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new MAZ Sample-CD out! VOCAL CONSTRUCTION KIT - professional vocal samples @ shareware price

 * Merry xmas to all you out there! Important note: for more than 6 years I was reachable under and my site at - that's over! I finished my study more than a year ago and now the account runs out. I used my new email address in all replies for more than a half year and didn't mention for more than 2 years, so to all you oldschoolers out there, please update your address books. The official web addresses didn't change: (US-server) and (german server)
 * Finally! tracked worx '2k is online! Forget about Audio CD's. Forget about MP3 CD's. This 2-CD-set features 1089 songs in their native source format, mostly XM/IT, Buzz and MadTracker. The best out of more than 3000 submitted songs. An enormous goldmine of inspiration, material from more than 200 authors, including big names such as Tokyo Dawn Records & Tokyo2051, Wayfinder, Necros, Skaven, Awesome, Hunz, Park.Studios, Willbe, Smash, Zipp, NoManiac, Kolabore, Coocane, Larph, RBi, Vim, Charlie Brown Records, Distance, Subi, TbO & Vega, CJ Imperium, Force Ten ... Every author got an own info sheet, incl. picture (if I got one) and contact data. The included database-driven playlist-generator shows additional song info, starts the associated player/editor by doubleclick and generates your personal playlist in dependence of several parameters, such as your current mood, the style you want to listen to, with or without vocals, limited to a special year, artist or fileformat. The double-CD includes players and editors, incl. Buzz with all required machines. You can save 15$ if you choose from 3 different bundles at the online shop, including one with MadTracker Pro. The 'family&friends-doublepack' gives even 20$ discount!
 * The long awaited HardSID MIDI v1.0 has been released. And there's also a new soundcard named HardSID Quattro which drives up to four SID chips at the same time even from MIDI.
 * mo'playaz changed their URL, now reachable under and
 * The SID tune scene radio Kohina is now streaming with full 128 kbit/s too. It plays old school 8-bit and 16-bit game and demo music, c64, msx, amiga, atari st, console and arcade classics featuring all rob hubbard and jochen hippel masterpieces.
 * A message to all Buzz fans (originally got it from DJ Laser, now confirmed by Oskari): Bad news, Oskari needs your help! A voltage peak of the power supply burned the electronics of his motherboard + cpu as well as of his 2 hd's which contained all Buzz source code! There is a chance to recover the data in a special data recovery lab, but this will require money and Oskari never had much of that. So we ask you the users of buzz for help, to donate the money you would like to put into the future of buzz to Oskari. This can be done the normal buzz registration way. We would like you to help oskari with this problem.
 * Usually I don't put musician/release-postings here (where to stop ...), but, of course, there are a few exceptions, here's one :-): Hunz is back with 6 tracks on, another 10 or so to be released the next few weeks. The song 'ocean from rain' is his 1st Buzz release, incl. his own vocals.
 * there's a 2nd hand GUS PnP for sale, the red one, with 4 MB RAM onboard, contact Oliver
 * Nectarine Radio now offers 128 kbps, exactly this week I got DSL, match :-)
 * After months of starring at juicy screenshots - the Propellerheads released the Reason 1.0 demo! They'll begin shipping Reason to customers in approximately one week: "Reason is the final word on software synthesis proving at last that software can sound harder than hardware." Check the demo!
 * You have been warned :) - tracked worx 98 sold out. It was limited to 1000 pcs - it's successor 'tracked worx 2000' will be released in around a month - and it will be better and cooler than ever before, in every aspect, promised :-)
 * Simov V 'one night' has been released 2 years ago here. Now, several DnB-charts top20 hits later (most of them are part of the CD) I sell my very last copies of Simon V's great drum'n'bass album for just 7$.
 * free-samples, mainly from vintage analogue synthesizers: Hello to Synthesizers!
 * Sergey Bulba updated his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player, more news: Tracker Music archive upgraded to version 2.1 (now about 2700 songs)
 * version 1.83 of the APS patch for SB Live! comes with improved Livedrive support and runs on WinME too
 * BeatMax released his german translation of the TrackersHandbook as part of his MadTracker tutorial
 * Baloonia is a small ressource-page for DreamStation (in fact it seems to be the only one), it contains some additional DreamStation songs and instruments
 * tokyo dawn records relaunch: back online @ with new design, check it out, tdr is always worth it! Btw, they are looking for graphicians willing to regularly help out with covers and work on projects together with tdr .. contact
 * Digital Realms II is a new compilation especially for Buzz artists. It's managed by WhiteNoise and all profits made will go to Oskari and the machine developers, so they can continue to develope and release this great software for free. They accept your submissions of songs and CD/webpage artwork. Interested parties should send mp3 URL's (do not send us mp3's or bmx's!) to You may also send art in JPG format to this url. This will be a 2 CD compilation - one CD will be dance music (techno, trance, electro, drum and bass, ect) and the other will be down tempo (ambient, IDM, ect). There will be about 20 songs selected total. This is a good opportunity to get your music heard, to support Buzz and the Buzz scene!
 * FastTracker3 got it's own domain @
 * for those who don't know Orion yet, here's a Orion review by CJ Imperium
 * Last 25 copies of the double-CD tracked worx 98 for sale. It's limited to 1000 pcs, there won't be a re-print. There's tracked worx 2000 time soon :-)
 * The chinese company MusicLab ripped off my AWE / SB Live page and posted it as their own page here. They just changed the colors and the table properties. The program selection and order, all program descriptions, texts and tables are a 1:1 ripoff. What they didn't change are the links to my files, obviously they found it more comfortable to let *me* pay for the generated bandwidth.
