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Now on CD: Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu

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Enjoy the concert in the highest quality: The Double-CD-album of the concert will be released on 28th of December in Japan, but not outside of Japan ... up until now! :-)

Thanks to a helping hand of Thomas Böcker (producer of the "Symphonic" series) the CD is available in the german online-shop of MAZ Sound Tools as Japan-import straight from Dog Ear Records at the same time. You're welcome to order the CD at the price of 28.95 Euro as of now. We support different payment options and deliver worldwide. As a preorderer you'll get the CD at the earliest possible date.

The Double-CD album presents the complete Cologne concert including the two encores. In order to capture the impressive dynamics of the orchestra and choir in best possible quality, the multitrack-recordings of both concerts were edited and mixed at the WDR Studios. The material then passed the mastering process at the WDR Studios to get the final touch for the CD.

Symphonic Odysseys in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall: WDR Radio Orchestra + Choir directed by Arnie Roth
© Philippe Ramakers

     CD 1
1 Opening Fanfare by Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
2 Final Fantasy
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Arranger Roger Wanamo
I. Grave - Allegro
  • Opening Theme [Final Fantasy VI]

  • Main Theme [Final Fantasy]

  • Battle Scene 3 [Final Fantasy II]

  • Battle Scene 2 [Final Fantasy II]

  • Opening Theme [Final Fantasy]

3II. Adagio Cantabile
  • Aria [Final Fantasy VI]

  • The Boundless Ocean [Final Fantasy III]

4III. Allegro Molto
  • The Dreadful Fight [Final Fantasy IV]

  • The Fierce Battle [Final Fantasy VI]

  • Clash on the Big Bridge [Final Fantasy V]

  • The Unforgiven [Final Fantasy VI]

5King's Knight
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
Lyricist Mikko Laine
A Pretty Day Out
6Chrono Trigger
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
Lyricist Mikko Laine
Light of Silence
7Final Fantasy Legend / Legend II
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
  • Main Theme (Legend)
  • Save the world (Legend II)
8Final Fantasy X
Arranger Roger Wanamo
Lyricist Mikko Laine
A Fleeting Dream

Autograph session with a cheerful Nobuo Uematsu

     CD 2
1The Last Story
Arranger Jani Laaksonen
Spreading Your Wings
2Final Fantasy XIV
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
On Windy Meadows
3 Blue Dragon
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
4Lost Odyssey Suite
Arranger Jonne Valtonen
Lyricist Mikko Laine
  • Prologue (Main Theme)
  • Wohl Highlands
  • A Formidable Enemy Appears!
  • A Sad Tolten
  • Dark Saint
  • Light of Blessing - A Letter
  • Epilogue (Main Theme Reprise)
5 Encore: Final Fantasy X
Arranger Masashi Hamauzu
Ending Theme
6 Encore: Final Fantasy VII
Arranger Roger Wanamo
Battle Suite
  • Let the Battles Begin!
  • J-E-N-O-V-A
  • Birth of a God