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Audio-CD: Symphonic Shades (Huelsbeck in Concert)

  Unfortunately this CD is not longer available (sold out), current alternatives:  
Amiga Immortal 4 Amiga Immortal 4 (Double-CD):
game music of the Commodore Amiga in newly arranged
studio productions (by the original authors!)

Symphonic Odysseys Symphonic Odysseys (Double-CD):
Videogame music of Nobuo Uematsu in concert: Lost Odyssey,
Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, Last Story, Chrono Trigger

Picture of 2008, © Hitoshi Ariga, © EllisDesign
Cover-Artwork by Manga artist Hitoshi Ariga, 3D rendering by EllisDesign

The CD contains all of the compositions that were presented live in concert on August 23rd 2008. For the CD production the already excellent live material was complemented by some recordings which were done before and after the concert, in order to achieve the best possible quality for the final CD mixing.

CD Content

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01 - Grand Monster Slam (Opening Fanfare)
02 - X-Out (Main Theme)
03 - Jim Power in Mutant Planet (Main Theme)
04 - Tower of Babel
05 - Turrican 3 - Payment Day (Piano Suite)
06 - GemX (Main Theme)
07 - Apidya II (Suite)
08 - R-Type (Main Theme)
09 - Licht am Ende des Tunnels (Suite)
10 - The Great Giana Sisters (Suite)
11 - Rony Barrak-Solo
12 - Tunnel B1 (Suite)
13 - Symphonic Shades
14 - Karawane der Elefanten
15 - Turrican II - The Final Fight (Main Theme)

Technical Facts

Catalog Number HCD10 Released December 2008 (1st edition)
May 20th 2009 (2nd edition)
Label synSONIQ Records Format Audio-CD
Website Runtime 74:06 min, 15 tracks
Orders MSRP 17.95 Euro