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last updated 06-Nov-2005

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

Here are some commercial sample editors:

Program Price features
Cool Edit Pro
$399 my favourite multitrack recorder/editor, just rocks, very intuitive and stylish
Sonic Foundry
$499 once the market leader, still my #1 sample editor, real 'industry standard', but still misses 24 bit audio support, a feature which shareware sample editors introduced more than 3 years ago ...
$499 the #1 for editing large files, growed up heavily since 1.x versions, now a very good editor for realtime VST and DirectX plugin use, sample-loop creation, CD-burning, MP3 encoding - a perfect all-in-one sample editor
HiSOFT Soundprobe $99 sample editor with lot's of capabilities and colorful view modes, but misses some 'professionality' in details here and there
IQ Soft
$300..$950 Software Audio Workshop, several versions available, multitrack editor, featuring realtime non destructive editing


Cool Edit 2000 (6964 KBytes) by Syntrillium

  • 69$ shareware sample editor with full 24 bit / 96 kHz support, light version is 39$, Cool Edit 2000 is *the* prototype of a monster shareware which easily competes and even surpasses $$$ programs in ease of use and performance
  • creates peak files for high speed file cashing of huge files, supports sampler info chunk (real loops!), zoooom bigger than 1:1, plus vertical zoom
  • very fast spectral view + configurable frequency analysis (also logarithmic plot)
  • features cue and play list, Echo, Flange, Reverb, Stretch/Pitch Change, Compress, Brainwave Synchronizer, Noise Reducer, Envelope, Filter, Distortion and more
  • supports most every file format (MPEG plugin also available at the autors home or at my MPEG-page)
  • integration with Cakewalk Pro Audio - edit your waves without ever leaving Cakewalk
  • view waves as amplitude or frequency plots, analyze component frequencies
  • automatic silence detection and deletion, automatic crossfades at edit points, automatic beat-finding, cursor "Snap" features
  • MP3 encoder/decoder available for the 64-track HD recording system COOL EDIT PRO, registered version is 29$
  • NEW: Adobe acquired Syntrillium's technology assets incl. Cool Edit

    GoldWave 5.04 (1501 KBytes) by Chris Craig

  • 40$ shareware, 32 bit multithreaded sound editor
  • 10 Band EQ, lowpass, highpass, bandpass & bandstop filters, distortion, doppler, noise gate, user defined filter, flanger ...
  • realtime stereo scope, expression evaluator
  • configurable storage: direct to disk or RAM
  • direct editing ("painting") with mouse
  • level activated recording
  • NEW: major update - 10 years Goldwave - happy birthday!
  • NEW: advanced virtual editing system
  • NEW: expandable plug-in architecture
  • NEW: more ...

    Multiquence 2.50 (816 KBytes) by Chris Craig

  • 45$ shareware, nice straight forward multitrack digital editor / audio processor with video effects support
  • includes all basic functions you need: flanger, EQ, pan, speed, volumes envelopes
  • all functions work realtime, but there's a catch: the only thing you really can adjust while playing are the channel volume sliders
  • master volume (incl. level meter), track volume, Mute and Solo controls
  • editing/playback markers, drag-and-drop editing, multiple undo-levels
  • sequences can consist of digital audio (WAV ...), CD audio, MIDI and video streams
  • supports multiple recording sections, for each section you can choose record device and input source (mic, line, CD, midi)
  • does not support multiple devices for playback
  • NEW: new, improved system of video effects, brightness/contrast settings, speed control for video sections
  • NEW: uncompressed video format support when saving
  • NEW: alignment settings for text caption sections
  • NEW: graphs for compressed audio files (waveforms now shown for MP3 files)
  • NEW: title bars on section boxes for easier selection/dragging, even when fade/pan graphs shown
  • NEW: Playback time and frame counter in master control window

    SoundEngine 2.71 (391 KBytes) by KeNji

  • freeware sample editor with full 24 bit / 96 kHz support
  • loads WAV and MP3
  • includes realtime spectrum analyser and phase checker (correlation meter)
  • includes 30 effects, such as compressor, noise gate, chorus, delay, reverb, different EQ's, all kind of filters, distortion, phaser, tremolo, vibrato
  • all dialogs got customizable presets, nice
  • content of some pulldown boxes is in japanese :-)
  • unfortunately no support for external DirectX- or VST effect plugins

