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last updated 24-Apr-2002

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

WAV to XI 1.4 (15 KBytes) by MAZ

  • freeware WAV to FastTracker XI converter, supports 8/16 bit mono uncompressed WAV files
  • included "Frequency to FT2 RelNote/FineTune conversion" - you will always find the original recording speed at "Q"-key, no matter what sampling frequency
  • for my own needs (Sample-CD 'no.1 instruments') I added true sampler loop conversion (WAVs written by SoundForge for instance)
  • optional auto-trim function (customizable threshold-level) for sample begin
  • optional auto"detection" of crossfade-looped samples (COOL EDIT script "crossfade full" or similar)
  • wildcard support to convert thousands of samples in a batch
  • NEW: lisez moi: french translation of the documentation available

    sWAV2XI 0.26 (45 KBytes) by sublyme

  • freeware WAV to FastTracker XI converter, supports 8/16 bit mono/stereo uncompressed WAV files
  • included "Frequency to FT2 RelNote/FineTune conversion" - you will always find the original recording speed at "Q"-key, no matter what sampling frequency
  • true sampler loop conversion (WAVs written by SoundForge for instance)
  • namefile support, incl. nameedit.exe for creating them, namefiles define the appearance of the sample texts in the created XI
  • wildcard support to convert thousands of samples in a batch
  • NEW: WAV LIST-chunk support for instrument name
  • NEW: added %SIZE, %LOOP and %DATE flag
  • NEW: flag abbreviations (%A=%ASK, %I=%INSTR, ...) for convenience
  • NEW: if no namefile specified, sWAV2XI's output is identical to maz' WAV_2_XI (killer feature!!! :))
  • NEW: fixed 'smpl' and 'fmt ' chunk problems (thanx, alan!)
  • NEW: fixed wrong loop detection that sometimes occured

    MIDI to XM Converter 1.4 (510 KBytes) by Unforeseen Developments

  • MIDI file playback, WAV to XI converter, drum XI editor (reg'd version only)
  • runs under win9x/NT, it's a well done midi to xm converter
  • connect both worlds: offers the possiblility to use a MIDI sequencer and instrument to record and edit the music and then converting it to XM, for sure a very interesting way, better than starting from scratch with a tracker
  • automatic calculation of required channels, pattern and drum optimizations
  • multiple drum XIs possible
  • very useful in combination with your Cubic or GUS PAT-collection: imports ULTRAMID.INI/ULTRASND.INI
  • NEW: 5 years after the last update the registration is now free :-)

    MidiMix 1.1 (79 KBytes) by Zvika Ben-Haim
    aka Slarti

  • MIDI-to-XM Converter, 10$ shareware (limited to 8 channel XM output in unregistered version)
  • bad: hardcore DOS program, not even commandline switch mode and no file browser
  • good: comes with 128 empty XI's as GM instruments (huh??? you ask :) ), this way you get a nice XM out even if you never specified one single of your own instruments - you can do that in your favourite tracker after loading the generated (full of empty XI's) module easily cause midimix uses the proper GM instrument names
  • good too: if you want to use your favourite piano (aehemm ... rrrm ... for instance the 3.8 MB multisampled one from my Sample-CD works fine) or whatever by default - just replace the empty "00.xi" in the "samples"-subdir with your own
  • doesn't support pitch wheel changes, pan sliding and "a few others" - just test it on your own MID

    XM to MIDI Converter (118 KBytes) by Balint Pfliegel

  • as the name implies, this 10$ shareware is a FT2 XM to standard midi file converter
  • supported effects: set volume, set tempo/BPM, pattern break, position jump (only forward), jump loop
  • for each conversion you have to write an (easy!) mapping file to link the FT2 instruments to a GM instrument, to tell which ones should be percussion (channel 10), transpose value and chord type
  • some effects are missing, but YES! this one is the solution for the XM coder who just loves to track but has great midi equipment to enhance the XM with

