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last updated 03-Nov-2002

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

        Chromatia Tuner 1.0  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Chromatia Tuner 1.0 (190 KB)
< 1 minute
20$ shareware, Chromatia turns your computer into an advanced 'reference quality' instrument tuner with a very short response time
works with almost any instrument, precision is about 0.1 Hz up to around C8 (depends on the audio material of course), supported range is 9 octaves, from C1 to C10
automatic or manual note selection modes
reference tone option
'Beat tone' option - tune without looking at the computer screen
supports more than twenty different temperaments, from historic tunings such as pythagorean, meantone, just, or well tempered tunings, to the modern day equal temperament tuning - it also supports octave stretching
optional real-time spectrum analyzer graph to show you the complexity of the sound

        WavTuner 1.01  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WavTuner 1.01 (108 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98 + NT)
Rene Koeck
5$ shareware :-), very nice and useful tool to automatically tune instrument samples in WAV-format by changing the replay-rate, wildcards *.wav are possible too!
the target frequency can be specified in Hertz or as a note, samples can also be transposed by semitone-steps
all mic-sampled instruments of the Sample-CD 'no.1 instruments' were tuned with WavTuner
NEW: fixed the runtime-error which occured on CPUs > 200 MHz (it's a borland programming library bug)
NEW: shareware-limit raised to 100k

        SS Tuner 1.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
SS Tuner 1.0 (105 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 9x)
Salvo of
Sampled Sensations
freeware, FFT-based automatic tuner for instruments in Fasttracker II XI format and WAV PCM format
through a graphic interface, you can select the whole wave form or just a part of it, to let you tune even a single part of sound (read the included documentation SSTUNER.HTM)

        ITxt 2.02        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
ITxt 2.02 (8 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98 + NT)
same as XM Commenter, but for Impulse Tracker - modules
a MUST HAVE for every IT composer
NEW: some minor fixes

        PutInst 3.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
PutInst 3.0 (21 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98)
Andy Voss
replaces the instrument list of a module (MOD, XM, S3M, STM and MTM) with an ASCII text file
reverse operation: samplename extraction to text file
automatic S3M/XM "#-of-instrument" refit for large text files
S3M/MTM sample filenames and XM samplenames can be changed as well
works in step-by-step or command line entry mode

        XM Commenter        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
XM Commenter (111 KB)
< 1 minute
Win 95/98 + NT and DOS
create ASCII art with your favourite texteditor and add it to your XM as (instrument) text
a MUST HAVE for every XM composer

        Virtual Audio Cable 3.04  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Virtual Audio Cable 3.04 (93 KB)
< 1 minute
Eugene Muzychenko
39$ shareware, VAC is a windows device driver which creates pairs of Wave In/Out devices with direct internal connection, multi-client capability for each port - no more "device already in use" messages
the ZIP contains separate versions for Win9x (DirectSound) and WinNT 4.0, all transfers are made in 32-bit kernel mode, improving performance and stability
(saturating) sound mixing between clients at output port (yep, this emulates a multimultimultichannel-card!)
both cable sides are standard Windows wave devices, you can use "In" and "Out" ports of each cable with any program that works with audio devices
all audio data sent to OUT appear as recorded data at IN in same format
included Audio Repeater (transfers from any Wave In to any Wave Out device to actually *hear* what your virtual cables do)
use it to create chains of software synthesizers, audio processors, recorders ...
NEW: synchronous transfer mode eliminates possible audio stream errors and synchronizes the transfer with a real sound card speed
NEW: Control Panel application dynamically configures the VAC - no more registry hacking
NEW: HTML help file makes easier to learn VAC principles and usage
NEW: automatic installation/uninstallation program helps you to uninstall and remove the VAC