    Sampled 2.0 (2595 KBytes) by NEURODANCER

  • the #1 freeware sample-editor (Windows version), unfortunately can't handle stereo files (yet?)
  • plenty of functions: spectrum editor, FM, filters (Low/High/Band-pass and Notch, all Time-Variable(TVFs), loops (don't work for WAV)
  • oscillators for TVFs, AM, FM, etc.
  • compressor/limiter/expander, resample, reverse, morph, flanger, delay, harmonizer, reverb...
  • own plugin system
  • reads WAV, XI, RAW and AU wave files

    Sampled 1.24 (396 KBytes) by NEURODANCER

  • #1 freeware sample-editor for DOS, typical old school look & feel
  • plenty of functions: spectrum editor, FM, filters (Low/High/Band-pass and Notch, all Time-Variable(TVFs), loops (don't work for WAV), compressor/limiter/expander, resample, reverse, morph, flanger, delay, harmonizer, reverb...
  • loads and saves .WAV, .RAW, .XI, .FTN, .NRS files + reads sampler-disks of ROLAND S-50, S-330, S-550, S-750, S-760, S-770, EMAX II, ASR 10, AKAI S-x000 - discs
  • NEW: 16 bit sound playing/sampling (finally those fine editing capabilities are not wasted anymore on 8 bit samples!)
  • NEW: fixed this bug which interpreted the info-chunks of WAVs as sample-data
  • NEW: user-defined filters (plug-ins) using ASCII text files filter specifications :-) (description at authors homepage)
  • NEW: spectral effects (Voice Modifier, String-ize, Get Pitch), echo-killer, robotize (Human to Robot voice modifier), TVShifter (strange Time-Variable frequency shifter) ...
  • NEW: some more things added / fixed


    VSampler 2.75 (7624 KBytes) by Speedsoft

  • VSampler 2 has been ceased in October 2003 in favour of it's successor VSampler 3
  • realtime controllable VSTi/DXi/standalone 24bit/96kHz stereo sampler and synthesizer with up to 64 voices and 16 individual outputs
  • works either as native VSTi or DXi (Pro version only) offering sample accurate timing or standalone through a virtual MIDI port
  • loads 16/24 bit WAV/AIF (incl. loop-points and rootkey), SF2 (Creative Labs SB Live format), TTI (TerraTec instruments), LM4 drumkits and (Pro only) AKAI S-1000/S-3000 CD's and ZIP-discs, AKAI S1000 PRG and P files as well as AKAI S5000/S6000 AKP files, VSampler exports SF2 and VBS (it's own bank format, which includes all bank-specific settings)
  • fully customizable realtime controls (modulation wheel, assignable controllers, pitchbend), integrates external VST effect plugins and even hosts VST instruments
  • supports realtime effects, such as volume-, filter- and LFO-envelopes with linear or logarithmic envelopes, two velocity controlled filters (modes LP, HP, BP, notch), two LFO's
  • velocity zones allow to use different samples in dependence of the velocity to create very realistic instruments, incl. velocity zone crossfades
  • includes two realtime-synths: an DX7-like FM synth (imports original DX7 patches) and a classical analog-synth
  • automatic spreading of several imported WAV-files at the keyboard by frequency analysis, automatic mapping of split-ranges and root-keys, derived by pitch-tracking ("Track Freq" must be activated), new option for creating e.g. drum-presets from multiple WAV's loaded at once (checkbox "use next free key(s)" in Open-Dialog)
  • by use of templates you can apply complex instrument settings incl. keyzones to another instrument with just one mouseclick
  • you can make the graphical interface match the mood of your song by "skins", incl. animated rotary knobs, there are several alternative skins availabe for download
  • VSampler bank fileformat description available for program-developers (.hlp file + Delphi sample project) at the vsampler download page
  • NEW: VSampler 2 has been ceased in October 2003 in favour of it's successor VSampler 3

