About the demoscene

In the not so distant past, the personal computer was invented. Shortly thereafter, software arrived and inevitably software-"crackers". So began the early demos, then known as "crack intros", which were placed in pirated software. The form of artistic entertainment we now call "demo" has come a long way from its infamous past. Today the computer demo scene consists of programmers, graphic-artists, musicians and enthusiasts who enjoy creating and/or being entertained by computer graphics-and-sound demonstration programs. These "demos" are much like music videos for the computer and are often created by people in their late teens to early twenties. For further information have a look into the "Demoscene" article at Wikipedia or visit one of those websites:

Portals Scene.org - communication and file archive for the 'electronic art scene'
Pouët.net - demo resource center
Hornet archive - productions from the PC demoscene 1987-1998
demoscene.tv - demoscene video streams
ADA - Amiga Demoscene Archive
Parties demoparty.net - list of demoparties incl. map display
The Gathering - Norway, Easter weekend
Breakpoint - Germany, Easter weekend
Blockparty - USA, April
Euskal - Spain, July
Assembly - Finland, August
Buenzli - Switzerland, August
Sundown - UK, October
The Ultimate Meeting - Germany, December
Music Nectarine - Demoscene Internet Radio
No Error- scene music news
kohina - old school game and demo music
AMP - Amiga Music Preservation - database of amiga music
MAZ Sound Tools - sound software archive
chiptune.com - tracked chiptunes @ Amiga Workbench 1.3
modarchive.org - The MOD Archive