 * It's out! BakTery of Chanka Team released the first public beta of his Fasttracker 3 - you asked for it - you got it. Please don't expect too much of this early beta yet, the main things work fine, but imho there's a long way to go. Report bugs you detect to the author please, be sure to check the known bugs list at the FT3 page before.
 * Scene radio time :-) Kohina is another funky scene radio station, playing old school 8-bit and 16-bit game and demo music, c64, msx, amiga, atari st, console and arcade classics featuring all rob hubbard and jochen hippel masterpieces @ a nonstop 56k 22khz stereo mp3 stream
 * Finally final: The tracked worx 2000 preselection. Exactly 100 people got their own subdirectory at the CD (coincidence, I swear). I got 3029 songs total, 36% passed the preselection, so the (double)-CD will contain 1090 songs. The most impressive fact was the great variety of Buzz tunes, ranging from synth stuff to bigbeat to noise experiments. The "newcomer of the year" (hehe) is MadTracker, MT2's got by far the highest preselection ratio (54%). Those who didn't submit their song info yet, please do so till october 15th.
 * Help! Somebody out there who would like to code the Linux version of the tw2k database client? Please contact me! The data is in XML format, btw.
 * Nectarine Radio - demoscene radio broadcasting only scene music. The webpage has been redesigned some days ago with a search engine where people can request their favorite songs, an ftp to upload music and a lot of new stuff. Check it out, rocks! :-)
 * Dialogos 2000, the demo party held in Jena, Germany, will take place november 03..05, 2000, location will be the HOLZ MARKT PASSAGE in the inner city, incl. a modern cinema for the compos (with Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS and luxory french seats), a bar, an ice café, an italian restaurant. All foreign people get free entrance.
 * at october 3rd the MC2k Buzz Music Competition will start, it's a monthly competition. There is a winner for each of the 4 song categories, and one winner will be selected as the top song out of all categories. There are monthly prizes, check it out.
 * version 1.8 of the APS patch for SB Live! is out, 8 ms latency, 4 seperate analog outputs, 2 digital outputs, new effects, SF 2.1 compatibility, Midi controllable hardware ... use at your own risk, it's not officially supported by Creative.
 * read the Fasttracker III Beta release overview over at noerror, including screenshots
 * another noerror message: The Comprez2000 Music Competition is for coders who make music with code. Prizes are awarded on the basis of code size, cool tricks, and sounds. Points are lost for just using samples and playing them back. Sounds like fun!
 * Sergey Bulba updated his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player website with Micro Speccy (an .AY player for Win9x), ZX Spectrum Tracker Music archive v2.0 (2400 songs) and ZX Spectrum Nostalgic archive v1.1 (added music from some Speccy games)
 * tracked workx 2000 info submission page online, final preselection results will be emailed to you in the next days/weeks
 * for those who have problems running IT or FT2 with their SB Live, check this article: DOS emulation of SB16 on the SBLive! and how to create an SB16 emulation bootdisk
 * there's an article up at about the contract change at Does being on MP3.COM make sense anymore?, artists may not really like those changes :-(
 * tracked workx 2000 files closed, all contributors will get an email about the result of the preselection and how to proceed with the info submission. Details in the next days here.
 * groovePark's sound CD-ROMs now available for PC audiocards with 'DREAM'-chipsets and sample RAM. Originally programmed for TerraTec's EWS64 audioboards, the sounds can now be used with all 94b-compatible products like Guillemot's ISIS, Ego-Sys- and Hoontech-cards. The brandnew 'sonic planet II' comes with 340 'best of' sounds sampled from Waldorf's well known microWAVE synthesizers and re-programmed using all functions of the DREAM-DSP synthesizer.
 * started a competition. The 14 winners will be released at the first Ambientmusic-Compilation.
 * Hehe, just in time at the end of the tw2k deadline: last box with tracked worx 98 CD's opened today, means: 50 copies left.
 * Dream Station 1.0 R2 upgrade patch available
 * Digital Music Archive site majorly overhauled
 * Arguru released full sourcecode of Psycle and 1.0 version, as well as another brandnew tracker: fAsTfUcK3r :-)
 * Virtual Sampler 2.15 released, once again lot's of new stuff, added velocity controlled filter, optional frequency analysis for pitch-detection of WAV files, support for more controller messages, comfort improvements (file history, additional treeviews, more drag'n'drop actions) and bugfixes ... find the detailed "what's new" list and the download here
 * after 2 years of (public) silence, Elwood, winner of the Tracked Worx'98 Vote, released new tunes at
 * the server which hosts the domain including the tracked worx 2000 pages moved to another town and IP address, so if you can't access the regular link, use this one please.
 * Micro '00 results online, congratulations to the winners!
 * joe of k-rad: sampleslut offers 20000 free samples in mp3 format, from thousands of original sources he collected / created / recorded / synthesized
 * Sergey Bulba released version 1.5 of his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player.
 * BeatMax translated Fasttracker Tutorial of DrAvalanche into german language
 * screenshot + MP3 samples available from upcoming HardSID MIDI driver/environment
 * additional ASSEMBLY note: ASM TV allows to be virtually there and to watch all compos live!