    Cylonix 2.00 (303 KBytes) by James J. Clark

  • demo version of a 30$ shareware win9x realtime 18 channel vocoder (Save and some other functions disabled)
  • want to sound like the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica or like Kraftwerk - a channel vocoder is "a device for compressing or encoding the data needed to represent a speech waveform while still retaining the intelligibilty of the original waveform"
  • requires a full duplex soundcard for realtime in/out operation (CreativeLabs-card owners will realize the poor 8/16 bit "full duplex" ...)
  • also offers an EQ mode, means you get an 18 channel realtime EQ
  • some of the main features: channel filter cutoff rate 48 dB/octave, choice of 3 different filter bandwidths, sibilance feedthrough, simple pitch tracking, spectrum shifting, spectrum sampling and hold, adjustable analyzer/synthesizer spectrum mapping matrix, graphical spectrum energy display, stereo output with pan and level control, voice/unvoiced detector, internal adjustable frequency pulse oscillator and noise generator, recording of vocoder output to WAV, loading of WAV Files for use as carrier and modulator sources, randomization of spectrum mapping
  • ability to select the sound card input and output device (press the "DEV" button or press the "s" key on the keyboard and select the i/o devices to start the vocoder)
  • you can now run the vocoder with a half-duplex soundcard by selecting "None" for the input device (load WAV files into the carrier and modulator buffers and be happy!)
  • NEW: spectrum enhancement and smoothing
  • NEW: now individual channel distortion / delay / echo / expansion+compression / slew rate control
  • NEW: MIDI controller support, MIDI control of pulse frequency
  • NEW: pulse width control
  • NEW: slaving of sliders to a single slider

    Wave Corrector 2.3 (1430 KBytes) by Ganymede Test & Measurement

  • 45$ shareware, removes clicks, ticks and plops from samples or complete vinyl-recordings (includes an automatic track detection too, unregistered version saves 1st track only)
  • graphical display of the corrected and uncorrected waveforms overlaid on each other to allow a visual comparison
  • you can do the correction automatically on the whole file or adjust the suggested corrections - you get full control
  • provides tools to aurally and visually assess the effects of the correction process
  • it's perfect for the job (although it does no magic), only reason why it got no TOP is the price ...
  • NEW: find the detailed version history here

    Audio Compositor 4.4 (1510 KBytes) by Scott Mitchel

  • 40$ shareware (limited to 22 kHz mono and read-only of soundbanks in the unreg'd version), MIDI to WAV (16, 24 or 32 bit) renderer & player, soundbank editor and converter
  • works via DirectX or MME and is therefore the first realtime software-wavetable-MIDI-player I know which works under NT4 (Timidity didn't allow realtime MIDI input)
  • it reads a standard MIDI file or live input from MIDI IN port (use a loopback midi driver to route the signal from a MIDI sequencer into AC)
  • it can output the result into a WAV file or realtime trough your soundcard, the average CPU load on my Celery450 was 50%, so even on a P200 there's a good chance to use it as realtime sampler
  • loads plain WAV samples or complete instruments/banks in DLS (level 1 & 2), SF2, KRZ and it's own ACP format
  • saves complete instruments/banks into DLS or SF2 (registered version only)
  • works pretty good as software AWE32/64 emulator for those who don't own one, just load a MID, open the matching SF2 and hit play!
  • provides a graphical environment for editing samples and patches, well, the GUI design is definitely not the strong point of AC
  • non-germans just ignore this: Günter Schenk's deutsche Online Bedienungsanleitung für Audio Compositor, alles auch komplett als ZIP zum offline lesen vorhanden
  • NEW: fixed a bug in DLS output causing some regions to be written with an incorrect loop type
  • NEW: some minor cosmetic enhancements, including an improved display in the renderer
  • NEW: some minor efficiency improvements in the renderer
  • NEW: a change in the SoundFont editor to work better with LiveUpdate's "LiveSynth" product
  • NEW: support for polyphonic aftertouch (not to be confused with regular channel aftertouch, which has always been recognized), polyphonic aftertouch routings can be saved to .ACP and DLS level 2 files
  • NEW: support for the MIDI Tuning Standard, in its present state this will be accessible only to, forgive the term, sysex geeks
  • NEW: for fast systems realtime polyphony can now be set as high as 128 voices (MIDI files, as always, are rendered with unlimited polyphony)

    Zerius Vocoder 1.01 (26 KBytes) by Zerius Development Inc.

