is updated for 1.6plus, can be found in the goodies section of the files page
  • NEW: finally, don't forget to download the new presets for AS2f, FeedMe and Poop UltraLight, made by odo and dj_d (files page, presets section)

    Renoise 1.11 (2259 KBytes) by TakTik + Phazze

  • 45$ shareware tracker, internal 32-bit float point processing, support for VST plugins (instruments + effects) and ASIO, based on Arguru's NoiseTrekker, DirectX 8 (or later) required
  • all-in-one: includes arranger (sequencer), song editor (FastTracker-like), sampler, synthesizer, DSP, mixer
  • registered version only: ASIO multi I/O cards support plus WAV writer with two modes of operation: standard and high quality (256 points interpolation - nearly perfect interpolation of samples)
  • loads song-formats MOD, XM and of course Noisetrekker songs, Fast Tracker instruments (XI) and WAV or AIF samples
  • MIDI support incl. synchronization by MIDI clock as master or slave (Renoise in sync with Cubase or your synth!)
  • unlimited number of effects per track, onboard effects include reverb, echo/delay, compressor, distorsion, flanger, phaser; all effects can be controlled by track envelopes
  • one instrument can trigger sampler + synthesizer + MIDI at once

    TraxVox r3 (445 KBytes) by Arguru

  • freeware, the 3rd tracker coded by Arguru :-) , supports VST 2.0 effects + instruments
  • additionally to the common sample-based features and VST 2.0 plugins it comes with multimode filters + LFO + Envelope ... and mixer buses
  • saves .XFM, eXtended Fuckin' Module :-)
  • support any (stereo) sample up to 96 khz, 32 bit float sample precision, 4 Point spline interpolation for resampling, micro ramped volume/panning changes to avoid clicks
  • 128 instruments, up to 128 layers per instrument, up to 32 polyphonic channels, up to 16 stereo voices per channel to handle notereleases overlapping, 8 mixer sends per channel to dry bus + 7 VST fx
  • integrated WaveEditor (sample cut, fade in/out, volume, trim, loop, stereo>mono, etc)
  • as usual Arguru implemented a basic tutorial even with the very first public version
  • NEW: linear 64bit period lookup table (phasespeed table) for realistic pitch sliding and better mod/xm support, implemented 03xx glide command
  • NEW: D1/D2 finevolume slide commands
  • NEW: sequencer position/pattern/length [<|>] buttons
  • NEW: fixed bugs in mod loader + fixed bug in position jump command (Dxx) + Pattern Play button returns the focus to the tracker view now

    Fast Tracker 2.09 (283 KBytes) by StarBreeze

  • 20$ shareware, still most popular tracker, nice interface, if you want to check out a tracker for the first time, this is the one to go
  • check out my FastTracker instruments-collection
  • supports SB (PRO,16) & GUS for audio and MIDI
  • loads MOD, S3M and its own format XM
  • integrated sampler, 16 bit samples, size unlimited :-)
  • integrated harddisk recording down to WAV
  • volume & panning envelope definitions for instruments
  • CDROM-DUMPer, if it doesn work for you (sync errors, clicks) try it without starting smartdrive
  • NEW: this version has been brought to the public by Andreas Viklund and has not been officially released by StarBreeze
  • NEW: I really can't recommend to use this version, you better should stick to 2.08
  • NEW: internal revision history tells about AMD Interwave (GUS PnP) support, in fact the whole GUS handler doesn't work properly, it totally fucks up GUS memory

