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last updated 08-Nov-2005

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

Just released: ASSEMBLY '02 DVD-ROM compilation

After 6 years (last time in 1996) ASSEMBLY Organizing is proud to present a compilation of the releases of an ASSEMBLY party - the ASSEMBLY '02 DVD-ROM compilation. ASSEMBLY is the worlds largest and most popular demo party, with 14 years of history, held in Helsinki, Finland. First presented in August 2003 at the ASSEMBLY '03 party, those two DVD-ROMs are packed to the maximum with all the goodies from last year's ASSEMBLY, including

  • all releases from the ASSEMBLY '02 competitions
  • all video recordings from ASSEMBLY '02 Game Development Seminars
  • the best clips from AssemblyTV including opening and prize giving ceremonies and exclusive VIP guest interviews
  • special features like ASSEMBLY '02 in 1 minute, party reports and photos
  • Price: 15€ + shipping
    Tip: save 10€ by ordering the bundle with the tracked worx 2k double-CD

    Back In Time Live is a unique series of C64 retro-parties, originated in the UK by Chris Abbott of This time it's held in Wedel (near Hamburg), Germany at June 21st - the first BIT Live event outside the UK. Meet C64 celebrities and enjoy remixes of classic C64 tunes, live performances, game-competitions, the exclusive launch of "Sidologie" (a Jarre C64 Remix tribute album by Marcel Donné) and more.
     * Mindcandy repress arrived from the pressing plant today
    All Mindcandy orders of the past 4 weeks will be shipped now! Thanks to the big interest and number of orders more Volumes will follow. Feel free to discuss the content of the next Volumes at the Mindcandy forum!
    Update 14-Feb:

    All orders shipped *phew*

    Background: because of an extreme rush after an article on the first pressing of the Mindcandy DVD had been sold out from one day to another on January 10th.

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    changes to version
    MadTracker (13669 KB),
    Google search

    runs under Win9x/NT/2000
    beside the known features here are the NEWS:
    VST plugin support (VSTi and FX) + ReWire support
    Track EQ
    import/export of .MID files
    pattern manager which allows to assign names to the patterns and to copy or move them by drag & drop
    built-in IRC (chat) function to get instant help and/or to chat with other MadTracker users
    changes to version 2.75
    VSampler 2.75 (7624 KB),
    Google search

    runs under Win9x/NT/2000
    beside the known features here are the NEWS:
    VSampler 2 has been ceased in October 2003 in favour of it's successor VSampler 3