 * Worlds biggest and most famous demo-party opens doors for the 9th time: ASSEMBLY '2k started!
 * Ultramaster Group released Rhythmic Synthesizer RS-101, a virtual analog, pattern based sequencer for Linux, with six synthesizer modules, eight sample players, reverb, compression, flanger, phaser and echo. Price is 65$.
 * Added BigTick Rainbow to the 'commercial' softsynth section, Rainbow is a realtime synth featuring original mixture of FM, AM, additive and substractive synthesis, running standalone or as VSTi, price is 66$
 * Added discussion forum to Virtual Sampler site (separate english/german versions), please post all your ideas, suggestions for new features or changes, bugreports or questions to the forum, we will reply to personal eMails in exceptional cases only, this doesn't mean a deterioration in support quality but the opposite. We'll reply to questions exactly as we did by email in the past. The advantage of the forum is that it probably covers your problem in a discussion thread already. You may find a solution in seconds and we get more time to concentrate on new questions and last but not least the program itself.
 * Want to have 4 seperate analog outputs at your SB Live? ASIO (10 ms latency)? The original effects of the EMU Audio Production Studio? Soundfont 2.1 support? Check out the APS patch for SB Live! at your own risk, it's not officially supported by Creative. The official alternative is to wait for EMU / ENSONIQ to release the APS drivers 2.0 with SB Live support.
 * zTracker is a win32 MIDI tracker with Impulse Tracker interface, coded by Christopher Micali, it's free and the complete sourcecode is available
 * WAV renderer of new MadTracker 2.07 supports 24 bit 96 kHz output (Pro version only) for external mastering, hipass filter for the instruments, re-designed interface (e.g. FT2-like instruments list), direct Unreal music (UMX) import ... check it out
 * Jeffrey Lim aka Pulse left the Impulse Tracker 3 team DSPaudio.
 * full Live!Ware 3.0 for Windows 2000 released (4 files, 19.5 MB download total)
 * some more tracked worx 2000 things, which I thought wouldn't be necessary to mention, but obviously they are:
1) please don't submit uncompressed songs, and if you submit 20 tiny (Buzz-)songs via email attachment please use ONE .zip or .rar instead of 20 mini-archives, my attachment directory is a mess anyway.
2) Buzz song authors: I think I got most buzz machines now, but still - if you used drumkits or SF2's in your Buzz songs, I can't download them from your localhost, please include them in the zip.
 * hint for people who plan to submit songs for tracked worx 2000: no ModPlug-compressed XM's please, most XM players incl. FT2 itself can't load those XM's
 * additionally to siCtracker there's a new MIDI-tracker under development: zt got an IT-like interface, no binary for download yet, just some info and screenshots
 * let's continue the "xxx is on Buzz" series, this time xxx = El Mobo the artist formerly known as Moby, you may know him from audiophonik's track #1 or from tons of mostly Amiga game music and some famous classic 4chn MOD's, check out his Buzz tunes at and don't miss his own funky site
 * scene station @ - this station is an attempt to make especially non-tracking people aware of some who have their roots in the tracker- or demoscene, some remastered classics there
 * for the first time I checked the referers in the logfile of my site in depth, only very few people seem to know that there's not only (hosted in USA) but also (hosted in Germany, home of my pages for nearly 6 years now!), both 100% identical mirrors, including the order pages. Europeans should go for the .de server, it's way faster for you!
 * Dreampoint not only offers a great free studio quality reverb plugin and detailed articles about mastering, but features a pretty interesting editorial "What's up at" at the moment. Read about the dark side of commerce there.
 * new issue of DMR - the emag for digital music - is out in new design, articles for future issues always welcome
 * #composITA is a fast irc tracking competition made in Italy, non-italians welcome too, join #demo-ita or #composita next tuesday july 11th, for details email
 * Micro '00 is a tracking compo with a size limit of 4096 bytes per song, some great contributions there already, check it out, deadline is july 31st.
Project started - please submit your songs! As usual everybody with at least 5 songs at the CD will get his/her own subdirectory and the CD for free! No MP3's accepted this time. Please understand this CD as a kind of a compo at a demo-party, it's *art*, it should attract fellow tracker musicians and is NOT (mp3)consumer-oriented in the first place. So all those big tracker-groups out there who stopped releasing their songs in the original tracker format - keep uploading your mp3's to and enjoy "payback for playback", but please release your original tracker songs for this CD. Neither "we don't have enough webspace for both formats" nor "we can't require our users to download specific players" doesn't match here. All source formats are welcome, classic tracker formats (MOD, S3M, XM, IT) as well as softsynth/tracker formats such as AXS, Buzz, Dreamstation, MadTracker, NoiseTrekker, Orion, Psycle. Details at the tracked worx 2000 page. Spread the word!
 * EWS 64 goes NT4 + Win2000! The direct downloads: NT4/W2K applications 3.0, Ed!son 1.90, NT4 driver 1.8, W2K driver 1.8 and MicroEdit 1.3, the microWavePC editor. And, btw, it actually *does* work! Even the ASIO driver (tested with VSampler, with 512 samples buffer there were glitches, but 1024 worked fine)!
 * Would you like to hire Purple Motion? Jonne Valtonen, mostly known under the handle Purple Motion, has started his own company, specializing in music and audio for games or multimedia presentations. Take a look! (message from noerror). Purple Motion is at too.
