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new MAZ Sample-CD out! VOCAL CONSTRUCTION KIT - professional vocal samples @ shareware price

 * attention freeware/shareware authors: Neonlight offers to do a translation of your english doc-pages into french!
 * MAZ wishes all of you a merry christmas, here's a little MP3 which will easily blow your speakers if played too loud and implode *plop* your brain if played more than one time: musicbox.mp3 (zipped 383 K) :-) (originally just a mic-preamp-test)
 * there's an xmas special for DreamStation, 89$ instead of 129$
 * Got email today from a guy who told me he will never return to my site just because I use RAR for some of the programs I offer for download. Here's my reply, for those who plan to ask the same.
 * The XMAZ special offer for Audiophonik ran out, no CD's left at MAZ, people who want to get one of those amazing CD's please just order directly from the makers: Imphobia. Support this great project!
 * Strato sucks (Strato is a german ISP): by accident I found out that I missed 14(!) emails with MAZ-CD orders (adress at Strato) in the past 3 weeks, those 14 people will get a note from me today. Fortunately the order page sends a copy of all orders to another email adress.
An alle, die mit dem Gedanken spielen zu Strato zu gehen: gebouncte Mails, mySQL Datenbank tagelang nicht ansprechbar, WWW-Server nicht erreichbar ... ähnliche Erfahrungen haben auch andere Strato-Kunden gemacht, die ich kenne. Und zwar nicht nur in den letzen Wochen der Umstellung, auch vorher schon. Ich jedenfalls hab dem Verein gekündigt.
 * vote for the tracker musician of the millenium, after entering the site just press the T2K-banner
 * Digital Music Revolution - new online mag, they need some more content contributors
 * new MAZ sample-CD vocal construction kit is out, the 2nd CD in the "mazzive injection" series after the obviously popular no.1 instruments. There's a 1:1 copy of the CD for free download, a 17 MB selfextracting file. It contains the original documentation, original directory structure, all lyrics, example samples for each directory (errmm, nope, the samples are not complete ;-]) to give you a good picture what to expect. The official announcement: "Actually everything fits, but somehow the song misses that certain something? With "vocal construction kit" you'll get a fine tool to spice up your songs with professional vocals. The CD contains > 1000 fresh samples, recorded with several male and female artists, produced by x-pert media at their studio in Solingen, Germany. Included are lines, hooks, jingles and a section which has been optimized with different stereo-effects to give you a wide variety of material."

 * Damn, I decided to order 25 Audiophonik-CD's from Imphobia, several german people asked if I could help them with ordering since they don't have a credit card nor want to send cash.

Also Leute, die Audiophonik gibt's (solange der Vorrat reicht) beim MAZ für schlaffe 10 DM (+3 DM bei Überweisung bzw. +9,50 bei Nachnahme). Einfach eine Mail an mich schicken, wir kriegen das in den Griff.
 * 'Return to Stage 9': remember that phat musicdisk called "Stage 9"? Yes? Then check this one out. No? Check this one out and don't forget to get the original "Stage 9". All for free download.
 * I'm *still* listening to audiophonik. Holy shit. I guess Imphobia pretty ruulez. Waiting for Dreams 3.
 * audiophonik - music for the scene generation: SCENE AUDIO CD by IMPHOBIA & FUSECON is out, it's a compilation containing brandnew, studio recorded, mellow-ambient to slightly upbeat compositions from some of the best, past and present, musicians from PC and Amiga demo scene (Moby, Vic, Rez, Siren, Jogeir, Lizardking, Zodiak, Necros, Lluvia, CCCatch, Dr. Awesome, Scorpik), it comes in a transparent case with a fat color sixteen page booklet containing pictures, text and bios of each musician, price is around 13$ (incl. shipping within europe!), my personal opinion: very stylish, cool ambient sound, scenish booklet - an excellent product with character, one of those "must have" CD's for every scener
 * Our Place: new mag which focuses on tracker and software scene, group news, interviews ... 1st issue doesn't have much content yet, so please help with your input!