        Total Recorder 2.2  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Total Recorder 2.2 (728 KB)
4 minutes
High Criteria Inc.
12$ shareware (records up to 40 seconds if unregistered), universal sound recording tool that allows to record different digital and analog sounds, including the output of other programs via a virtual sound-device, e.g. RealPlayer, WinAmp or live Internet broadcasts - just everything you can hear through your soundcard
uses a virtual sound driver to capture the sound output from another program, by installing this driver, and setting this device as the default, different sound reproducing programs send their output stream to Total Recorder's driver and not to the driver of a real device - Total Recorder then passes the information to the sound card driver
a built-in scheduler lets you schedule future recordings and playbacks, or you can use Total Recorder’s command line options with an external scheduler such as Microsoft Task Scheduler

        Hubi's MIDI loopback device 2.5        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Hubi's MIDI loopback device 2.5 (39 KB)
< 1 minute
Win 3.x + Win 9x
Dipl. Ing. Hubert
'Hubi' Winkler
virtual MIDI driver - damn fine piece of freeware
up to 4 ports (port names can be edited) with multi client IN/OUT, full sysex support
connect/sync multiple MIDI programs (virtual midi cables between different soundcards, softsynths, midi-sequencers ...)
adds MultiClient I/O for all MIDI drivers (never again "MIDI device is currently in use by another ...")
MidiCable: simple MIDI application with transformations and filter, SysEx thru

        MidiMap 0.95  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MidiMap 0.95 (17 KB)
< 1 minute
P. DooM
freeware, clever MIDI-controller mapper with changeable mapping-shapes
logarithmic, exponential and linear interpolation, map controller with multiple interpolations (e.g. exponential for the lower values, logarithmic for higher values)
selectable mapping range
graphical preview of mapping range and curve
map one in-controller to several out-controllers with different shape-curves
map many in-controllers to the same out-controller with different shape-curves
listen-button for quick mapping

        MIDI Yoke 1.63  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MIDI Yoke 1.63 (30 KB)
< 1 minute
Jamie O'Connell
freeware virtual MIDI cable, allows to connect the MIDI ouput from one program to the MIDI input of a different program
offers up to 16 MIDI ports, each port allows multiple opens of both input and outputs: up to 3 openings per port
NEW: The Windows 3.1/9x/ME version of MIDI Yoke will now present up to 16 different input and output ports. Each port can be opened by to 4 applications at each end (input and output).

        MIDI-OX 6.41  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MIDI-OX 6.41 (1369 KB)
7 minutes
Jamie O'Connell &
Jerry Jorgenrud
freeware, the #1 MIDI monitor and system exclusive librarian, includes a virtual MIDI port driver
performs monitoring, filtering and mapping of MIDI data streams
displays incoming MIDI streams, and passes the data to a MIDI output driver or the MIDI Mapper, you can generate MIDI data using the computer keyboard or the built-in control panel
you can record and log MIDI data and then convert it to a standard MIDI file for playing it back through a sequencer
NEW: version 6.4.1 is purely a maintenance release against the 6.4 of yesterday: a small, but annoying SysEx bug has been repaired. After choosing Send/Receive SysEx…, re-sending the result from the Display Window would sometimes send only the first message of a multi-part SysEx message
NEW: new scripting engine implemented, using MIDI-OX as a COM server, scripting information is documented in MOXScript.rtf and in the help files
NEW: keyboard piano now configurable for better usability for foreign keyboards
NEW: controllers + values sent during Panic now configurable
NEW: Discard option added for map targets, allowing map statements to filter data with finer granularity than the global MIDI Filter
NEW: Aftertouch added to the MIDI status view, and maps can be appended to the currently loaded map (versus replacement)
NEW: MIDI status configuration now restored properly from profiles
NEW: the name of the currently loaded Port Map preset is retained and displayed across sessions
NEW: added SysEx logging for MF2T format
NEW: repaired bug in restoring data maps from INI profiles

        midi thruway 2.020        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
midi thruway 2.020 (677 KB)
4 minutes
Metaphoric Software
freeware: it's a system-wide replacement for all MIDI "thru" connections in the many MIDI programs running on your system
allows any MIDI input to be connected to any MIDI output, in any combination, this allows multiple instruments to be controlled from the same external keyboard, or a single sound card or MIDI module to be controlled from multiple controllers simultaneously ...
comprehensive filtering and channelization functions give extensive control over each MIDI data stream
all settings can be saved in presets for quick recall of complex setups
SysEx messages of any size can be transmitted to several outputs, simultaneously
NEW: minor fixes