 * Speaking of Purple Motion, want to listen to Skaven on Buzz? My personal download tip: "Corruptor" - demostyle meets Frontline Assembly.
 * Virtual Sampler 2.1 released, once again lot's of new stuff, up to 64 stereo voices now, new VST instrument includes complete functionality of the former 'external editor', added support for AKAI S-3000 CD's and AKAI ZIP discs, fixed lot's of bugs ... find the detailed "what's new" list and the download here
 * interview with Lassi Nikko (aka Dune/CNCD || Dune/Orange || brothomStates) online at
 * melcom got a new home:
 * BeOS version 5.01 released
 * e-mag Our Place 06/2000 is out, new viewer, articles by Walrus, sublyme, Morphine and BassPlace, and it includes sublyme's sWav2XI
 * As part of their 'Software Samplers' special the german music&computer-mag KEYS reviewed our Virtual Sampler in issue 7/2000. Apart from the fact that Virtual Sampler got by far the lowest price of the competition, KEYS wrote as bottom line (translated from german): "Only the cheerful interface and low price hint at Virtual Sampler's shareware status, it's feature set equaling and sometimes surpassing that of much more expensive software samplers. The two integrated synthesizers, not just mere "extras", sound good, complimenting the samplers feature set perfectly. Virtual Sampler offers a lot and is without a doubt amongst the most flexible software synthesizer you can buy, and the fact that the price won't make you dig deep in your pockets is quite commendable."
 * read about the Winamp Decoding Bug and about at least one alternative decoder plugin for Winamp
 * The official info page and contribution form for the tracked worx 2000 will go public in the next days, the coarse process changed a bit this year. I think a more automated submission process is better than no CD at all, as last year. If you can't attach the song to an email you have to use an upload form this time: you submit your nickname (as unique identifier for all songs you submit) and the exact download location for your song(s) or an ftp directory if you got lot's of songs to submit. That's all at this point, no further details needed yet. After the deadline (september 15th) I will tell you the results of the preselection and via a second form you're now welcome to enter data about you and your (selected) song(s), real name, style, description, equipment used, local HTML pages for the CD to promote your projects, whatever. That's the difference to 1997 and 1998 (additionally to the mp3-boycott), I won't browse www-pages to have 3 minutes overhead per song (1998 I downloaded more than 3000 songs, please do the math) and I won't comment every single song via email-chat (of course I will tell you to stop submitting if I think none of your songs will ever make it to the CD, but I hope this won't happen! :-)). Everybody with 5 songs or more will get the CD for free, as known from tracked worx '97 and '98 already. I'm looking forward to host this monster project for the 3rd time! Thanks a lot to those people who encouraged me, oddly enough in 1st place to the Takeover 2000 organizing with their anti-tracker decision (which had been revoked later) :-)
 * datareducing audiocoding and the MPEGplus-project, definitely worth reading if you're interested in the technical backgrounds, didn't test the encoder/decoder yet: german | english
 * little BeOS corner: the only BeOS tracker I know is Digital Tracker (129$ shareware), worth a check, as well as BeOS 5 - Quick Introduction for those of you who ask "why BeOS", BeOS 5 Personal Edition is free, easier than ever to install (no partitioning required), every open minded PC musician should have checked it out at least!
 * The price of the great drum'n'bass CD one night by master Simon V has been lowered from 13$ to just 7$, now you got no excuse anymore! Get the real CD for less than's DAM CD! Btw, I have been asked in an interview last week if I know tracker musicians who went to MIDI sequencers and came back to trackers: Simon V! First on IT, than on Cubasis with Generator and SB Live/Vienna, and now back to trackers! Check out his brandnew Buzz tunes!
 * celebrated 6 months of existance yesterday, hey Jeroen, thanks a lot in the name of many people for a truly great site and the love you put into it! Don't stop the rock!
 * found at no-error: an FT3 screenshot, first FT3 release seems to be planned for end of July at the Euskal party
 * Dan updated his scene cd database
 * Virtual Sampler 2.0 released, lot's of new stuff, open realtime synth interface with included DX7 (the FM legend!) and a phat classic analog-synth, everything works as native VST instrument optionally, enabling sample-exact timing (no latency) of sounds from a MIDI-track of any VST enabled sequencer, ASIO 2.0 support, completely reworked user manual, added german language manual, enhanced skin functions, btw, skin authors get the 'Pro' version for free!
 * PING!
 * Orion version 1.0 available, now got a great sampler module too. And, hold on, the complete Orion is just 49$!
 * and another virtual rack has been updated, Arturia Storm 1.1 is out, got 5 new modules, general performance improvements (graphic display & synthesis algorithms) ... worth a check anyway!
 * BEAT MAX updated his Madtracker2 tutorial, now available in english and german language! (btw, you'll find the 'Trackers Handbook' there too, english only)
 * Mr. Jeffrey Lim aka Pulse is back! Yesterday he told me that he has been pulled onto the IT3 team and quit his previous job to work full time on IT3 to "make it both the most powerful and easy to learn/use program that exists for composers of all genres!"
 * because I got questions regarding the progress of Impulse Tracker 3, here's a statement of DSPaudio's project manager Anthony Bisset: "DSPaudio is hard at work programming and designing the next Impulse Tracker(3). We expect a beta and full release in less than 6 months. Giving our fans an accurate projection of when the software will be finished is difficult. One of the reasons IT3 isn't out NOW is because we are making it multi-platform (mac/linux/win). IT3 will be revolutionary!"