 * new MAZ sample-CD "vocal construction kit" will be released in around 3 weeks, here's a sneak cover preview
 * The Karsten Obarski Tribute project has been started. Karsten Obarski?? Check the link :-)
 * Nick Kochakian's NKAMP and NKMOD are two freeware players which come with full sourcecode for integration into your own demos or games, NKAMP plays RAD files (those Adlib-tunes), NKMOD plays MOD, S3M and IT, just contact Nick for details
 * HardSID got it's own domain name and a brandnew webpage
 * germans only please: ich hab einen SONY DAT und einen Oberheim Orgel-Expander zu verkaufen, nähere Info gibts hier
 * if you like vintage kind of game music: check Parn's Music Station, there are tracked versions of classic game music, mostly from MSX, but also from Amiga and PC
 * MAZ' private party report of Dialogos99 demoparty online
 * online again, many things to do in the new flat, more hardware- than software-related :-)
 * OK, this is the definite last life-sign till I get internet access in my new flat. Shipping of MAZ-products and handling the order-stuff continues of course, since that's not handled by me personally. See you at Dialogos this weekend!
 * Online at last: GoodTimes (1.1 MB) by EHa^SmashDesigns, the music (FastTracker XM) of the 2nd place video "Daydream" at the "wild-competition" of the Mekka/Symposium demo-party held in Fallingbostel/Germany, made with instruments from MAZ Sample-CD no.1 instruments
 * MAZ moves to a new flat next week, I don't know when I'll be back online.
 * Virtual Synth Page: Mark White compiled a nice ressource of his personal reviews of many virtual synths
 * Simon V (aka Vivid) "Hymnus" from the CD one night is #1 song at MP3.COM's Drum 'n Bass Charts, he got 5 songs in the top20 (sorted by popularity), his new song Screwdriver was "Featured Drum n' Bass Song" at MP3.COM till yesterday, the CD one night is limited to 1000 pcs, around 800 have been sold already, time to order your one now! :-)
 * little sensation: Impulse Tracker works incl. sound under NT! --> SoundFX NT makes it possible, check out the software news below!
 * The Tracking Studio by Sampled Sensations (an italian group) seems to be an interesting new tracker project (I whish it wouldn't be a DOS-tracker ...), basically a mixture of FT2+IT2+Buzz :-), the authors still need some qualified beta testers and your feedback!
 * - check out their page, "Dialogos 99" will be an alternative (not-only-demo)-party held in Jena, Germany, if you think the big established demoparty events are just too established and boring, Jena could be the place to be in october 1st..3rd, I will be there definitely :-)
 * My thesis has been FINALLY finished. The study @ fh-zwickau too. Sorry to all those who got no reply to their emails in past 3 weeks, I'll do my best to fight this lag down in the next days. Thanx for your patience!
 * - check out their page, "demoparty.99" will be held in Falun, Sweden, September 2th..5th, girls and non-nordics pay half entrance fee!
 * STEREO HardSID MP3 samples available! The new stereo HardSID.DLL is under development, it requires two HardSID cards + latest SIDPlay.
 * DreamStation 1.0 is shipping!, better check out the free demo version immediately, DreamStation is a powerful realtime music synthesizer which can be controlled either by the internal tracker-styled sequencer and/or externally via MIDI controllers, it provides virtual analog synth, wavetable synth, step-sequencer, mixer and effect processors - in the mass of announcements and planned stuff blah DreamStation is REAL, once you started playing around with it you can't stop for hours, promised! Don't care too much about the included demo-songs (I didn't hear the new downloadable songs yet), DreamStation can do much more. Uhh, and not to forget, Dreamstation got only 4 ms(!!!) latency on my SB Live!, that's a tenth of every other program using DirectX! I'm impressed.
 * HardSID released and waiting for your order! It got native support by SidPlay and is (or will be) supported by CCS (the C64 emulator) too!
 * siCtracker: a new MIDI-tracker with FastTracker2 handling under development
 * you don't care if a guy ripps your song and releases it under his name? But maybe you DO care if it's MULTIPLE songs at once and the place of the release is, means this guy sells YOUR music on CD and hopes you just don't realize that. Fiction? No. Reality. The name of this guy is DJ Carbon (fits), read the full story at ModPlug Central, the International Consortium Of MOD Musicians (ICOMM) needs volunteers and your support!
 * just want to tell that there won't be a "tracked worx 99", I don't have the time nor money for such a monster-project this year, those of you who are new to my site should have a look at the data of the double-CD TrackedWorx'98 to get a clue what I'm talking about ... and I hope all people got their prizes now ... Hunz??