        NE-DT2 Ditolizer 2.b        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
NE-DT2 Ditolizer 2.b (1031 KB)
5 minutes
freeware, advanced MIDI-thru program, supports up to 20 MIDI-in and 20 MIDI-out devices
interface is based on cables and machines, nice GUI, easy to use
NEW: 2 new extras: 5 Controller Change LFO's and a mixer
NEW: the MIDI indicator has different colours for different message types

        n-Track Studio 3.01        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
n-Track Studio 3.01 (2589 KB)
13 minutes
42$ shareware (64$ for the 24 bit version), multitrack audio/MIDI sequencer, supports VST instruments/effects + DXi as well as ASIO + WDM
Wave and MIDI tracks are treated in the same fashion: all the controls work in a similar way for both audio and MIDI tracks
support for 24 bit input/output (and 24 bit wave files) to exploit the state-of-the-art recording quality of the latest soundcards
a single track can contain a number of (non overlapping) wave files
automation of DirectX and VST effects parameters (works with any existing VST plug-ins but only with DirectX plug-ins that specifically support the automation of their parameters)
record/play VU meters with clip indicators
Velocity/Controller Piano Roll view
option of automatic volume and pan fades: fade-in/out, cross fades, boost the volume of a track when it plays a solo etc ...
the result will be rendered into a final WAV and/or MID (depends of the content of the tracks of course)
NEW: selection of channels to use with multichannel soundcards in the VUmeter/Settings dialog box
NEW: paste groups of MIDI events multiple times in the Piano Roll window
NEW: now supports recording of wave files bigger than 2 GB

        VTT 1.80        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
VTT 1.80 (3670 KB)
18 minutes
Carrot Innovations
32$ shareware which allows to play and mix MP3s and WAVs - nice DJ tool probably (I'm not a DJ)
includes a multi-channel "virtual" mixer board, modelled like real mixer boards, song position memory
"virtually automatic BPM matching system", hehe, you have to count out the rhythm with space bar and VTT calculates the BPM :-)
Skins, DSP Effects, joystick support, configurable hotkeys, smooth bend, SFX manager ...
NEW: support for WinAMP input modules (ie Nitrane, MOD and CDDA plugins) and WinAMP DSP modules (ie AudioStocker and DeFX)
NEW: Jog Wheel skin / support to control pitch bend and position
NEW: File Finder plugin so you don't have to go to File | Open... anymore
NEW: improved playlist plugin with increased stability, "Time last played" column, and "skip to next song" capability

        DJ Master 98 2.24        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
DJ Master 98 2.24 (681 KB)
4 minutes
Win 95/98
QME Productions
39$ shareware turntable for "digital" DJ's - plays back 2 wavs simultaneously including mixer, easy pitch control (for BPM sync), level meters, loop option
if only one wavedevice is used you can use the "banks" (big buttons) to fire up some FX sounds on the 2nd wave device
requires two waveplay devices (two soundcards or one soundcard with several wavedevices)
NEW: audio-CD support
NEW: improved DSP engine, DSP controls tool added
NEW: improved marker engine (On/Off marker buttons added)
NEW: pitch range option (±8%, ±16%, ±24%)

        MJ Studio 1.05  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MJ Studio 1.05 (2307 KB)
11 minutes
35$ shareware, virtual mixing console for the digital dj, with support for MP3 and WAV, supports 2 soundcards for monitoring & mixing
drag your songs into one of the two decks, use realtime functions like pitching, scratching, volume, 3 band equalizer, independently for each deck
match the speed of the tracks with the automatic bpm detector, mix your mp3s with a cross fader
mouse wheel support, playlist support, MJ Studio will play the complete playlist without any gaps between the songs by using the "automix" function
includes support for DAS ("d-lusion audio server"), DAS syncs all D-Lusion programs