 * Dialogos 2000 website went online today! It will be held november 3rd..5th at the same (great) location as last year, an Umspannwerk (transformer station) in Jena, Germany, organized by Suburban Creations. Attention: Dialogos2000 needs some more crew members, please contact Crossbone if you want to help!
 * I was used to get emails from users who have have been forwarded to me by the Twelve Tone Systems (CakeWalk) support staff, now and then, today I got a question from a user who has been forwarded to me by the Sonic Foundry (SoundForge, Acid ...) support. Thanks for your trust, Twelve Tone and Sonic Foundry! :-) If I ever should stop replying to questions as soon as they are one inch beside my own products, please call me commercial :-)
 * DJ Dexter reports: German Trackers started an internet radio station which plays tracked music only
 * Arguru's PSYCLE 0.1 ready for download
 * e-mag Our Place 05/2000 is out, due to ISP problems there's not much content this month, new: mailing- and discussionlist
 * Sergey Bulba released Nostalgic ZX Spectrum Music Archive Version 1.0
 * ooops, that was fast, but worth the download for skin authors: VSampler 2.0 release candidate 3 (4.9 MB) comes with some skin editor improvements allowing animated knobs, check the new skin "Rack"
 * VSampler 2.0 release candidate 2 (4.8 MB) is out, expect the 2.0 release version in about 2 weeks
 * first public PSYCLE for download at Arguru's site
 * join the bi-weekly competition for Buzz musicians!
 * Pedro of CBR reports: after one year of silence Charlie Brown Records are back in the ring, angrier than ever with brand new website design, 3 new releases and an audio cd which is soon going to be released
 * first beta version of Orion Sonic Syndicate (makers of the TS-404 synth) available, Orion is a complete virtual studio featuring vintage analogue gear, a wavetable synth, sampling technology, integrated sequencer, built-in FX and a full-fledged mixer. And it supports VST synths and effects. Great tool!
 * Sergey Bulba released version 1.5 beta 2 of his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player and also Music Archive v1.3 (at the same page), now includes 2170 songs.
 * MAZ proudly presents: MadTracker added to the MAZ Online Shop. MadTracker runs with Windows 95/98 and NT/2000, comes in FastTracker style, but easily breaks it's limits with the synthesizer- and automation-capabilities plus realtime effects: FastTracker effects + Impulse Tracker effects + new effects = MadTracker. Check it out!
 * ahemm, yes, the completely reworked Online Shop features slightly lowered $-prices, new demosongs, hundreds of free demosamples, big CD-cover shots, links to reviews and more details about every product
 * needs your Presets & Patches for the long awaited Buzz 1.2 final!
 * all MAZ CD prices have been lowered by 2..4$ at the (reworked) Credit Card payment page, thought I should mention this :-)
 * VSampler 2.0 release candidate 1 (4.6 MB) is out, new: additionally to the DX7 emulation there's a great analog synth emulation too
 * Credit Card payments for registering MadTracker are possible now, the full integration into MAZ Online Order will follow in the very next days
 * After months of announcements and delays - out now: The Csound Book : Perspectives in Software Synthesis, Sound Design, Signal Processing, and Programming (thanks Johan Wieslander for the confirmation)
 * The Zen Of Tracking is back! JRice is back! MAZ is proud to host the rebirth of a good'ol'hornet times legend! It's a first preview which starts with an intro (of course) and a "how to get started with ModPlug" article. It's meant to be an open source project, please contribute! Artwork (especially ZEN-ish calligraphy) and articles always welcome!
 * I'll be at Mekka/Symposium (as usual) from friday to monday. Everybody who is able to find me (I won't make any promotion) will get MAZ CD's for the half price! :-)
 * "The Scene is not dead, just too dispersed to be seen on radar." more at The scene by amy
 * ... btw, from friday till monday there will be a phat blinking green thing at the scene radar at position Fallingbostel :-)
 * Today I made a decision. Caused by the organizers of the (former?) demoparty Takeover 2000. They kicked all tracker music compos and accept MP3 only. They justify that with the "evolving scene". Crraaappp! Realtime calculated music is an essential part of a demo as well as realtime calculated graphics! I never saw VST or Logic at any musician's screen at a demo party - I see FastTracker and ImpulseTracker on 95% of the screens, the other 5% are ModPlug or Buzz! Is it possible to ignore this simple fact? Which evolution of which scene do they talk about? OK, no further comment, they will have to cancel this decision anyway. Now my decision: there will be a "tracked worx 2000" CD. And it will be tracker music only, no MP3's allowed. Open source only. FastTracker, ImpulseTracker, NoiseTrekker, MadTracker, Buzz, ModPlug, AXS ... welcome! This will be my active contribution in stopping the MP3-only trend. I'm still against *any* restriction in musicians tools by sick rules. But I know what the target of my tracked worx series is: being an idea- and learning-source for people. And a compiled MP3 doesn't serve this purpose. The tracking community will not continue to grow without swapping their songs in source format. That makes our scene unique and appealing to new people, nothing else.
 * If you want to support Avalanche in letting the TakeOver organizers know that you don't think this was a good decision:, and the link for the page against the decision to not allow DOS demos: (I'm everything but a DOS fan, but there were MANY cool DOS demo's last year too, so what, why this kind of limits?!)