 * VMware for WinNT beta 213 available, if you shouldn't know what VMware is: it allows you to run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single PC without repartitioning or rebooting, supported host systems are Linux and WinNT
 * Creative Labs released Live!Ware 2.1 Update (1.9 MB), it fixes many bugs, download mirror1, download mirror2
 * new domain for european visitors:, please try this domain, if it's faster for you, use it in the future, at the moment it's just linked to
 * new Sidplay/W release, with both emulation engines, HardSID and C64 support
 * taken from FastTracker 2000 - a french boy (with the extremely creative name "Impulse") decided to code a new tracker based on ft2 main interface. More details here. He wants to use a 3rd party library like Midas or Bass. Hmm.
 * Melcom told me that a lamer ripped one of Melcom's songs, added his own text and copyright message and used it as background music for his website claiming it's his own work: just read the full story at This Guy SUXX, all those MOD-musicians who are interested in ways to protect against those kind of lame fakers should read the Top Story at ModPlug Central, read about the idea of founding ICOMM (International Consortium Of MOD Musicians) there!
 * WinCommander 4.0 has been released. The relation to MAZ-SOUND.COM? I just think it's one of the finest pieces of shareware on earth, it's the first program in my autostart group and the last program which closes before shutdown. Windows without WinCommander is not usable. :-)
 * germany = new technology center of the world?: the readers of the german mag InternetWorld placed the "new data compression algorithm MP3" at #2 "Innovation Of The Year", count it, that's 5 (read: F I V E) years after Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft released the 1st PC shareware version of L3ENC (feb-94) to the public, obviously the german crowd is fully up-to-date and perfectly informed ... or there's a 5-year-lag in the delivery of my copy of InternetWorld ... or some lame coder is responsible for a giantic error in the matrix... I don't know ... it's just incredibly lame.
 * sold out: TrackedWorx'97 is not longer available, it was limited to 1000 copies. TrackedWorx is dead - long live TrackedWorx! Get your TrackedWorx'98 double-CD now, pay the price of a common audio CD and get music worth 100 audio-CD's or 10 MP3 CD's!
 * HardSID - the ultimate soundcard, nothing to add :-)
 * Vivid released a new song: Helden der Stille (4.4 MB), dark cutting-edge experimental ;) - if you like his style be sure to order his CD one night
 * there's a new version of USMPlay available, USMPlay is a DOS sound system/player for 32 bit Assembly and WATCOM C, it plays MOD/STM/S3M/XM and IT files on Sound Blaster and GUS
 * 10 copies left of the first chapter of the "TrackedWorx" series: get the TrackedWorx'97 before it becomes cult and you can't get an original anymore!! :-)
 * TW98 voting results are online, congratulations to the winners! Thanx a lot to all voters! Thanx a lot to Oli @ TerraTec, Matthias @ RME and to Claus @ RIDI for sponsoring this event with sound hardware worth 2300$!
 * kicked the "100% SF2 compatible" from the SB Live! mini review and updated it with the fact that some SF2's made for the AWE sound totally off with the SB Live! (wrong effect and volume settings for instance) and also SF2's built on a SB Live! with 1.x drivers may sound different with LiveWave 2.0 drivers installed. Have fun with CreativeLabs, you SF2 sample-CD producers out there ...
 * added BUZZ to MAZ ONLINE ORDER pages, don't panic, it's still freeware but if you want to support the author by donating some money it's now easily possible, with all the payment methods and currencies of MAZ ONLINE ORDER
 * 20 copies left of the first chapter of the "TrackedWorx" series: get the TrackedWorx'97 before it becomes cult and you can't get an original anymore!! :-)
 * Songs are all online and voting has begun for the International Buzz Music Competition. I compiled all extra machines required to play back those songs (and hopefully most other recent Buzz-songs too), just grab this funky Buzz-Gear (1919 K)
 * added news-archive
 * official message from StarBreeze: "FT2 has been put on hold indefinitely. ... We're considering a public release of the source-code so that others can take up the trail where we left off, but so far we've not decided how, when or if this will be done. If this was an ideal world, where there was infinite time and no need to make a living, there would definitely be a multiplatform Fasttracker3. Unfortunately this world is nothing like that."