    AXS Demo free (225 KBytes) by NewStyle

  • freeware for DOS, but there's a beta for Windows available now: AXS is a very cool multi-timbral virtual analog synth
  • supports SB16/AWE or GUS Classic (or both!) or saves audio to WAV file (just press TAB for session begin/end)
  • you can play trough the usual pc-keyboard or external MIDI device (full MIDI implementation: ALL parameters accessable via MIDI controllers)
  • be sure to watch the AXS download page for demo songs and drumkits
  • external MIDI IN support GUS, SB and COM-port, you have access to 4 different channels/instruments via MIDI
  • VESA 2.0 with linear frame buffer (LFB) support for the 640x480x256 videomode
  • variable number of voices + variable mixing rate, 8 different channels: 7 synths (ch1 to 7) and a sampler (ch 8)
  • resonant filters (lowpass, highpass, band reject + pass), pulsewidth + ring modulation, 2 LFO's/instrument, 5 LFO destinations (all very easy to handle)
  • distortion (yeah, we want dirt!) and delay fx (panning delay, sounds very good)
  • there's a nice little helper app from Frozen East Records: MakeDRM 1.0 creates DRM files using all wavs from current dir (you can specify starting note)
  • NEW: f****** good news for those who were not able to run the DOS-version of AXS anymore (there were sound- and graphiccard issues with newer cards): AXS 2.03++ for Windows (BETA) released (if you run screen resolutions >= 1280x1204 you can see both AXS screens at once without scrolling) as well as AXS plugin for WinAmp (BETA)

    Impulse Tracker 2.14 (888 KBytes) by Pulse

  • technically the #1 DOS tracker, ScreamTracker look & feel w/ MANY! great enhancements
  • to use IT's DirectX-server for sound output via DirectX please refer to the README.TXT to get this little piece of coding art running, or just use IT DirectX-Launcher (173 K) - the convenient little utility for launching Impulse Tracker with the VSound drivers, by Mauro Molinari
  • archive includes the "Networked Impulse Tracker" patch, it allows multiple composers editing the same song at the same time
  • intelligent MIDI Input for SB16, AWE, GUS and Interwave cards (press shift-F1 for options)
  • excellent quality Disk-Writer device using cubic spline interpolation (req. FPU), it's 30$ for private use, for commercial use ask the author
  • features volume/panning/pitch/filter(!) envelopes, pingPong & sustain loops
  • grab that IT-throbber for NETSCAPE, MUST HAVE! :-)
  • made a nice filter-demotune (122 K) (sent to me by Pulse)
  • supports SB (PRO, 16) with 32bit interpolation, AWE, GUS, Interwave, WSS, PAS, PAS16, ESS 1868 + 1688, ST97PCI + EWS 64 XL + SoundscapeVIVO codec, DAC and PC honker
  • GUSMAX software mixing! (kick the 1 MB RAM limit!) - check out DRIVERS.TXT
  • loads modules XM, STM, MTM, S3M, MOD & IT (its own), saves IT & S3M, supported as sample libraries are MOD, 669, FAR, MTM, S3M, PTM, XM and IT
  • loads KRZ, PAT, TWwave W??, S3I, IFF, WAV & ITS (its own)
  • samples are compressed on the fly when saved and loaded from disk (not the same as MMCMP)
  • loads instruments XI (press F4, not F3!) & ITI (its own) and imports the instruments of XM and IT-modules
  • 16 bit samples, 64 channels, internally 256 for managing the NewNoteActions (you can play a melody at ONE channel and each note will fade out (customizable))
  • small fix to swedish keyboard layout (backslash didn't work), contributed by Adam Danielsson
  • NEW: ITmenu 1.7 released, it's a Windows-program which starts an instance of Impulse Tracker with user selected driver + options, makes commandline obsolete (if you use Windows)