 * Don't miss Mekka/Symposium 2000 this weekend! They made their mistakes too (didn't accept .IT in '98), but they learned from it. Btw, you didn't find a MAZ Sound Tools booth at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, but you will find me at MS2k of course :-)
 * Always wanted to have those odd flutes of "Strawberry Fields"? Know what a Mellotron is? If yes, check those Mellotron samples including looping points, if no: (thanx to JRice for the samples-link!)
 * Sergey Bulba (pre)released version 1.5 of his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player, it emulates AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149, YM2149F. New features: playlist, mixer, YM2149 emulation.
 * Got a very early alpha preview of Arguru's Psycle for pre-testing, it looks and feels like a Buzz clone, at the moment the only generator is a stereo sampler/tracker. The pattern editor looks cool. Too early to say more :-)
 * Sampled Sensations released new version of SSPlay, implemented the "Large Room Reverberator" as global reverb and a render-modules-to-raw-audio-files writer
 * nothing sound-related, but couldn't resist: a really hot tip from regarding your GeForce *rotfl*
 * is down - long live! Once again german ISP problems, also known as STRATO. I've been trying to quit there for 8 weeks. Dozends of phone calls and emails plus several faxes. Yesterday they reacted - they killed the domain forwarding and my account (I can't login anymore) but they did not release the Domain yet. So you'll see a groovy 'permission denied' till the move to the new ISP Tafeu is done. I try hard to not post ... things ... about STRATO this time. I prefer repression. Please do not disturb.
 * RME released new tech info (german only at the moment) about Low Latency Tuning Tips, Hintergrundinformationen zu Monitoring und Latency (RME's ZLM und ASIO) und Hardware Empfehlungen zum RME Referenz PC
 * e-mag Our Place 04/2000 is out, want to read how Airon (one of the pioneers of the tracking scene, today pro sound engineer) explains the different parameters of a compressor with the help of barrel guy and hammer guy? *rotfl* No matter if you know how a compressor works, please read it anyway! :-) Some more very interesting articles by Sublyme and BassPlace, check them out!
 * another review of the sample-CD 'vocal construction kit' is out, by Our Place, some qoutations: "... a great way to fresh and individualistic tracks ... must have for house/funk/freestyle producers ... price is simply the best you can get ..." [for a] "... vocal CD of this professional style ..." - read the full review here
 * SoundTracker 0.53 for Linux released, news: HQ-mixer now click-free, 15% faster, improved envelope-editor, simple ALSA Midi input support
 * K2 Pager is a little utiliy to send text via sysex to the Kurzweil K2x, eg. for name Dialogs (naming Keymaps, Instruments, Filenames ..), no more fiddling with the softbuttons
 * About the final NoiseTrekker release, by Arguru (the coder): "since I will not work anymore on Ntk, I decided to release a final version with some new features/fixes and the complete source code [well, it requires the libCON.dll + SDK, freely avalaible from] to compile and it requires Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. So others can continue the work I did and improve their own stuff."
 * another Linux tracker: Beast/BSE, very early development stage
 * the czech reviewed vocal construction kit, I assume a *few* ;) of you may not be able to understand czech, some translations by the author of the review, PiNa: "well sorted ... easy and fast use ... wide variety of dry vocal samples offers huge number of combinations ... fresh stuff ... clear and with full dynamic ... nice price/performance ratio ... recommended to users of trackers ..."
 * Live!Ware for Win2000 for Creative Labs SB Live! available for download
 * Linux stuff: ModPlug plugin for the Winamp-clone XMMS available, a good .IT player for Linux at last!
 * more Linux stuff: just two links to FastTracker-like Linux trackers: SoundTracker by Raw Style/Lego and VoodooTracker
 * another Buzz-dedicated news message here: second beta of ASIO driver for Buzz available, so Buzz is worlds first tracker with multiple input/output support :-)
 * first beta version of an ASIO driver for Buzz available, Buzz is worlds first tracker with ASIO support, the advantage of using ASIO instead of MME or DirectX depends on your soundcard, ranging from NIL (if you got a card from worlds biggest soundcard producer - there's no ASIO support) to a brilliant performance (6 ms latency on my RME Digi 96), no matter which software or windows version (9x/NT/2k) you use
 * official Mekka/Symposium 2000 invitation intro available (released at Ambience 2000 64K intro compo last weekend), watch that filesize!
 * Pristine Sounds 2000 is a brandnew wave editor, it got some very interesting ideas and functions, a fully customizable interface, check it out (light version is 99$, full version 199$)
 * complete version of The History of Tracking now available at The Karsten Obarski Tribute project site
 * there's a new Buzz Webring available
 * Ambience 2000 demoparty will be held this weekend (10th to 12th march) in Venlo, Netherlands
 * VSampler 2.0 beta 1 (2.5 MB) released, rewritten from scratch, ASIO support, works as VST instrument (optionally), Win2k support, reworked user interface - for details and download just check the VSampler 2.0 page
 * Arguru's project Psycle got it's own homepage
 * new Bjorn Lynne (aka "Dr. Awesome") CD Revive released today, it contains new studio remixes of his biggest hits from the early years, tracks that were never before available on CD, now professionally re-made in studio with real instruments
 * kjwise asked if anybody out there managed it to run IT on Win2K using the DIRECTX launcher? Any useful comments welcome, I'll post them here.
