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last updated 29-Mar-2001

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!


GUS-Info (10 KBytes) by several contributers

  • Contains contributions from several GUS dudes about how to solve some VERY STRANGE problems with the GUS / GUS PnP (contributions always welcome!):
  • 1. How to fix off-tempo-playing with GUS PnP and long loops in FT2
  • 2. How to make MIDI IN work with win9x and GUS MAX
  • 3. The MAZified GUS spex
  • 4. How to convince PAS16 + classic GUS work together in peace
  • 5. Getting GUS PnP + SB16 to coexist under win9x
  • NEW: added "how to get GUS MIDI-Out working with a Pentium >= 200 MHz" (by vII)

    iNTERWAVE SDK 2.0 (2730 KBytes) by AMD

  • now you can start to add native Interwave-support to your players/trackers/demos/games!
  • NEW: the COMPLETE SDK 2.0 now finally available for free


    GUS PnP WDM-driver (15 KBytes) by FUDDT

  • GUS PnP WDM driver, works with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP without the need to pre-initialise the card prior to booting the OS
  • multiple Wave Client support via DirectSound software mixing
  • good DirectSound based game support
  • access to the MicroSoft/Roland's MIDI softsynth
  • General MIDI and Soundblaster emulation in a DOS window
  • mixer support for all playback "outputs", not for recording "inputs" (it allows you to record, line-IN is enabled)
  • this driver is released by the FUDDT (Free UltraSound Driver Development Team) and does not contain any Gravis sources

    GUS MAX Win98 driver 0.2 (24 KBytes) by Utopia Sound Division

  • it's a basic win98 CoDec-driver for the GUS MAX, derived from generic Windows Sound System driver
  • it gives you WAVE out- and input and DirectSound support on GUS MAX cards
  • the hack is a combination of version 2.31 of ultrinit (used to initialise your GUS MAX) and some minor changes in a setup file
  • NEW: now should work for win95 too, please tell the author if it works with GUS MAX cards <> rev 2.1 !

    GUS PnP Patchmanager 1.0 (598 KBytes) by BH-Software

  • wow, finally somebody did it: a nice easy to use GUI for the bank-stuff in the IW.INI!
  • you can add/del banks and single patches

    DUSC 0.5 (178 KBytes) by Deep Productions

  • powerful freeware commandline soundbank compiler for GUS PnP - use your own custom WAV's as MIDI instruments!
  • something along the lines of GIPC, main difference: it compiles the patches from text script files (lets you control NEARLY ALL IW features!) and ordinary 16-bit and 8-bit WAV files (incl. "sampl" chunk, means loop-points and stuff)
  • please give your feedback to the author!

    GUS PnP EEProm tool 1.3 (52 KBytes) by Kay Bruns + Ulf Loesche

  • another cool freeware from Kay+Ulf: your GUS PnP will only need one IRQ/DMA! And all devices still work!
  • prevents your IRQ and DMA consuming Gravis Ultrasound Plug'n'Pray monster from eating up your hardware ressources.
  • you can disable/enable every single GUS PnP device - it's magic if you have 3 soundcards + network card + ...
  • multiple card support (you'll get a config dialog for each GUSPnP you have in your system)
  • NEW: changed Look&Feel a bit + changed enabled IDE and GAME port PnP IDs to be compatible with MS

    GUS MPEG Audio Player 1.3 (228 KBytes) by Lee Teck Chee
    aka WildCat

  • plays Audio MPEG layer 1 and 2
  • 486 recommended for realtime (as usual)
  • can also decode the MP2 to file (slower machines ...)

    CapaMOD 3.13b (157 KBytes) by Heikki Ylinen
    (flap / Capacala)

  • GUS mod-player, supports MOD, S3M and XM
  • full source and free libraries (CapaPlay2) in BASIC(!!!), PAS, C and ASM included!
  • NEW: nothing, author just want's to tell you that his email adress has changed and the project CapaMod/CapaPlay is not longer supported

    GUS PnP win9x driver 2.2a (1092 KBytes) by Gravis

  • final (probably in the deepest meaning of the word) version 2.2 of the GUS PnP drivers + software
  • if you need it - here is the updated 2.2 DOS/Win31 version of the drivers
  • NEW: DirectX 5 support + some minor fixes

    NT4 GUS PnP drivers pubBeta 2 (231 KBytes) by Gravis

  • wow - they really made it, GUS PnP now finally goes NT
  • since I currently don't have my GUS I can't test it, some dudes told me something about weird things ...
  • NEW: fixed bug: new Hardware Found messages at startup
  • NEW: fixed bug: unable to change Patch Set
  • NEW: fixed bug: changing volume in various apps caused drivers crash or setted volume to NIL
  • NEW: fixed bug: Midi in didn't work