    ModPlug Tracker 1.16 (592 KBytes) by Olivier Lapicque

  • freeware win9x/NT tracker, supports stereo samples and VST effect plugins (how to setup VST plugins in ModPlug)
  • the main structure is the same as known from DOS trackers: pattern view, instruments, samples, channels, main, options ...
  • Copy/Cut/Paste function works between different songs too, multilevel undo/redo
  • included is the 64 channel player engine known from modplug player with all it's features/options
  • loads & plays MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MTM, NST, MED, 669, WOW, STM, ULT, AMS, DBM, DSM, FAR, MDL, MOL, OKT, PTM, Amiga IFF 8SVX, WAV (incl. loops!), PAT, XI, AIF, imports MIDs (incl. SF2 mapping!)
  • multichannel wave writer, easy MPEG Layer 3 encoding (if codec is installed)
  • thanks to Kim for mentioning the ModPlug quickstart kit (2.7 MB), it comes with GM.DLS for samples (I assume that's a GeneralMIDI soundset ;-) ), a tutorial in TXT and DOC formats, and a sample song, great for beginners!
  • NEW: increased max number of samples to 1000, increased max mixing channels from 128 to 200
  • NEW: added support for DirectX Media Objects
  • NEW: added "Estimate Song Length" function (Player menu)
  • NEW: added highpass filter mode, improved MMX processing for resonant filter (improved filter stability), due to popular requests, extended filter range option now allows up to 10kHz
  • NEW: added beta ASIO support, improved latency,
  • NEW: added option to display the end of previous and begining of next pattern, Pattern display can now show condensed views (hiding effects and/or volume)
  • NEW: new macro type for controlling VST effect parameters (F0F08nz for parameter n)
  • NEW: instrument tree: mute or solo an individual instrument, left-clicking an instrument will select it in the pattern editor
  • NEW: greatly improved sample editor redraw speed on P3/P4/Athlon
  • NEW: improved Impulse Tracker keyboard preset compatibility
  • NEW: fixed possible random crash when using VST Plugins
  • NEW: fixed loading of stereo samples in XM files, fixed channel mute and solo
  • NEW: fixed MIDI input

    VersaTracker 1.0 alpha 1 (622 KBytes) by Khaled Agrama

  • very handy and nice looking freeware win9x/NT tracker in FT2 style (technically spoken), uses MIDAS soundsystem (I don't think that's a good idea to base a tracker on a 3rd party soundsystem like MIDAS ...)
  • loads & plays the MIDAS types: XM, S3M, MOD and IT till version 2.12, editing anything other than XM's will not work properly at the moment
  • consists of two main parts: the instrument editor (two different views: "event editor" as known from classic trackers and "piano roll" as known from MIDI sequencers) and the pattern editor
  • the final version (let's hope we'll see it some day!) will be a good candidate for a 'TOP'

    Velvet Studio 2.01 (396 KBytes) by Velvet Development

  • supports SB (PRO,16), GUS (GUS PnP planned), MIDI input for GUS (MPU-401 planned ...)
  • song formats: loads MOD, S3M, STM, ULT, MTM, XM + it's own AMS, saves AMS, MOD, S3M, XM
  • instrument-formats: loads PAT, XI, AIS, saves AIS
  • sample-formats: loads SMP, WAV, IFF, S3I, ASE, saves ASE, SMP, WAV
  • there's a AMS2WAV (67 K) renderer available too
  • sample editor with effects like flanger, chorus, crossfade, timecompression, fix loop
  • enhanced volume, panning & vibrato envelope definitions
  • customizable user interface (keymappings, colors, ... all you want, very nice! ...)
  • NEW: new exe (you MUST have installed 2.0 before!) corrects most problems with PS/2 mouses and Soundblaster loading bugs

    BushTracker 2.1 (830 KBytes) by Gordon Stryph

  • freeware MIDI tracker, easy browsing and loading of SF2/SBK, incl. a virtual piano for testing of SF2/SBK, originally written for AWE and SB Live
  • pretty alternative handling, check out the popupmenus for all the stuff you can do
  • easy bankmanaging and midi-channel property settings
  • mixer controls volume, filter, pan, reverb and chorus, includes mute and solo feature
  • settings include quickchange of output device, Favouritefolders for sf2/sbk, songs and patterns
  • pattern editor with variable patternlength, arbitrary pattern names, velocity control and easy effectmanaging, allows tracks to be effect or note commands -giving the opportunity to use several effects at the same time
  • real time editing of patterns and song allows to test ideas on the fly to find the right way
  • patch/chorus/reverb change while playing
  • advanced FX track feature for easier effect adding, includes echo, randomfilter, random pan, filter fade, volume fade, pan fade
  • push patterns: feature to move patterns in song forward or backward
  • join files in song for publishing: copies song and all used SF2/SBK to a userdefined folder
  • NEW: new version 2.0 of the native AWE version of BushTracker, makes all EMU-8000 chip features available

