New CD edition 2009 - order now: Symphonic Shades "Huelsbeck in Concert" - Orchestra plays C64 + Amiga game soundtracks

First at the concert hall, now on CD: Symphonic Orchestra playing music of C64 and Amiga

  • legendary video game music of the Commodore C64 and Amiga (The Great Giana Sisters, R-Type, Turrican, Apidya II ...) by "sound magician" Chris Huelsbeck presented in an all-new shape:

  • performed by 120 musicians of the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne and the FILMharmonic Choir Prague, conducted by Grammy-winning artist Arnold Roth

  • arranged for orchestra and choir by demoscene legend Jonne Valtonen (aka Purple Motion / Future Crew) plus Yuzo Koshiro and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

  • CD cover artwork by award-winning manga artist Hitoshi Ariga
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