  • no sample editor in the common sense but best fits here: great freeware vocoder, works offline (that means: you don't need a full duplex soundcard), be sure to check the authors page for some more cool stuff he did, for instance a JAVA-softsynth, plus some really nice pics!
  • want an example - here's MAZ speaking (19 K), ehehe, my mother would heavily dispute this :-)
  • this one here is the commandline win32-executable, there's a DOS and MAC binary too - just check the authors page, source is available as C- and JAVA-version
  • choose your modulator wav + carrier wav, chunk length + overlap length (to avoid clicks) + frequency band number - there you go
  • there are two GUIs available to make life easier: Z.GFE 1.1 (232 K) (cool look) and Vocoder Front End 1.21 (8 K) (raw windows-look, I like this one more somehow), you will need vb40032.dll to run them (maybe some more, dunno, I probably had them installed already)

    BeatCreator 1.5 (1455 KBytes) by Zero-X

  • 80$ demo (Save and SCSI Send are disabled in demo), powerful sample editor specialized on editing, slicing, creating and processing of rhythmic loops/grooves such as drum loops, break beats or arpeggios
  • got all those useful tools, like saving single segments to WAV/SF2 + timing to .MID, quantize events, re-arrange events, tempo-operations, swing, time stretch, groove analyzer, fade, reverse, normalize, lowpass filter (more planned), tune tempo/pitch ...
  • direct support for EMU ESi and EOS, supports SCSI Transfer via SMDI for Yamaha, Peavey and Kurzweil
  • Pattern Controlled Processor, effects such as bandpass, highpass and notch resonant filter, EQ with resonance, bass & treble boost, overdrive
  • "Process" DSP tools, such as "Multi Filter" (Lowpass/Bandpass/Highpass/Notch filters with resonance), overdrive, parametric EQ tool; Bass and Treble, can be set as peak or shelf, remove DC
  • includes a very good help file
  • would get a TOP if price would be somewhat lower
  • special light version of BeatCreator available called 'BeatSlicer' (35$), designed as FruityLoops companion for slicing up rhythmic loops and grooves: details and download at the FruityLoops page
  • NEW: now fully operates in 32-bit floating points
  • NEW: imports/exports 24 & 32-bit .wav files
  • NEW: bitrate conversion (from/to 8,16,24,32)
  • NEW: SCSI transfers don't need an ASPI layer any longer, so it now works also on ME, 2000 and XP even without ASPI drivers
  • NEW: Smooth Draw: a smoother and more exact representation of the sample data
  • NEW: record direct-to-disc improvements: can autostart/stop FruityLoops v3, detects max free space etc
  • NEW: setting for bringing up Re-Arrange on double click

    Seamless Looper 1.1 (1027 KBytes) by Zero-X

  • 40$ demo (save disabled), powerful and easy to use program for setting up seamless sustain loops
  • features automatic and semiautomatic loop searching tools, destructive loop improvement tools (crossfade), manual loop searching helpers
  • allows SCSI Sample Dump
  • sample editing & some basic DSP functions
  • multi view, supports not only multiple views on multiple samples (MDI) but also multiple views on the same sample

    WaveSurgeon 2.56 (1200 KBytes) by squareCircle

  • 35$ shareware, automates the process of finding loop points in drum loops and isolating the single drum sound segments for "recycleing" (different tempo, different order, replacing single drum sounds with others; ...)
  • saves each segment to a single wave file (or all segments compiled into SF2-file for use with AWE) + saves the timing of the single samples into a standard MIDI file, this way it's possible to recreate the whole thing in a MIDI arrangement (for further stuff like filters, reverb ...)
  • includes the ability to add, move, disable / enable and lock / unlock points + silence out / reverse segments
  • NEW: SMIDI support for transfers to samplers, direct support for Yamaha A3000, Yamaha EX range, E-mu ESI series
  • NEW: creates DLS files, creates Pinnacle PBF files for the Turtle Beach soundcard
  • NEW: CD track extraction tool, allowing easy extraction and mapping of digitally extracted tracks from sample CD's

    Zs-1 Amen 1.0 beta (182 KBytes) by Ziad Khouri

  • freeware, simplifies the process of rearranging waveforms (drumloops)
  • load a drumloop and rearrange the single drums using the sequence editor or sequence generator, it computes the BPM and autobuilds regions (called "offsets")
  • these offsets can be selected and repositioned using the mouse, using right mousebutton finds the closest onset to the point where the mousebutton was released, this is done by using the volume envelope superimposed in front of the waveform
  • to avoid clicks on sample beginnings just check the "smooth" option
  • it's a bit raw at the moment but I think its cool anyway rocks for those of you who like to work with drumloops

    Parametric EQ Pro 2.5 (2152 KBytes) by ANWIDA Soft

  • 18$ shareware real-time parametric equalizer (limit of the unregged version: pauses playback and brings up a nag screen every 15 seconds)
  • the installer features italian language only, non-italiens watch out! :) but don't panic - the program itself is in english
  • doesn't appear in taskbar nor via alt-tab, so if you switched another window into foreground you have to minimize ALL other opened windows to get access to ParEq again
  • NEW: preset support: save your presets and preferred working configurations of your sessions
  • NEW: auto-normalization: you won’t need anymore to repeat the annoying "process-undo" procedure to squeeze the last bit of dynamic out of your .WAVs
  • NEW: english setup (ehehe), taskbar ...

