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last updated 06-Nov-2005

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!


        XMPlay 2.6  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
XMPlay 2.6 (244 KB)
2 minutes
Unforeseen Developments
my favourite MP3-MOD-S3M-IT-XM-OGG player, superb audio quality due to spline interpolation and sensitive ramping, MMX accelerated mixing, includes a WAV writer device (optional 32-bit floating-point)
MP3 shoutcast streams: it's the only player I know which writes separate(!) tracks to disk, allowing a lossless copy of streamed MP3's to HD, file by file
Winamp input plugin support, intergrated support for WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, MO3 (MP3/OGG compressed MODs, MOD, MTM, S3M, XM (incl. MIDI out!), IT (incl. filters), UMX (Unreal music)
does streaming of OGG, WAV, WMA, MP3, MP2, MP1 from FTP / HTTP / Shoutcast / Icecast servers (right mouseclick the open- or add-button)
MOD pattern display visualisation :-) (press the little "i")
allows to play songs from within ZIP and RAR archives
there's another interesting thing at the authors page: XM-EXE is a handy XM to EXE converter/player, yep, it attaches the XM to a nice win9x playback program, even collections of XMs (into one EXE)
Sonique visual plugin support, Winamp input plugin support, integrated reverb + pseudo surround + 5 band equalizer: adjustable gain at five frequency bands
audio CODEC support - writes compressed WAVs, MP3s ... whatever
if you need a great sound library for your game or demo be sure to check out BASS, it's free for use in freeware projects, incl. the new BASS WMA, an extension to playback WMA files, includes API's for C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, MASM and TMT Pascal
Ian opened up a forum, including a board for bass and one for xmplay
MO3 Encoder 1.4 released, MO3 compresses your MOD/XM by encoding the samples either by mp3, ogg or zip-like lossless compression (decompressed back to the original by UNMO3 :-)
NEW: 32/24-bit playback
NEW: customizable title formatting
NEW: track queuing
NEW: multi-track selection

        Sonique 1.96  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Sonique 1.96 (2697 KB)
13 minutes
Night 55
freeware, very stylish all-in-one player, URL streaming support
plays MPG, MP2, MP3 as well as MOD, XM, IT, S3M (through MikIT engine) + WAV + CD-Audio
comes with it's own unique application design, fusing a highly stylized aesthetic with a fluid windowless interface, visual plug-in support
offers several very nice visualization plugins
diskwriting to .wav files
NEW: changed registration process
NEW: added russian help files
NEW: fixed broken images in readme files

        WinAMP 3.0  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WinAMP 3.0 (3428 KB)
17 minutes
freeware, the mother of all MP3-and-all-in-one players, now plays video formats as well
included is a MID- and a MOD/XM/IT-player (still far away from being a recommended module-player!) as well as a CD player (plugin)
support Windows Media Technology 4.0 (WMT4) input/output
supports "skins": there are loads of those eyecatchers at
loads all kind of playlists (*.m3u, *.pls, selecting multiple MP3's in the open dialog ...), supports ID3 tag
supports HTTP streaming + MPEG 2.5, drag'n'drop, shuffle, repeat, volume + panning slider, progress indicator, fast forward/rewind
supports output plug-ins with DirectSound support (lets you mix multiple mp3s at once!)
optional realtime 8 band EQ + spectrum analyzer
HTML playlist generator (so you can print your playlists) -- Playlist->Misc Opts->Generate HTML Playlist
you should check out the WinAmp Plugin Page for a complete list of the available plugin's incl. ratings
SidAmp 1.4beta - the C64 SID-file player plugin
NEW: support for all common video formats
NEW: Guru Meditations are back :-)
NEW: check the new features in detail

        DeliPlayer 1.30  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
DeliPlayer 1.30 (3755 KB)
18 minutes
Florian Vorberger
& Peter Kunath
the Amiga legend enters PC: DeliPlayer re-defines the term "multiformat-player", it's freeware, plays more than 190(!) formats
supported formats include MP3, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, C64-SID and of course all DeliTracker Amiga custom modules
supports all common playlist formats
supports all common generic archivers (ZIP/RAR/LHA/LZX) as well as special packers (PowerPacker 2.0, XPK NONE/NUKE/DUKE/SQSH/RDCN/SHSC/SASC, MMCMP)
available mixer algorithms include linear and quadratic interpolation, optionally dithering and click removal
supports skins, visual plugins, 10 band equalizer, audio effects (reverb, widen stereo, stereo join)
everything is client-server based, all clients are flexible, enter the config and you'll see what I mean :-)
NEW: support for Images Music System, PolkaRunner, SGT-Packer, TomiPakarinen, TreasurePatterns
NEW: 'diGitalsyStem2444' skin for 'D-Operator' layout

