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MAZ Instruments Page

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!


Since early 1995 this page offers hundreds of free samples for free download and free use in free songs, updated with every new MAZ CD.

The restriction: you are not allowed to use those free demosamples in any commercial connection, you are are not allowed to make money with the help of those free demosamples. This includes all kind of promotion actions for your own products, software or songs. You are not allowed to publish those samples in any form without my permission, this includes offering them on webpages, mag CD's or any other public medium.

Buying the original CD includes a free license to use the samples of the CD free of any copyright troubles in the future. All samples offered at this page are examples taken from one of my sample-CDs:


no.1 instruments

synth-basses, 303, drums, percussions, effects, noises, guitars, strings, synth-choirs, organs, lead-synths, pads, filtersweeps

vocal construction kit

1000 fresh vocals, produced by x-pert media:  lines, hooks, jingles, shouts, stereo-effects


Download the stuff and check it. Read what hundreds of MAZ customers wrote into the 100% uncensored feedback board. It offers true wyrisuwTM (what you read is what users wrote), the full bandwidth of opinions. I moved the sample packs to another server and the links directly to the according CD page of the online shop, so just enter the shop and download the stuff. No catch, except that you are always very close to the 'order' button, but I think that's a fair deal!

And there's a great backdoor to get tons of additional free MAZ samples! There are more than 50 demosongs made exclusively with my samples, mostly tracker songs, created by obviously satisfied owners of the CD's. That means, you can "steal" all included samples, check out the MAZ samples demo songs page to listen to my samples in action! And if you like the stuff, just order the CD to get the complete thing, 10 times more than offered here as free demo. If you already ordered one of the CDs and send me a cool song made with those samples, you'll get the double-CD 'tracked worx 98' for free to thank you for your support!

Some words about tech details of the samples itself, all downloadable samples are in 16 bit and 44.1 kHz WAV format incl. loop-points and proper tuning (BASE NOTE). No restricted quality with downsampled or mp3'd material. You get the uncompressed thing in it's original CD quality. About the "no.1 instruments" CD: multisampled instruments and drumsets as well as the pre-reverbed drum sounds are reserved for those who order the CD. If you want to use the free demosamples with trackers just run my little freeware program WAV to XI 1.4, it converts WAV's into the most popular tracker format "XI", including the loop-settings and the proper tuning, in opposition to FastTracker itself. The CD's contain every sample as WAV/SF2 and as XI, so you can start making music immediately, no matter which sequencer or tracker or wavetable card or sampler you use.

At the shop's CD-description page there's no space to describe the single packs, so since you found this page already, here are the details for the "no.1 instruments" CD, the original folders of the CD, including the according description, taken from CD. Of course the content of the freeware pack's may differ slightly since they are just 1/10 of the CD:



  • guess what, typical TB-303 sounds, several series' with rising mod / cutoff / resonance values, in two different slide speeds, with & without distorsion

  • several rubberduck sounds, prepared for sequenced lines



  • mostly synth bass sounds, from slow to fast attack, several resonance / cutoff combinations, some synthetic guitar basses (real bass guitars are in "instrume.nts\guitar\bass")



  • all kinds of drums: bassdrums, drumsets (real, tr606, tr808, tr909, vintage), hihat's, several percussions, claves and clicks (clavecli.cks), marimba's and bell-like sounds (marimbel), metal hits, reverse drums, shakers, snares (incl. typical drum'n'bass stuff) and toms



  • car sounds, funny noises and bleeps, houshold devices, metal box hits and fx, natural sounds (synthetic emulations mostly), spaced up sci-fi-stuff, tons of button sounds and switches (from small to evil large) for use in multimedia presentations ... bottom line: loads of interessting and funny stuff here



  • that's the (synthetic) classic section (most sounds come from synths), it contains accordions, bright bell-like sounds, brass sounds (trumpets, horns), guitars (acoustic, bass, synthetic, clean, distorted), organs, pan-like sounds, pianos, strings, synth voices, woodwind instruments ...



  • those sounds you should use for your lead instruments, for playing the main melody, just browse this directory to get a picture

  • if you want to build a multi-sample you should find the deeper octave sounds in the synpads/synsweeps directories, same name



  • all kinds of non-looped synth sounds which you would mainly use as melody instrument, for playing fast sequences or supporting lines



  • pads without heavy filter LFO's or phasing chorus - just pads, from powerful to soft

  • use those pads if your soundcard can do filters and effects realtime



  • here you go if you want filtered pads and sweeps


As said above, just enter the shop and download the stuff. No catch, except that you are always very close to the 'order' button, but I think that's a fair deal!



Now for something completely different, those samples are NOT from 'no.1 instruments':

1 MB Basic DemoSample-Pack
54 fully size optimized samples

This pack consists of 54 size optimized samples, mostly 8 bit 22 kHz, some are 8 bit 44 kHz, some are 16 bit 22 kHz. You may use this pack if you do your own demo-compo where every musician has to create a song with this pack or something alike or if you never started a tracker before and this is your very first attempt or if you don't like huge instruments. The pack contains drums (hihat, kick, snare, misc percussion), guitars, one tiny piano, strings, synth pads and voices, 4 groovy rubberducked 303 sounds and some wind instruments - all in XI-format incl. loops, ready to load directly with a tracker of your choice. Here's a nice little example song (all samples from this tiny demo-sample-pack) created by, it's called "Adrenaline" (211 K).

demopack.gif (15321 bytes) (738 K)