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The Immortal series: 1999 - 2002 - 2006 - 2011

The "Immortal" project started to take shape in the mind of game music composer Ruben Monteiro back in 1997. His idea was to create an audio CD with re-arranged studio productions of classic Amiga game tunes - celebrating them as the roots of todays videogame soundtracks. Instead of re-arranging all of the music himself, Ruben asked the original artists (Allister Brimble, Barry Leitch, Darryl Sloan, Jochen Heizmann) to create studio mixes of their game music. He also started to notice the works of recent Amiga composers and decided to feature some of them on the album as well.

The concept of the "Immortal" project was born. The 1st CD was released in 1999, mainly featuring the music of the Psygnosis cult-game "Shadow of the Beast".

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After having listened to "Immortal", composer and game music fanatic Jan Zottmann got in touch with Ruben Monteiro and they discussed ideas for a possible sequel. Since Ruben had moved on to other projects, Jan took over production duties and is head of the project up to the present day. He released Immortal 2 in 2002 and Immortal 3 in 2006, his latest baby will be Immortal 4.

The Immortal parts 1 and 2 are sold out at the moment, a re-print is currently under consideration. We'll announce it in the News once they are available again. For a more detailed version of the Immortal history and the content of the 1st two parts of the series, please check

Immortal (1999)
produced by Ruben Monteiro
(sold out at the moment)
Immortal 2 (2002)
produced by Jan Zottmann
(sold out at the moment)