        YAMP 3.3        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
YAMP 3.3 (2122 KB)
11 minutes
Yet Another Music Player (midas based for the MOD types)
the player worlds first player which introduced loadable and editable designs from classic to weird, be sure to check out those additional designs at AKA's page
supports CDs, WAV (incl. compressed), MID, RMI, MOD, S3M, XM, (IT), MPEG audio (MPEG-1 Layer I, II, III and MPEG-2 LSF), AVI
supports CDDB database
repeat function for songs and playlists, shuffle mode, possible ways to create playlists: command line or drag'n'drop - both works with songs, play lists and (recursive) folders
support for Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), an example program is included
NEW: support for multiple CD-ROM drives
NEW: new and better file extension icons
NEW: faster startup, speed improvement and fixes
NEW: new example song "Another Morning"

        OpenCubicPlayer 2.60pre6  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
OpenCubicPlayer 2.60pre6 (865 KB)
5 minutes
DOS (Win 95/98)
the #1 DOS player (freeware), supports SID, MP2, MP3, MDL, PTM, DMF, 669, WOW, ULT, S3M, MTM, MOD, NST, OKT, XM, IT, MID, AMS, CD-Audio, WAV
supports DISK (WAV-File, use the HIGH QUALITY MIXING DEVICE!), GUS/DB, GUSMAX, SB (PRO,16), AWE32, WSS, PAS, EWS64 (wss port), ESS688, silence
included are KB's great SID files from the fucking damn unbelievable groovy Smash Designs C64 version(!) of SECOND REALITY which won the C64 demo compo at TP97 (if you don't have C64 try CCS64 on your PeeCee)
plays MIDI's even with plain SB - grab my 4-disc GUS patch set, search for the last disk via FTP-Search and you should find the first 3 discs in these locations too
WÜRFEL MODE II (finally 320x200 ;), here's "Würfel Animator Professional" by Felix Domke (tmbinc) to generate your OWN Würfel Mode Animations :-)
GUS Mem Multiplier 8x, supports 2 GUSes in 2D and 3D mode!, RAR, ZIP, LHA, ACE & ARJ support
.M3U, .PLS and MikIT .PLT play list support
echo/reverb effects (ECHO MENU), 1024*768 graphical spectrum analyser

like KB's SID tunes? then watch 2nd Reality C64 version and be amazed!
for all newskool-, non-SB-, non-GUS, non-EWS-, non-WSS-people out there using Win9x: devpVXD, the DirectSound server to support *every* DirectX soundcard (similiar to the VSOUND-driver for IT)
NEW: now *really* should work with DirectX :-)

        K-Jöfol 2000.b2  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
K-Jöfol 2000.b2 (1773 KB)
9 minutes
nice freeware MP3 and VQF player (incl. MPEG 2.5 support) which uses the mpg123 engine, same speed as WinAmp and XTC
entirely customizable with resources files
Winamp visualisation plug-ins support
streaming HTTP support (Ctrl+L)
NEW: moved to "allround players" subsection since it uses BASS.DLL for MOD XM IT S3M support
NEW: AVP false alarms on some DLLs now fixed
NEW: VQF plugin is back, now displays the artist and track name from the VQF header
NEW: fixed crash at Kjofol exit occuring on NT4

        Pulse Player 0.96  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Pulse Player 0.96 (1852 KB)
9 minutes
nice freeware player, supports loadable user designs (some call it skins...)
plays lot's of module formats (as usual ... more or less perfect): 669 FAR M15 WOW NST MOD XM IT STM S3M FNK MTM MED ULT MDL PM SAP (Atari XL/XE music format) AMF FC3/4 (Amiga chip-tunes)
plays MP1/2/3 via FreeAmp engine, C64 SID's via SidPlay library
integrated ACM support (ADPCM, MP3 ... whatever codecs you have installed)
AHX player, subsongs in SID/AHX supported
4 audio streams mixer, playing e.g. up to 4 MP3s at once, new design 'out of colours' supports 4 mixers
fully customizable visual components (analyzer, osci)
NEW: Development kits for Pulse released!