        Enveloper 1.2        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Enveloper 1.2 (177 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98)
freeware, it allows you to modify (mirror, stretch, amplify), load and save volume- and panning-envelopes of your Fast Tracker's eXtended Instrument files
quote from the readme: "many people will find it useless, some others will love it, depending of their use of envelopes"
well, I personally thought it could be useful, but the "user interface" doesn't make it as easy as it should

        Pump b4        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Pump b4 (1529 KB)
8 minutes
Bram Bos
beta version (freeware) of a MIDI step sequencer for Windows 9x/NT, exports to standard midi (.mid) files
concentrates on the main things, so if you are confused by the bells and whistles of "common" MIDI sequencers this could be yours!
Up to 16 tracks simultaneously, cool interface: TB-303, TR-909, Grid editor ...
MIDI-Sync master, realtime MIDI echo/delay unit, integrated SysEx manager, support for continuous controllers, built-in arpeggiator
popular synths supported with preset functions

        The Tuareg 1.5  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
The Tuareg 1.5 (2444 KB)
12 minutes
Bram Bos
freeware interactive phrase sampler: The Ultimate Application for Rapid Electronic Groove-construction (tm) ;-)
additionally to the FREE version there's a "FAT version" 35$ shareware with 12 stereo channels, plugins, MP3 export, resonant filters
it's not a softsynth, but a sequencer/loop-composer/remixer that creates tracks out of the loops, samples and short sounds you feed it with
some tech specs: 6 mono channels, 1024 measures / song, 200 wav samples / song
features RaGE unit (drumcomputer) and BLiSS unit (bassline sequencer)
optionally renders songs to WAV
NEW: FAT version only: ASIA (Advanced Source Inclusion Architecture) fully implemented (FAT only) + stunning sample packages by Brian Cowell included
NEW: unused sample detection bug fixed

        Modread 1.11        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Modread 1.11 (31 KB)
< 1 minute
freeware tool to view or extract info and song-/sample-text of modules into a file (pipe to standard output)
supports most module formats including IT, XM, MOD, S3M, STM, 669, MTM, PAC, DMF, MED, AMS, FAR, ULT, PLM, OKT, PTM, UNI, WAV, MPEG

        XM optimizer 1.2        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
XM optimizer 1.2 (21 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98 + NT)
nice little tool for automatic size optimization of FastTracker XM's, works with wildcards (*.xm) too, incl. full sourcecode
removes unused patterns and samples + cleans up stuff behind the 2nd loop point (FT2's "minimize sample" function)
it's CARDWARE, not freeware, be sure to read SHRINKXM.TXT :-)
NEW: kicked the Pentium bug (runtime error 200)

        X-Mix99 1.3a        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
X-Mix99 1.3a (261 KB)
2 minutes
Win 95/98
Matthias Fellbrich
20$ shareware, DJ-mixer for the EWS64 L/XL soundcards, uses 2 x Winamp (version 1.9 or better) as players
once again: it requires an EWS64 L/XL soundcard, if you don't have one don't download this file
it plays back all music-formats which are supported by Winamp
there's a crossfader, two faders for the pitches + and monitor volumes through EWS hardware
prelisten via headphone jack of the EWS frontpanel, playback through the rear line out
selection of songs and creation of playlists via WinAmp
BPM-counter, automatic pitch adjust
NEW: new design
NEW: song database stores songs with BPM and Cue-points
NEW: BPM-calculation through pitch compare while mixing

        AnalogX VirtualPiano 1.06        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AnalogX VirtualPiano 1.06 (42 KB)
< 1 minute
freeware, allows to use your computer keyboard as a MIDI keyboard
you can adjust channel, velocity and patch (program) number

        AnalogX Frequency Converter 1.02        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AnalogX Frequency Converter 1.02 (33 KB)
< 1 minute
handy freeware tool, converts frequency to note and vice versa

