VSampler 3.5 - universal softwaresampler for Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Plugin (VSTi, DXi) and standalone (ASIO, DirectSound)

  • excellent sound quality, fuses easy player for everyday use and creative tool with synthesizer-qualities

  • loads numerous soundbank-types: SF2™, Gigasampler / Gigastudio™ 1+2, HALion™ 1+2, Kontakt™ 1.x, DLS, Akai™ S5000/6000 .AKP files, Akai™ S1000/3000 and E-MU™ III/IV CDs or ISO files, LM4™ and Battery™ drumkits, ReCycle™ and Acid™ drumloops

  • different view modes, lots of drag’n’drop actions and the unique instruments-browser provide for a smooth workflow

  • whether single sample or authentic playback of natural instruments, drums or modulation-matrix controlled multilayer multieffect synthesizer experiments - VSampler delivers all in one instrument
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