    Graoumf Tracker 0.016 (571 KBytes) by Laurent de Soras

  • interesting freeware 99-track tracker with fullscreen Protracker-like GUI, contains a sequencer, synthetizer, multi-effect processor and sample editor
  • it's in very early stage, that's the only reason why I didn't rate it with TOP (yet)
  • 32-bit mixing engine (indeed GT offers superb audio quality compared to other trackers), supports Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bits memory- and direct2disk-samples, world premiere for a tracker: 24 bit mixdown, adjustable quality
  • up to 99 tracks, 4 types of tracks: samples (classical), effects (dsp), audio in and midi
  • volume, tone, panning and filter envelopes, including 2 loops, an LFO and fadeout
  • resonant filter per instrument, with optional velocity control, realtime DSP effects with graphical control interface, including delay and resonant filter
  • multiple level Undo/Redo functions (keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Z/Y)
  • about 80 commands of 4 digits, including standard FastTracker commands
  • sample formats: reads and saves WAV, AVR, AU and raw data
  • module formats: reads GT2 (native), MOD and XM, saves in GT2 format, imports Falcon Digital Tracker modules (.DTM)
  • renders the complete song into a WAV using a reconstruction filter for resampling (the best I ever heard!)
  • NEW: fixed several bugs: crashes while resizing window, Direct-2-Disk samples where not loaded when opening file by drag'n'drop, in MixDown operation, crash occured when end position was before the start position, initial track panning in .DTM module loading

    SoundFX NT 2.01 (247 KBytes) by Lawrence Rust,
    Software Systems

  • 25$ shareware, DOS-sound emulator for NT, works for games (Doom1&2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 2 & 3D ...) and also for trackers!
  • SoundFX provides a complete emulation of a SoundBlaster 16 card, for me "IT.EXE /sITSB16.MMX /m40000" worked fine (44100 Hz produced clicks)
  • hints from the author about using IT214 (networked) (08-Apr-99):
    "I've noticed that sound breaks up when running on an Intel P200MMX using the Itsb16.mmx driver - indicative of running out of CPU time. I've tried reducing the sample rate to 22000Hz by adding the /m22000 argument to the it.exe command line and all appears OK - you can do this by creating a PIF for the program. It's probably also worthwhile setting the idle sensitivity to low in the PIF properties for the program. A PPro200 using ITSB16B.DRV requires a /m16000 argument. NB the release build of SoundFX will typically allow a 33% increase in sample rate - cheaper than a faster PC! If you restrict yourself to 8bit stereo by specifying /sITSBPRO.DRV then the release build supports the full 44kHz output rate."
  • FastTracker did not work for me, it was terribly slow including the sound, something obviously collides, but the author will look into this, maybe he is able to fix that, let's hope so!
  • NEW: complete software emulation of the Adlib FM synthesiser
  • NEW: all PCM sound output now uses DirectSound 3.0, for lower overhead and better digitised effects, good news for Impulse Tracker users with sample rates up to 44kHz now
  • NEW: MIDI input + SoundBlaster MIDI mode (non MPU401) output
  • NEW: joystick support in eval version too
  • NEW: now delays for longer after a write to the FM synth to ensure hardware timings are not violated in Win2000 which no longer delays after port writes

    Delta Music 1.01 (340 KBytes) by Barricade Software

  • looks pretty coool but seems to have a problem with some gfx-cards, SDD solved it for me, but not for some other guys who never had problems with Vesa modes via SDD before
  • along with its ability to use ordinary samples (WAV 8 bit only) it's specialized in generating chip-sounds (draw them with mouse), features volume envelopes + filters (just test them :) ) & vibrato for the synth instruments
  • req. a SB compatible soundcard, no oversampling/interpolation detected, hehe, no real problem for chip-stuff obviously :-)
  • NEW: changed into freeware with all functions enabled (was 41$ shareware before)