    Effects Processor Pro 2.0 (358 KBytes) by ANWIDA Soft

  • 18$ shareware realtime effects-processor, offers modulation effects: phaser, flanger and chorus (three effects simultaneously)
  • does not work on live input but on WAV files
  • looks nice, it's simple to adjust and customize, sounds good
  • all processing procedures work with 64 bit accuracy, this ensures clean and noiseless sound
  • NEW: presets support, live input support
  • NEW: new player engine (multiple bufferization)
  • NEW: tremolo + resonant LP effect
  • NEW: temporary folder management (folder, free space, etc..)
  • NEW: message after Mixdown if distortion occurred

    Graphic Equalizer Pro 1.5 (253 KBytes) by ANWIDA Soft

  • 30$ shareware, nice 15 band (12 dB +/-) real-time graphic EQ, operating on two channels (aka "stereo" :->)
  • open a WAV, press play, adjust the EQ while playing, save the final "mixdown"
  • built-in HQ limiter, clip led and output level control for each channel, individual bypass for each channel
  • NEW: NT4 support
  • NEW: support for realtime processing of live inputs (CD, line-in, mic, synth ...)
  • NEW: new audio engine (multiple buffers)

    EffectsMaster 1.00 (209 KBytes) by Bulent Biyikoglu

  • realtime effect section which adds effects like EQ, dynamic compression (frequency sensitive), nonlinear distorsion, filter modulation, envelope filter, chorus, reverb, delay to any incoming signal
  • requires a full duplex soundcard (AWE owners will realize the poor 8/16 bit "full duplex" ...)
  • I had to set the buffer size to at least 8192 to get stutter-free sound
  • it reads the audio signal from an input device (CD, Mic, Line, WAV-File) and writes it to the output device (soundcard or WAV-File) in real-time with a delay of around 50 ms
  • you can use it for off-line processing of your audio files as well as for listening to CD’s or your voice (via MIC) with added effects in real-time or for plugging in your e-guitar if you don't have your amp with you :-)

    FruityTracks 1.50 (1748 KBytes) by Image-Line

  • 37$ shareware, WAV/MP3 multichannel sequencer, companion of FruityLoops
  • contains an unlimited number of horizontal Tracks where you drag your Fruityloops, string, voicesamples ...
  • unlimited number of tracks, result can be quickly rendered to a WAV file
  • does not allow to handle samples as melody-instruments like a tracker does
  • easy drag&drop of WAV & MP3 files (from everywhere) on any channel
  • supports volume fading and panning of samples, as well as a lowpass filter
  • NEW: bugfix in scope
  • NEW: added lightshow
  • NEW: added render to MP3 thx to BladeEnc

    AnalogX Scratch 1.04 (338 KBytes) by AnalogX

  • freeware, the ultimate realtime scratching tool for those without true 1200's
  • just load 2 WAVs, drag the WAVE window (your virtual vinyl) and move your mouse, just like the real thing :-)
  • there are two options specifically for affecting the way the scratch sample responds: turntable speed and hand speed
  • sounds pretty good (far better than I expected), that's why I rated it with TOP, but even AnalogX can't do anything about the fact the scratching with mouse just sucks :-)
  • NEW: fixed interpolation bug

    AnalogX AutoTune 2.20 (232 KBytes) by AnalogX

  • freeware, AutoTune analyses the frequency of your WAV samples to allow you to tune all your sounds to the same frequency/note
  • just enter the note you want to use as the base for all of your sounds (e.g. C3, or just C if you want it to autoguess the octave), drag'n'drop your files or complete folders onto the application - that's all (better backup your samples before, you never know)
  • stereo- and 24/32bit-wav support (MS and IEEE formats)
  • integrated optional normalization and DC offset correction
  • NEW: sample depth conversion, dialog resizable