    2MIDI 1.2 (797 KBytes) by Unforeseen Developments

  • 20$ shareware tracker-song to MIDI song converter, at the moment it reads MOD and XM
  • it doesn't just stick the notes into a MIDI file, it also converts the effects and instrument info (volume/pan envelopes etc...) to make an exact MIDI copy of the MOD (assuming there are enough MIDI channels)
  • switchable volume/pan envelopes and vibrato handling for each sample
  • configurable channel allocation, any MOD channels can be assigned to use any MIDI channels
  • 4 different note prioritization methods offered
  • exports all samples/instruments used in the tracker song as WAV/IFF/PAT/XI/SF2
  • optimizations like silent note removal, note length trimming, channel sharing, also several automatic optimizations to reduce the MIDI file size
  • volume/pan/pitch resolution allows great reduction of the MIDI file size without much loss in quality
  • uses the MIDI drum channel for conversion of notes with no FX applied
  • translates MOD effects into MIDI controllers/meta-events
  • SF2 samples, channel sharing, resolution options, drum channel conversions, effect translating are only available in the registered version
  • NEW: custom keyboard shortcuts: registered users can assign and save any keyboard shortcut to any button or switch
  • NEW: reject & warning details: any samples that have notes rejected due to a lack of available channels, or have warnings due to the duplicate drum note problem, are listed to help you find (and hopefully fix) problems
  • NEW: minimum note gap: you can set a minimum time gap between one note ending and another starting on the same channel, useful if a MIDI player/device is not as responsive as it could/should be
  • NEW: auto MIDI & sample writing: registered users can choose to have 2MIDI automatically write the MIDI and/or samples to disk immediately after conversion
  • NEW: MOD playback: you can listen to a MOD file while using 2MIDI
  • NEW: sample playing: you can play the samples, which saves having to load a tracker to hear what each samples is
  • NEW: support for IntelliMouse scrolling
  • NEW: sample key calculation: 2MIDI automatically calculates the key of all the samples, which can be useful for tuning purposes, if you are not intending to use the original samples with the MIDI conversion

    LifeAmp 1.2 (117 KBytes) by LasTNighT

  • freeware, Winamp plugin for playing XM, MOD, S3M, IT using SBLive!/APS/PCI512 MIDI hardware and optionally converting the song to .MID + .SF2
  • this way your modules will use the great hardware 8-point interpolation performed by the EMU10K1 synthesizer
  • it's highly recommended to use APSLive! drivers because they support "sample offset" and have proper MIDI panning, in opposition to the LiveWare drivers
  • it's obviously not the most accurate player on earth, but it works surprisingly good, it emulates volume/panning/pitch envelopes, portamento, sample offset, vibrato, surround panning, etc.
  • but the real bomb of LifeAmp is the included "disc writer", which in this case doesn't produce a lame WAV but converts your tracker song into .MID (song) + .SF2 (soundbank)
  • that's a *great* feature for musicians to re-use old DOS-tracker songs with every MIDI sequencer in combination with an SB Live or any VSTi or DXi software sampler (e.g. VSampler)

    2Wav 1.0 (192 KBytes) by DJ Surreal

  • freeware, converts Scream Tracker .st3 and Impulse Tracker .its samples into 16 bit mono .wav files
  • has been developed to convert old samples to use them with Buzz
  • NEW: final version