        RelayKB  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
RelayKB (208 KB)
< 1 minute
Norsez Orankijanan
freeware, originally written to get rid of controlling Rebirth's mini-knobs with the mouse
RELAY allows to use your computer keyboard as a MIDI keyboard and to tweak up to 10 knobs or midi controllers of soft- (use Hubi's Loopback Device) or hardware-synths in real time (if your brain has that kind of multi-processing capability)
it can't replace the comfort of real knobs, but I found it way better than fiddling around with mouse/mousewheel
you can type in labels for the sliders, take snapshots of slider positions, save and load those sliders settings and snapshots
change the speed of how the sliders are controlled by the keyboard by scrolling the 'speed' slider
comes with all necessary options and more: modulation slider, pitch bend, tone selector (MIDI program), variable velocity function ... and even a little arpeggiator
transpose octave up/down by pressing F3, F4
NEW: RelayKB is a fusion of Relay + KBIIMIDI + sysex dumper with improved interface

        AnalogX SayIt 2.02  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AnalogX SayIt 2.02 (197 KB)
< 1 minute
freeware, remember those C64 & Atari speech synthesizers? here's the one for your PC!
inspired by the Speak&Spell, AnalogX SayIt can say (relatime preview and render into a WAV) any word that you type into it, with some, you may need to type them in the way they sound, instead of the way they are spelled
unlike most of the other AnalogX programs, the author don't want any suggestions for this one because he wrote the original core a LONG time ago isn't overly excited about expanding on it
NEW: fixed some problems with realtime preview

        Soundplant 61299        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Soundplant 61299 (1807 KB)
9 minutes
Marcel Blum
freeware low latency digital audio performance program, no external devices needed and no MIDI involved (means: no support for MIDI keyboard)
it turns the computer keyboard into a customizable sample-triggering device, allowing the assignment of sound files of unlimited length to keyboard keys
can be used to add a live track to a song, to mix together tracks in realtime, to create music or loops from scratch, as a drum pad, or as a performance or installation tool
50 keyboard keys can be used to trigger sounds, capable of playing 8 stereo or mono samples simultaneously
samples can be played from Disk or from RAM, this way RAM management can be completely controlled by the user
customizable sound triggering, allowing for looping, sustains, restarts, muting, and off-triggering
on-screen display of the keyboard can be color-coded to create visual metaphors
plays .wav and .aif files, those who support this freeware by a small donation of whatever kind will get a special .mp3-playing version
saves and loads keyboard configurations as .keymap files

        SoundFX NT 2.01  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
SoundFX NT 2.01 (247 KB)
2 minutes
WinNT (sp3)
Lawrence Rust,
Software Systems
25$ shareware, DOS-sound emulator for NT, works for games (Doom1&2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 2 & 3D ...) and also for trackers!
SoundFX provides a complete emulation of a SoundBlaster 16 card, for me "IT.EXE /sITSB16.MMX /m40000" worked fine (44100 Hz produced clicks)
hints from the author about using IT214 (networked) (08-Apr-99):
"I've noticed that sound breaks up when running on an Intel P200MMX using the Itsb16.mmx driver - indicative of running out of CPU time. I've tried reducing the sample rate to 22000Hz by adding the /m22000 argument to the it.exe command line and all appears OK - you can do this by creating a PIF for the program. It's probably also worthwhile setting the idle sensitivity to low in the PIF properties for the program. A PPro200 using ITSB16B.DRV requires a /m16000 argument. NB the release build of SoundFX will typically allow a 33% increase in sample rate - cheaper than a faster PC! If you restrict yourself to 8bit stereo by specifying /sITSBPRO.DRV then the release build supports the full 44kHz output rate."
FastTracker did not work for me, it was terribly slow including the sound, something obviously collides, but the author will look into this, maybe he is able to fix that, let's hope so!
NEW: complete software emulation of the Adlib FM synthesiser
NEW: all PCM sound output now uses DirectSound 3.0, for lower overhead and better digitised effects, good news for Impulse Tracker users with sample rates up to 44kHz now
NEW: MIDI input + SoundBlaster MIDI mode (non MPU401) output
NEW: joystick support in eval version too
NEW: now delays for longer after a write to the FM synth to ensure hardware timings are not violated in Win2000 which no longer delays after port writes