    MoonFish 1.2 (1681 KBytes) by Bram Bos

  • freeware, from the author of Hammerhead/BBox, three channel (mono) step sequencer - limitation to challenge your creativity, grooveboxy interface
  • up to 64 samples with maximum size 16MB each, able to export patterns+songs into WAV
  • FX: distortion, delay, shuffle, retrigger note (variants), SL1200 noise and crackles, quote from documentation: "it is hi-quality noise; sampled from a Technics SL1200 with a broken Stanton needle" :-)
  • song-sequencer with up to 128 patterns per song, a total of 64 different patterns per track
  • controller implemented to design weird loops and stretch FX, MoonFish is a great tool for creating breakbeat loops
  • NEW: no info available, neither on the webpage nor in the .DOC

    The Tuareg 1.5 (2444 KBytes) by Bram Bos

  • freeware interactive phrase sampler: The Ultimate Application for Rapid Electronic Groove-construction (tm) ;-)
  • additionally to the FREE version there's a "FAT version" 35$ shareware with 12 stereo channels, plugins, MP3 export, resonant filters
  • it's not a softsynth, but a sequencer/loop-composer/remixer that creates tracks out of the loops, samples and short sounds you feed it with
  • some tech specs: 6 mono channels, 1024 measures / song, 200 wav samples / song
  • features RaGE unit (drumcomputer) and BLiSS unit (bassline sequencer)
  • optionally renders songs to WAV
  • NEW: FAT version only: ASIA (Advanced Source Inclusion Architecture) fully implemented (FAT only) + stunning sample packages by Brian Cowell included
  • NEW: unused sample detection bug fixed

    Odin Tracker for C64 1.13 (29 KBytes) by Zed

  • freeware, feature packed tracker for C64, source included
  • it's kinda OS-independent by using a C64-emulator :-)
  • similar to classic Amiga/PC tracker style, a good chance to check out SID programming (no duration settings, emulator-friendly keyboard layout)
  • NEW: songs are saved RLE packed to save disk space
  • NEW: many player bugs fixed

    CyberTracker for C64 1.01 (185 KBytes) by cyberbrain

  • freeware, tracker for the C64, similiar to PC/AMIGA-trackers (like FastTrackerII), less similiar to common C64 music-editors
  • it's kinda OS-independent by using a C64-emulator :-)
  • you create instruments with 8 graphical envelopes (+ a vib/apr-value) instead of writing weird hex-numbers
  • Fasttracker-style pattern-editor
  • load/save instruments
  • filter on all 3 channels
  • multiple songs per file
  • keyboard jazzing in all modes
  • more than one pattern-effect (up to 255) per pattern-line - world premiere :-)
  • NEW: the wavefrom/bandpass/pitchcontrol-envelopes are now drawn in a more logical way, that shows how they change the sound, so hopefully less confusion ...
  • NEW: saved files are smaller (=> faster loading/saving + more tunes per disk)

    Music Box 1.3 (502 KBytes) by Black Box

  • freeware for private use, a classic styled music tracker running on GameBoy and GameBoy Color (emulators for DOS/Win here)
  • two pulse waves, one noise generator, one 4 bit digital channel
  • 64 pattern rows, 56 patterns, 32 instruments, 15 digital waves
  • detailed user and programmer guides and tutorials as PDF files included
  • many music examples, sources and the included player routine
  • compatible with Music Box 2
  • for licensing into commercial games contact Black Box