    Convert 1.4 (115 KBytes) by Jesus Villena

  • not able to convert one module into another format, ripps only the samples

    Awave Studio 8.2 (1019 KBytes) by FMJ

  • 100$ shareware, *the* audio & wavetable instrument & song file format converter, Editor & Player, incl. support for GigaSampler .GIG and VSampler .VSB banks
  • additionally to Awave Studio there's a special audio version: Awave Audio (60$), the Audio File Format Batch Converter, it does conversions from about 60 audio file formats into 30 (or so) audio file formats
  • reads more than 150(!) audio file formats (incl. MP3, OGG and WMA)
  • instrument architecture: Collection -> Instrument -> (multi)Layer -> Region -> Waveform hierarchy
  • batch conversion wizard for samples, instruments, collections, songs
  • audio processing wizard (e.g. auto tune, analyze pitch, convert mono/stereo, resample ... lots more)
  • instrument processing wizard (e.g. format text in names, search/replace text in names, merge mono to stereo, modify velocity ranges, transpose key ranges ...)
  • MIDI SDS transmit/receive, SMDI transmit/receive
  • optional auditioning support for DirectX, AWE32, SB Live / Audigy, GUS, iNTERWAVE, Turtle Beach Maui/Tropez, Aureal 'Vortex II'
  • just one of the possible things you could do: convert your MOD-type songs into .MID songs, together with the translation of the samples this means that you can now play the modules using a MIDI sequencer + sampler (e.g. VSampler)
  • NEW: added Native Instruments Battery drum kit file (.KIT) read and write support (the program help file contains some important notes on reading and writing these files)
  • NEW: added Akai MPC2000 drum set file (.PGM) read and write support
  • NEW: added Akai MPC3000 drum set file (.PGM) read and write support
  • NEW: added support for reading MPC2000XL style .PGM files with associated .WAV files (instead of the normal associated .SND files)
  • NEW: added support for writing Creative Nomad Voice Files (.NVF)
  • NEW: you can now save a collection as a .VAP file containing all of the loaded waveforms
  • NEW: added a ĎMerge all into a single multi-layered instrumentí command to the instrument processing wizard
  • NEW: added an option to the ĎAuto create drum kití dialog that letís you select how many keys each region should cover
  • NEW: lots more, read the full list at

    IT to XM converter 1.01 (13 KBytes) by Andy Voss

  • name says it all, of course it can't do magic, but works OK within the given limits, only accepts older IT format < 2.14
  • you will loose: NNA stuff, channel #33-64, pitch envelopes, channel volumes, default channel panning, envelope nodes > #12, note values C0-B0, C9-B9, instrument notes (eg. C-0 -> C-3 01 becomes C-0 01), message area
  • you will keep: 16-bit samples, volume/panning envelopes + most volume commands
  • NEW: some minor fixes

    GUS 2 XI 0.5 (37 KBytes) by vII

  • freeware GUS patch to FastTracker XI converter
  • you can use it for a single file like "gus2xi acpiano.pat" and you'll get a file acpiano.xi in the current directory (no overwrite test!)
  • or you can convert a complete GUS patch set by typing "gus2xi ultrasnd.ini" (which would be your valid ultrasnd.ini, be sure to have the correct paths to your GUS patches in your ultrasnd.ini)

    TTI to WAV / SF2 2 (289 KBytes) by Uwe Kindler

  • freeware for private use, extracts WAV's from EWS64 TTI files or converts TTI files into SF2 (for AWE / SB Live / EMU APS)
  • the following parameters are respected for TTI to SF2 conversion: coarse tuning (RootKey), fine tuning, keyboard splits, velocity splits, volume, pan, loop ON/OFF setting, volume eg: attack rate, decay rate, sustain level, release rate
  • you can decide if you want to convert single TTI files, single directories or a whole drive

    AMS to WAV 0.90 beta (67 KBytes) by Velvet Development

  • this is the long awaited tool for you Velvet fans - it renders your AMS (or any other type supported by Velvet Studio such as XM, S3M, MOD ...) into a WAV
  • funny enough: the authors write "The program has been tested under NT4.0 and worked just fine, so probably it works just as fine under Windows 95 and pure DOS", hehe, yes, indeed, I agree, it works fine under NT4, please test the other "OS"ses by yourself :-)
  • seems to have no interpolation at the moment
  • features automatic peak search
  • since this is a beta version it may contain bugs (well, it worked fine for me), if you finde one please report it to the author