 * UltraMaster Juno-6 is a faithful virtual reproduction of a Roland Juno-6 polyphonic synthesizer for Linux/Unix, all paramaters can be controlled in realtime via on screen GUI or external MIDI controllers. It's free and comes with source code.
 * Yehar released all info about his Adlib-DigiSnap, that's a device capable of recording Adlib (OPL2/YM3812) digitally, he also offers Yehar's sound DSP tutorial for the braindead, it deals with filters in general, FIR and IIR filter design, interpolation, frequency shifting, lot's of cool information for coders!
 * new issue of Our Place, the Tracking-eZine, this time features articles by Vivid, sublyme and BassPlace.
 * TAO is a script language driven Linux/Unix software package for sound synthesis with physical models. It provides a virtual acoustic material constructed from masses and springs which can be used as the basis for building quite complex virtual musical instruments.
 * -=Tribe=- is a community of dance music makers helping each other and making music together.
 * News message from KEYS, german "music and computer" mag: Junk Room is worlds first non-virtual hall-room in 19"-format. You configure the reflections type by filling in several available liquid sorts of plasma. After every use you have to remove the plasma and to clean the unit. The included plasma's lifetime is about 6 songs. You get 10 sorts of preset plasma, i.e. Small room, Restroom, Wooden Room, Opera and Open Door. Additionally every plasma got a typical smell, Wooden Room got a sense of mahogany for instance. The creative producers (liquid) dream, well, thing costs 695$. Sounds interesting? I thought so! Check here for details!
 * remix competition at together with record label Positiva: listen to the original track ('I Believe' by Lange), download the parts, create a remix and then upload your track. Deadline is april 15th. Prizes range from getting your remix released on vinyl, Yamaha SU700 Sampler, plus loads of CDs as runners up prizes.
 * Buzz lego compo is over, all 58 entries are here (171 K), see results.txt
 * just a quick note about the progress of the upcoming VSampler 2.0: the first public version will be released in around 3 weeks, biggest news: optionally works as VST instrument, included realtime FM synth, all VSampler 1.x customers will get 2.x versions for free.
 * first win2k driver for TerraTec EWS 64 released, here's the direct download, here's the README. No MWPC support nor wavetable functionality. But I'm sure they will have a fully functional driver soon(tm).
 * first screenshot of Arguru's (coder of NoiseTrekker and some of the coolest Buzz machines) new project Psycle!
 * Sampled Sensations released new version of SSPlay, the playback engine of their Tracking Studio (under development)
 * fridge records are back (quality trance and house)
 * hint for Mac users who want to use my free sample packs (selfextracting RAR Windows binaries): just change the filetype of those .EXE files into 'RARf' with File Typer and drag'n'drop them into MacRAR - that's it.
 * (german) reviewed my sample-CD no.1 instruments (some qoutes translated from german: "... reveals a true goldmine ... The drumsection alone ... contains more than 600 samples. .... This is where other CD's just stop. ... The quality of the sounds is very good ... We didn't expect that many timeless and good samples for that small amount of money. ...") and the 1300 song double-CD tracked worx 98 ("For this CD we just have to congratulate MAZ."). The sample-CD got 8/10 points, that's more than most of the other (3 to 5 times more expensive!) reviewed sample-CD's got. Order here!
 * Buzz lego compo opened - get the template and rules! (deadline is Feb 29)
 * hot news from Doepfer, known for several cool pieces of hardware, they will release POCKET CONTROL in around a month, it's a compact MIDI control box with 16 rotary potentiometers for just 100$ (attention to non-german speaking people: their english is even worse than mine :-])
 * CJ Imperium made a demo of his 303 ImpulseTracker instruments available, he wants your feedback what kind of features you want to have in a 303 instrument, he will produce user customizable 303 packs on request!
 * Somebody out there with contact to NewStyle, the AXS coders? They don't reply to emails anymore and I got a message from 2 different guys that they even don't accept money for AXS registrations anymore?! This is pretty "unusual" (to say the least), a possible reason could be they sold the copyright of AXS (like the magic Hammerhead to B.Box conversion ...) Anybody a clue? NewStyle?
 * germans only please: /me in eigener Sache: SONY DTC 790 inkl. Fernbedienung, 10 BASF DAT Kassetten für 600 DM zu verkaufen
 * Tokyo Dawn Records time! :-) They are at now (special bonus: previously yet unreleased material there), check out the separate pages of TDR members paniq and looza too, great stuff ahead! Uhh, and don't forget to download repertoire #2!
 * Simon V (honourmember of TDR) has a tutorial Making Of 'Pulse Code' at, all samples of the song there for free download, ready to be remixed!
 * there's a great Buzz compilation CD called Digital Realms available on for download or as 9.99$ DAM CD (all songs)
 * news at the Velvet Studio page: "The development of Velvet Studio III has been resumed and the latest days much of the sound engine has been implemented. We will be back with more information later."
 * Mekka & Symposium 2000 details online (*yeehaar*), facts for scene musicians: MT2, IT, XM, S3M and MOD allowed in music compos, maximum filesize 1.8 MB (no compressed files), 4 minutes playtime, facts for lamers: there will be a MP3 compo too
 * virtual rack for the virtual studio, analog synth, sampler, drum machine, ReCycle!-based loop player, mixer, effects, pattern sequencer ... : Propellerheads Reason is under development, no release date nor price estimate yet, looks like Propellerhead is trying hard to top the success of Rebirth!