The unavoidable addition from MAZ: if FT2 users would have paid their 20$ shareware fee maybe we'd have a FastTracker3 even in this un-ideal world. Unfortunately ...
 * you know AudioSim, the DOS program? Check out their win9x program Dream Station, I think you'll love it! Something like a mixture of AXS and Rebirth. Only sucking fact of this demo version is that you can't save anything nor work longer than 30 minutes, which is a deadly combination.
 * got a nice tip by Mike Wolniak for advanced SB Live! use with FT2: just connect your FT2 to SB Live! via external midi connection (from MIDI OUT of the card FT2 uses). FT2 doesn't support midi controllers but you can map lower or higher notes to midi controllers with MidiOX and you'll get FT2 with EMU 8-point sample interpolation which easily kicks FT2 in terms of sound quality. That way you'll get pan, vol&tone slides and portamentos not supported by FT2.
 * added the AWE 32/64 module player AMP for Windows to MAZ Online Order
 * wrote a little something about the first beta release of EWS64 NT4 - drivers
 * to those of you with SB Live! not working under DOS (with FT2 or IT or AXS): Vivid (Simon V) found out that you HAVE TO ENABLE the "Creative S/W Synth" for a working SB 16 emulation (it's enabled by default, but maybe you disabled it) - hope this helps!
 * got a Palm Pilot? - check out Daniel Springwald's PalmTracker, pulls off 3part polyphony out of your monotonic speaker :-) (got word from Joel Braverman)
 * the popular Buzz machine "Rout 909" is no longer available for download / distribution, Rout does not have permission to distribute it. Roland, you rock.
 * after 3 years of abstinence it happens again: germany's UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE #3
 * 1st place at the annual international wild demo competition of Mekka/Symposium 1999 in Fallingbostel / Germany became the video "Real Reality" by N.E.V.E.R, their page contains the complete MPEG (320 MB) for download. After SmashDesign's C64 version it's another remake of FutureCrew's famous 2nd Reality, this time for REAL ;-). The middle part of the music has been 90% made with MAZ "no.1 instruments" samples. You can download the original tracker-song part2.xm (3.7 MB) here, big due to the fact that the entry was a VHS tape, so songsize didn't matter. Part 1 & 3 (866 K) of the music has not been made with MAZ samples, but is damn nice too ;-)
 * 2nd place at the annual ... look above, became the rendered video Daydream by Digital Vortex, EHa did the music, gues what follows, yes, again with 90% samples from no.1 instruments, he will release the XM in around a month, I will put it online.
 * for maximum demo-compatibility (MS2k-1 + TG99 stuff checking) my GUS PnP is back on board, together with the EWS64, Digi96Pro and the SB Live! that makes 4 soundcards in one computer :-]
 * LWC (leech warez crew) released my "no.1 instruments" as warez, good stuff obviously :-}
 * DREAMS 2 - the Demoscene archive Volume 2 has been released by Imphobia, the 2-cd-set includes all the best scene releases from last 2 years, so check it out!
 * it's off-topic but I tought you might be interested: check if you ever dreamed of running multiple operating systems concurrently on a single PC without repartitioning or rebooting
 * finally online and ready for download at MayBeBop's page: all songs of the GUESS THE CHIPTUNE compo of MS98, besides Fulcrum for me THE highlight of the party, of course the tinned MP3's can't really give an impression of the funky live performance, bad luck for those who stayed at home
 * added a link to ProRec, they have great reviews of directX-plugins and other audio gear, always with the home-studio in mind, one of their editors, Joel Braverman, did an interview with MAZ (in march last year), if you should read it, remember it was more than a year ago :-/
 * finally updated the link to the former "Zen Of Tracking", now Internet Music Monitor
 * added a pretty interesting site to the links: Wotsit's Format contains descriptions for hundreds of file format types and other programming info
 * for the hardcore FT2-addicted: FastTracker2 - skin for Winamp (35 K) (guess the real FT2 looks better somehow ;)
 * wow, THAT is crazy! --> SIDSTATION, be sure to check the download section for some demo songs!
 * want to help? Have a look at The Nightingale, an open project with the goal to design an own GUS-like soundcard (with all common features of todays soundcards)!
 * my personal mini-review of the SB Live!

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