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DVD-cover Registrieren As last step after downloading the 30-days trial version and buying your license of VSampler 3.5 you will get your personal registration key here. It turns the demo version into the full version.

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Is this your registration of a recently purchased VSampler Upgrade for Cakewalks customers, in order to get rid of your existing (old) "VSampler 3.0 DXi" license and release the full power of VSampler 3.5 for the 1st time, including VSTi-plugin and Standalone version plus lots of new 3.5 functions, such as Disc Streaming for XXL instruments, group effects and individual outputs at Sample level (Drum-Sampler!) as well as additional Import formats (ReCycle™, Kontakt™ 1.x, Battery™ and E-MU™ III / IV CD)? If "Yes", please click here / No

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