 * roughly the same as the above, another virtual rack: Arturia Storm is a host platform for (at the moment) 7 synthesizers and 5 effects, price is $295, looks very neat, but performance is ... find out yourself, it's worth a check ... if your CPU runs at > 400 MHz, that is
 * DJ Dexter invites all german (speaking) trackers to join the community of the German Trackers, meet each other, release your songs, take part on compos or on a "community track" ...
 * PG of Unreal (authors of Pulse Player) continues the nostalgia wave with his Atari SAP Music Archive, it contains an SAP player and hundreds of tunes for Atari XL/XE POKEY sound chip
 * for all owners of vocal construction kit, some after-sales-service (or translated: "better late than never", sorry): here's the complete BPM-(tempo)-list for the directories 'songs' and 'hooks'
 * Sergey Bulba told me about his ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amiga soundchip emulator/player, it emulates AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149, YM2149F, he offers song archives and links there, attention, nostalgia warning! :-)
 * new issue of Our Place, the Tracking-eZine, completely reworked, now allows to add your own songs to an open list, write about your group, promote your site ...
 * DropZone.MP3 (4 MB) by Chilli Choc (aka Coocane) & Wayfinder: the first demo-song (funky house) made with vocals from the new Sample-CD vocal construction kit (comment about the effect used on the vocals in the song: the CD contains the clear samples, of course, including treble :-))
 * Quote from MadTracker forum 2 days ago, message subject was popping sound: "... it can not be due to a bad quality sample, because it also happens with MAZ samples. ...". Is that a compliment or what? :-) Thank you CyniaC!
 * whooohoo, I added the first Linux program to my site :-) (I'm sure you already heard about this trendy brandnew hyped OS ;) ), Robert Högberg told me about AWEWavePlayer (have a look at the software-news below), if you have Linux installed (it's Linux only) you can use it to play WAV /MP3 ... through the SPDIF (onboard jumper) of your SB32 / AWE32 ... without buying an AWE64gold.
 * nomaniac, known from tracked worx '98 released a double-CD with songs made 99% with material from my Sample-CD no.1 instruments, his new CD "lost" will be out soon, if you are into trancy electro, you'll love his stuff (I do, obviously :-) ), just contact him for a copy (homemade CDR, production costs only)
 * Gordon, author of the great AWE-MIDI-tracker 'Bushtracker' started a complete new MIDI tracker called SQUID (you thought that's a Unix web proxy/cache? wrong! ;)). The basic concept is hiding complex MIDI setups behind an easy to use interface and being the host application for all those softsynths, softsamplers and plugins. No Wheezer, no IT3, no Buzz2. Go Gordon go! The project needs all your support, ideas, suggestions, cool skins (if you think a skinnable interface would be important), MIDI implementation charts of your synths ... Feel free to email him with your ideas or watch the SQUID webpage for details.
 * siCtracker: updated version of the MIDI-tracker with FastTracker2 handling available!
 * MAZ joined The Intermusic Network ("devoted to bringing together all the resources musicians need to make music"). Intermusic is operated by Future Publishing Ltd, UK, publisher of dozens of popular magazins, e.g. "Future Music"
 * melcom (one of the major contributors to tracked worx '98 ) with the help of #coders.ger created those two amazing sites: in memory (world's biggest MOD-chiptune archive, contains approx. 85 MB chiptunes, nearly 2000 MOD's) and melcom 1986-1999 (all his C64/Amiga and PC-demo stuff)
 * there's a new undernet-IRC channel #tracker-zone for trackers
 * TOP ratings tightened up: now 63 of the 180 featured programs have a TOP rating, from those outstanding programs I selected to feature at my site a TOP rating means I do recommend to download this program first because it got special features, is freeware with the same features as $-ware, or produces better quality (especially mod-players and mp3-encoders) than others
 * a great tip from jj of k-rad how to hack resonant HighPass filters in ImpulseTracker (it supports LowPass only): "load two of the same samples cept invert one.. lay a channel of filtered sample and a copy on the next cept alt+s to the inverted sample and viola.. high pass filters". Try that, it works :-)
 * Strange people out there: 1.5 years ago a guy used the no.1 instruments feedback-board for promoting his own Sample-CD. The message was deleted, of course. It's a feedback board, not a free banner-ad-space for everybody. Last week this guy told me he finished the CD now and asked if I would be interested in distributing it. I got a prototype of the CD and checked it in depth. The cover claims the CD would make "searching and finding the right sounds as easy as possible", hmm, I saw a hand full of subdirs, 280 Files in "Bass", 342 files in "Synth" and 447 samples in "perc". I would call that "unsorted". And the cover claims "all sounds are totally copyright free". After checking some samples and writing down my comments (high pitched static noises everywhere) my SoundForge caption bar said "mazzive injection - no.1 instruments" (the caption bar shows the name of the sample which contains that copyright stuff in the case of all "no.1 instruments" samples). Whoops? The guy not only "borrowed" some samples from my free promo-pack of no.1 instruments for his CD, he even was lame enough to not realize the phat copyright chunks in the WAV file :-) The files were indeed 1:1 copies from my CD, he did not even change the filename. I had a good laugh :-)
 * RE!
 * T2K: tracker musician of the millenium voting closed, results are online, congratulation to the winners! (they got MAZ stuff as prizes :-))

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