    WaveKnife 1.10 (194 KBytes) by 2ndFace

  • freeware WAV-splitter, intended for users of sampling soundcards, input is a single .WAV file which contains multiple samples separated by periods of silence
  • from this wave file, WaveKnife will create multiple wave files containing one sample each
  • you can specify the Gap Threshold (waves must be separated by at least this number of milliseconds) and the Noise Floor (similiar to the threshold of a noise gate, specifies the noise level which should be treated as silence)
  • before you start extracting you can preview the number of detected sound segments with the COUNT button and adjust the settings till it fits
  • works great with Audio-Sample-CD's
  • NEW: some minor bug fixes (gap/sound detection)
  • NEW: fixed progress bar bug for files bigger than 20.5MB
  • NEW: added some tickmarks to the trackbars
  • NEW: extended Noise Floor range to -30db and Gap Threshold range (0.01 to 4.00 seconds)
  • NEW: renamed "Noise Floor" to "Noise Level", renamed "Gap Threshold" to "Gap Length"

    GrainMill 1.11 (794 KBytes) by Zed

  • 54$ shareware (limited to 10 seconds processing), takes a sound and extracts small pieces called "grains", and recombines them, usually many times over, to form a new sound, this process is known as 'granular synthesis'
  • grains can be very short (less than 20 ms) or several seconds in length, spread very thinly, leaving gaps, or very thickly, creating extremely dense textures
  • many variables involved (grain size, density, spacing, pitch, loudness and stereo position) can all be varied dynamically by means of user-created 'Time Countours' (also known as 'Breakpoint Files')
  • GrainMill is part of CDP (Composers Desktop Project)
  • I found it less intuitive than Granulab for instance, but once you know what the controls do you can easily evolve a boring string sound into an earth shattering starting jet fighter :-)

    GranuLab 1.0 (115 KBytes) by rasmus ekman

  • freeware for home use, 20$ for pro use, realtime granular synthesizer (50$ for commercial use), can be controlled by MIDI
  • it#s no mainstream program, but after playing around for a while you will love it, it's perfect for generating weird effects on drumloops, parameter morphings on sweeping pads, the more sick the better!
  • loads WAV files as raw material, there are 4 important things to play around with: soundfile playback, grain density, grain pitch and envelope of the grains
  • randomisation of most grain generation parameters
  • features real-time control over time-stretching and pitch of a sound, amplitude modulation
  • store parameter sets (patches) and transform seamlessly from one to another - rocks!
  • special window where four patches can be selected and gestural morphing between patches can be done in real-time by mouse
  • the GUI design could be more clear, obviously
  • NEW: GranuLab Transitional available (at the moment only for those who sent 20$ before), it can run up to 8 independent grain streams simultaneously

    Guitar FX box 2.5 (353 KBytes) by Sasha Gojkovic

  • 15$ shareware realtime effects processor, unregistered version is limited to 30 days test period, file input is disabled, file output is limited to 20 s, realtime processing is limited to 15 minutes of continuous play
  • Guitar FX BOX sits between sound input (your guitar or voice via Line In or Mic In) and output, requires DirectX
  • optionally it reads input from a WAV-file and/or saves the processed signal to a file
  • included effects are overdrive/distortion, echo, pitch shift, reverb, wah-wah, chorus, tremolo, EQ (bass/mid/treble)
  • handy guitar tuner is included too
  • the quality of the effects does vary, just check it out
  • NEW: new look, level meter,
  • NEW: phaser effect, two more types of EQ's
  • NEW: improved echo - now with lowpass filter and stereo two tap options
  • NEW: Wah - support for external pedal/joystick or similar device attached to the soundcard game port, MIDI support for controling wah using MIDI messages
  • NEW: noise canceler filter
  • NEW: improved "engine" with lower i/o latency with some cards, and lower noise

    3D-Audio 1.2 (1634 KBytes) by Climax Software

  • 32 bit 3D audio renderer (fast pentium strongly recommended) with nice 3D visualisation for win9x/NT4 (30$ shareware)
  • registered users: contact the authors if you want the program "HRTFconverter" (to convert the public HRTF sets from the MIT into a valid 3D Audio HRTF file)
  • works optionally w/ DirectX3 for win9x (NT4 users get it with ServicePack3
  • you can setup a virtual scene, environment properties, animated listener and up to 99 animated sound sources (nice example is here
  • NEW: re-written & re-edited helpfile and additional documentation for 3D-Audio by Andrew Lewis
  • NEW: some smaller bugfixes