    MidiXGTracker 2.1 (2267 KBytes) by Robin Lobel

  • 10$ shareware, MIDI-tracker, optionally supporting the advanced features of the XG standard
  • 10 effects like reverb, chorus, variation, pitch, attack, brightness..., if you card is XG compatible you can choose from different types of reverb, chorus and variation
  • in good tracker tradition you can play it by MIDI keyboard or PC keyboard
  • supports many MIDI functions, exports to .MID
  • quick access to the frequently used edit functions (cut/copy/paste/amplify/transpose) with right click on a selected area
  • automatically recognizes keyboard layout (us, fr, de...)
  • documentation includes a basic tutorial, 3 example songs included too
  • NEW: new interface
  • NEW: 300 more XG instruments
  • NEW: realtime record function added

    zTracker 0.971 (787 KBytes) by Christopher Micali

  • freeware MIDI-tracker/sequencer with 1:1 Impulse Tracker interface, even imports .IT's (thanks to lipid)
  • 64 track sequencer with variable 32-256 rows/pattern, 256 total patterns
  • easy use of multiple machines across multiple MIDI devices/interfaces
  • rock solid timing that tested as good as cubase (3/496ppqn error)
  • load/save compressed .zt files, .mid export for further processing in another MIDI sequencer
  • volume/effect curve drawing in pattern editor
  • auto sync via midi-clock, intelligent midi-in w/ slave to external sync
  • dont forget to check the zt sourceforge pages for more files, more information, and more skins
  • NEW: added user-requested features, e.g. device naming, MIDI-in velocity recording toggle, "Humanizing" function, default song directory
  • NEW: fixed serious bug which caused zt to crash at startup and exit

    FreeBase VST 0.002 (478 KBytes) by Arguru

  • freeware sequencer for VST instruments and VST effects - no audio, no external MIDI (yet?)
  • virtually unlimited number of patterns and tracks
  • every track can be assigned to a VSTi and a MIDI channel, i.e. multitimbral VSTi's like VSampler are fully supported
  • graphical editor for velocity/pitchbend/modwheel-curve
  • it's *very* basic at the moment, missing feature #1 is MIDI input, to make it a VSTi host for realtime jamming
  • NEW: no info available

    h8 tracker 1.90 (329 KBytes) by CCT

  • stylish freeware tracker with VSTi support, fully modular (up to 256 machines), currently in an early state, but promising
  • 32 bit floating point mixing
  • internal sampler with *.xi loader and instrument editor
  • automation for all plugin parameters
  • most of Fast Tracker 2 keyboard shortcuts
  • skinnable GUI
  • NEW: improved VSTi support, now u can automate VST plugins which have an own editor
  • NEW: GUI improvements
  • NEW: now u can load WAV as an instrument
  • NEW: new demo song included

    ADLiB TRACK3R 2g3.r32 (747 KBytes) by subz3ro

  • freeware Adlib tracker with OPL-3 support and replay routine sourcecode, 250 instruments, 64 patterns, 128 order list entries, 18 channels, 8 waveforms, stereo, featuring lot's of effects
  • support for AMD, CFF, DFM, HSC, MTK, RAD, SAT, SA2, XMS, CiF, iNS, SBi, SGi, several packing algorithms for tracker's data files (A2M, A2T, A2P, A2B, A2i)
  • menu interface, block functions, debugging & midiboard
  • it's just cool to play around with it :-)
  • NEW: major cosmetic improvements (finally had time to do that :)
  • NEW: advanced macro frequency range (1000 Hz should be enough, imho :)
  • NEW: fixed behaviour of global volume indicator
  • NEW: fixed errors in macro editor
  • NEW: added 2nd effect column
  • NEW: added instrument macro-definitions
  • NEW: added support for instrument bank files
  • NEW: added support for S3M files
  • NEW: added fixed-note system


    Trackers Handbook 0.5 (114 KBytes) by Cools/Hertz

  • The Trackers Handbook tries to cover every single aspect of tracking, every single tracker, and every single machine available ever - hehe, huge project :-)
  • it's intended to become the most comprehensive guide to tracking ever made, and a one-stop source of help for every level of tracker out there
  • if you want to contribute or find bugs - just contact Cools
  • NEW: HTML version of the Handbook (81 K), done by DrAvalanche and Howard The Duck