        WaveTools 1.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WaveTools 1.0 (210 KB)
< 1 minute
Paul Kellett
freeware audio analyser, source selection allows WAV files as well as live sources (soundcard)
includes a spectrum analyser (unfortunately without axis captions), a volume meter (RMS, peak and correlation), a scope (incl. vector scope) and a signal generator
nothing for academic use, but you may find it usefull though

        XM Cleaner        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
XM Cleaner (206 KB)
< 1 minute
Nino Porcino
very useful freeware tool, allows to resort and reorganize patterns, instruments and tracks of your chaotic songs
pattern reorganization automatically reorders and renumbers patterns following the song list order
with instruments reorganization you easily change instrument numbers without affecting the song
same goes for track reorganization, very useful to insert or move a channel at a certain position

        DJ-System 2.51        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
DJ-System 2.51 (541 KB)
3 minutes
Win 95/98
freeware player developed especially by and for DJ's, it emulates a Denon's DN2000F MkII CD player
you can open multiple instances of DJS and setup each one to use the same soundcard (via DirectX) or multiple soundcards
mouse wheel support, precise control of speed (pitch) and position, search, zero latency (from hitting PLAY)
VU-meter, pan+volume slider, keyboard control, Pioneer style CUE key, customizable pitch range, "elastic" pitch bend feature, drag & drop, downmix
loads WAV, MP3 and M3U-(winamp)-playlists
requires latest version of DirectX, means: does not work under NT

        Spectrogram 4.12        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Spectrogram 4.12 (172 KB)
< 1 minute
Win 95/98
Richard Horne
realtime dual channel audio spectrum analyzer
provides either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display from any sound source connected to your sound card or a WAV file
you can set the frequency resolution and choose between linear and logarithmic frequency scales

        MP3 Surgeon        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MP3 Surgeon (2280 KB)
11 minutes
20$ shareware tool to directly do some basic editing on your mp3's, VBR support
Trim Tool: trim any blank/unwanted sections
Split Tool: split your mp3 into unlimited segments and to any length you want
Join Tool: join multiple mp3's, even mp3's with different bitrates
Preview Tool: create any length preview of an mp3
Batch Tool: batch process the split / join / preview tools on multiple mp3's
able to repair mp3's (automatically removes broken mpeg frames, and non-mpeg data)
view/edit id3 tag's
view hidden data, find hidden web pages, graphics, credits ...

        MixVibes 2.10  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MixVibes 2.10 (721 KB)
4 minutes
Eric Guez
29$ shareware DJ-tool, plays multiple audio files (MixVibes Pro is 59$ and supports video types too) on 2 .. 16 mixer channels: wav, mp3 (uses Xaudio MPEG audio engine), wma, au, aif, midi ...
supports up to 4 soundcards (or DirectX audio drivers)
every mixer channel offers EQ, gain, speed, volume, pan, position in and out, automatic fade in/out, and tempo
playlists with start time / duration per media file, m3u supported
crossfader, beat counting (manual ;) ), beat matching (adjusts pitch to match tempo), talk over, mouse wheel support
optionally scans drive for audio files
stereo voice removal, media database (order, find, select)
NEW: MixVibes Pro: version 2.23 available at authors site, fixes some bugs

        Wave To Note 1.1        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Wave To Note 1.1 (116 KB)
< 1 minute
Hagen Lorenz
nice Win32 program which loads a mono WAV and shows it's spectrum
to determine the base frequency click onto the highest and most left peak (only the horizontal coordinate of the mouse pointer is used)
now it tells you the frequency / nearest note value and allows you to retune the instrument to the exact frequency of this note
works fine, very helpful to tune a sample or analyze it's frequencies

        Loop Catalog        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Loop Catalog (157 KB)
< 1 minute
Jon Gilkison
simple freeware BPM calculator, just based on the filelength of the loop, no intelligent analyzing
takes a list of WAV files (drum loops or bass loops or whatever kind of loop) and catalogs their length (in bars), their bpm, plus calculates the semitone/cents offset to pitchshift the loops to another BPM
functions included: save the catalog list to disk, print them out for easy reference, copy the actual WAV files in the list to another location

