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Last updated 28-Feb-1999

scene news & ressources

scene radio stations
    Nectarine - official demoscene radio

(tracker) scene music & musicians
   chiptunes :)
tokyo dawn records drum'n'bass, bigbeat, 
tokyo2051 house sublabel of tokyo dawn records
berlin repertoire project aka Coocane aka Chilli Choc - trip hop + drum'n'bass + house
SimonV Vivid aka Simon V - master of drum'n'bass
Wayfinder big bandwith of styles, mostly housy
Hunz one of my favourite musicians, I'd say "Hunz"-style
Charlie Brown Records drum'n'bass, funk, triphop, chiphop
language lab quality drum'n'bass & triphop, phat
sounddesignz aka Trip20, dnb & ambient mixtapes + songs
Level-D great ambient tunes
The Internet Music Monitor formerly known as "The Zen Of Tracking". Review tracker songs.
NOiSE another living legend
torment aka Rhino aka David Newman, great ambient XM's & NTK's there
United Trackers very nice tracker related site!
TraxInSpace huge community site, searchable database of thousands of songs, incl. several charts
Demoscene AD eXchange uncommercial link exchange for demoscene related pages
Protection Fault info on sampling, tracking, eq, production, recommended equipment, reviews on new UK-releases & events
PinkNoise Studio's Soundbanks soundbanks and samples for free download, various formats
Mo'Playaz they produce jungle and d&b (mostly), nice site, good group links
Kolabore great tunes there, chillout, house, dnb
DEMOscene CD's comprehensive list of AUDIO and DATA scene related CDs (C64, Amiga, PC)
FadeStudios djZip of kosmic & fadestudios
MEKKA/SYMPOSIUM Party Symposium/Mekka - germany's demo-scene event

music software & tools
Wotsit's Format hundreds of different file format types and other useful programming information; algorithms, source code, spec's ...
SamplepoolZ Online Mag about sampling: news & reviews, reviewed all MAZ CD's
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux giantic: the one and only starting point for Linux sound stuff
ProRec great site, reviews of DirectX plugins, an interview with MAZ :-)
Linux MIDI & Sound Apps interesting collection
mpegx giantic daily updated audio video mpeg software archive
aRts an modular analogue realtime synthesizer for linux
Ra2Wav 30$ shareware, converts .ra and the audio part of .rm into a WAV good link database, samples & soundsoft

synth resoources
120 Years of Electronic Music electronic musical instruments 1870 - 1990
Virtual Synth Page reviews of many virtual synths there as well as background information
Dunno what to do with your time? Check here! Tons of very interesting linx virtual synthesiter museum, descriptions and photos giantic synth ressource, thousands of synth reviews

culture & stuff
Hyperreal information and activies surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of consciousness, and experimental ways of expressing those memes over the wire

SB AWE 32/64


probably the best AWE32/64 ressource on the net
SB Live! CL's official site about their latest card
AWE 32/64 Page of Botta Mauro tools & info about CL-cards
AWE32-Jammers THE mailinglist for AWE users
The best for your AWE soundcard lot's of links to (mostly) AWE related music software
Chaos Soundbank good 12 MB GM/GS Soundbank, sounds ripped from Sound Canvas 88 Pro
AWE 32/64 Soundfont Lib several GM set's ready for download
Creative World lists facts, programs, drivers, sound fonts, links

RME Intelligent Audio Solutions 24/96 soundcards and external AD/DA converters, my complete AD/DA chain is RME :-)
DIGITAL SOUND CARDS comprehensive list of digital soundcards, reviews, facts
Terratec EWS64 + MicroWave PC
HoonTech Sound Track series
RIDI multimedia german distributor of Hoontech SoundTrack cards
AVM Summit & Apex
Apex unleashed a MUST for every Apex (potential) owner
Turtle Beach Maui, Pinnacle, Tropez
Guillemot International MaxiSound series
Zefiro Acoustics digital card ZA2
AdB Multi!Wav Digital PRO18 + Multi!Wav PRO Analog 20
Hohner Midia digital card ProDif 24
Event Electronics several digital/analog multitrack recording cards
MIDIMAN Germany several digital/analog cards + accessories
Aureal the company behind A3D and vortex chips, main competitor of Creative Labs' EAX
Xitel Storm Platinum, a good A3D 2.0 card
Creamware makers of Scope and Pulsar