        Music Calculator 1.3        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Music Calculator 1.3 (425 KB)
3 minutes
freeware, calculates typical music stuff, featuring:
SEC -> BPM: how many bpm is 1 bar of xx seconds in a certain timesignature?
BPM -> SEC: if i have one bar of music in a certain bpm in a certain timesignature, how long is that bar in seconds?
BYTES -> BPM: I have a loop that takes up xxxxx bytes. I know it is x bars, xx frequency, xx bits and is using x channels but what bpm does it have?
DIGITAL DELAY CALCULATOR: I have a song in xx bpm, what delay times can I use?
BPM -> Hz: If I would like to Sync LFO to bpm, how many hz is xx bpm?
MEMORY CALCULATOR: how much space will a sample with a certain quality and length take?

        Studio Calculator 1.3        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Studio Calculator 1.3 (22 KB)
< 1 minute
5$ shareware multi-function calculator, includes the following 3 calculators:
Timestretch calculator, accurate to 1/100th of a percent, allowing easy stretch percentage computation from one BPM to another
BPM calculator with a tap-tempo button
Note and Measures length calculator, allowing easy calculation of note lengths from 64th triplets up to dotted whole notes, can also be used to calculate the length of any number of measures between 1 and 64, can be linked to the BPM calculator or used as a separate unit
NEW: ability to store settings between sessions

        WaveZIP 2.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WaveZIP 2.0 (2763 KB)
14 minutes
Gadget Labs
freeware, very good digital audio file compressor (lossless), supports 8 and 16-bit WAV, ACD (Sonic Foundry ACID) and Cakewalk BUN files
I checked it, and indeed, it's not only faster, WaveZIP packed files are around 10% smaller (average) than WinRAR packed files (multimedia-compression + largest dictionary)
drawback: the interface doesn't support drag'n'drop of directories, if you want to pack a whole directory structure with hundreds of subdirectories - bad luck ...
... but! :-) hint from MAZ: get a good FileManager (like Total Commander) who is able to put the result of a filemask-based search into a window and you can drag all those files onto WaveZIP - voila!
supports single files only, if you have thousands of small files you will get thousands of smaller packed files instead of one big archive file
upgradeable to 24 bit audio files for 29$, but no try-before-buy in 24 bit mode, I'll be back with my test results later!

        Module Indexer 2.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Module Indexer 2.0 (44 KB)
< 1 minute
freeware, name says it, it builds index files as HTML for your modules and includes some basic file manager functions as well
supports filetypes .it .s3m .xm .mod .mtm .far .669 .mt2 .mp3 .stm .wow .liq

        XIBIT 0.2b        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
XIBIT 0.2b (9 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 9x/NT)
freeware tool which could be handy for those of you who want to separate their samples by bit-depth
it creates an "8bit" and a "16bit" directory in the current directory, checks all .XI and .WAV files in the current dir to see if they are 8 bit or 16 bit and moves them to ... you'll find out

        MODNamer 2.6        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MODNamer 2.6 (309 KB)
2 minutes
Mauro 'DjM' Molinari
straight tiny freeware tool, renames one or more module files at once using their song title
all the common module formats supported: MOD, S3M, XM, IT (incl. compressed), TWN, NTK, BMW/BMX (Buzz), MT2, NST, WOW, STM, 669, FAR, MTM, ULT, MDL
supports drag'n'drop of files and directories from external applications
NEW: MP3 support (incl. artist name handling)
NEW: options can now be saved into an .INI file

        AnalogX TrackSeek 2.06  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AnalogX TrackSeek 2.06 (250 KB)
2 minutes
freeware MP3 metasearcher, combines the power of more than 35 search engines
completely multi-threaded, it checks ALL of the search engines at the same time - dramatically speeding up the normally tedious process of finding the music you want
optionally does some basic checking of the servers, to make sure that they are up and running
finding (viewing) the location is only the very 1st step, as you surely know (ratio, lame servers, banners, endless link ...), but AnalogX TrackSeek makes sure you don't loose on the 1st step already
NEW: added AltaVista media search & removed some obsolete engines