        VUPlayer 1.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
VUPlayer 1.0 (2716 KB)
13 minutes
James Chapman
freeware MP3 + OGG + trackersong player, using XMplay's BASS library
supports MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MP3, OGG, WAV and .m3u playlists
doesn't allow to control the ramping options, yet
NEW: windows media audio playback included
NEW: ogg vorbis support has been updated to RC3
NEW: support for Windows XP visual styles
NEW: added full system tray functionality
NEW: included a new 'add folder' function to scan for music files
NEW: added MP2 file format support
NEW: some new volume ramping options for MOD/S3M/XM/IT files

        WinJey 1.01        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WinJey 1.01 (530 KB)
3 minutes
Michael Späth/Kilroy +
(Andreas Mautsch)
win9x/NT freeware, formerly "XTC for windows",
plays VOC, WAV, MP2, MP3, MOD, S3M, XM, IT (no filter support)
for the newbies of you: XTC Play for DOS 0.97c is also available, it supports SB, GUS, iNTERWAVE, diskwriter and plays MPEG I,II Layer 1,2,3 / IT / MOD / S3M / XM / MTM / PTM / 669 / MDL / DSM / FAR / STM / VOC / WAV, has nice graphical output versions: tunnel, FFT analyzer, osci, magic circle ..., has archive support (RAR, ARJ, ZIP)
supports WINAMP plugins, YAMP designs directly and WINAMP skins indirectly via AKA's "WinAMP Skin to Yamp design" converter
NEW: changes to MPG decoding engine, no bubbles or cracks in bad MP3's nor crashes on invalid MP3's anymore
NEW: MIDI plugin
NEW: faster startup, more stability (found some deadlock bugs and integrated thread locks)
NEW: new faster graphics engine, Yamp .designs now perfectly supported


        AMP for Windows 2.5  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AMP for Windows 2.5 (168 KB)
< 1 minute
Win 95/98
Lada Kopecky
freeware, AMPW is *the* all-in-one-carefree-module-player for owners of Sound Blaster AWE 32 / 64 cards
worlds only windows-player which uses the AWE soundcard through "hardware mixing" and fully exploits the EMU8000 synthesizer with its 30 channels and the patented dynamic 4-point-interpolation filter, advantage: best possible sound quality with nearly no CPU use
AMPW has been especially optimized for the 3 most popular trackers: FastTracker 2.08 (.XM), ImpulseTracker 2.14 (.IT, incl. resonant filters) and ScreamTracker 3.21 (.S3M), it even emulates their bugs "correctly", since that's the only way to achieve perfect playback
other supported formats are .MOD, .NST, .MTM and .PTM
support for playlists and drag'n'drop
utilization of the AWE reverb and chorus, both customizable, direct support for custom reverb/chorus types created by AWE32FXWorkShop (--> utilities section of this page)
NEW: probably the final version, now released as freeware
NEW: new mode added: Autoplay
NEW: new mode of SBK protection added: Swap to disk
NEW: a driver update hint is displayed when you run AMPW under Windows ME with default WDM drivers installed
NEW: engine v3.01 used: the song name in MOD may contain 00h as a blank space
NEW: fix: now the player can skip buggy modules in both directions

        MikIT 1.0b2        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MikIT 1.0b2 (292 KB)
2 minutes
module player (also available for Linux + Mac), plays IT, XM, S3M and MOD, MikIT win/dos/linux programming libs available
done like things should be done: no fu**** InstallShield, straightforward interface, playlist with shuffle option
features a NoClick mixer option, New Note Actions, duplicate check types & actions, normal/bidi/sustain/sustainBidi loops and 99.9% of the effects :-)
progress bar + sample / instrument / message viewing dialog
drag & drop support in both the main and playlist dialog
NEW: IT resonant filter support
NEW: archive support (you need to download the separate plugin's for rar (43 K) and zip (85 K))
NEW: allows up to 64 virtual channels now (configurable)
NEW: removed sample size limit
NEW: all and everything works with drag'n'drop: folders, archives, playlists
NEW: configurable mixer thread priority, automatic registering of filetypes to MikIT
NEW: several effect bugfixes

        LifeAmp 1.2  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
LifeAmp 1.2 (117 KB)
< 1 minute
freeware, Winamp plugin for playing XM, MOD, S3M, IT using SBLive!/APS/PCI512 MIDI hardware and optionally converting the song to .MID + .SF2
this way your modules will use the great hardware 8-point interpolation performed by the EMU10K1 synthesizer
it's highly recommended to use APSLive! drivers because they support "sample offset" and have proper MIDI panning, in opposition to the LiveWare drivers
it's obviously not the most accurate player on earth, but it works surprisingly good, it emulates volume/panning/pitch envelopes, portamento, sample offset, vibrato, surround panning, etc.
but the real bomb of LifeAmp is the included "disc writer", which in this case doesn't produce a lame WAV but converts your tracker song into .MID (song) + .SF2 (soundbank)
that's a *great* feature for musicians to re-use old DOS-tracker songs with every MIDI sequencer in combination with an SB Live or any VSTi or DXi software sampler (e.g. VSampler)

        MOD4WIN 2.4ins        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MOD4WIN 2.4ins (682 KB)
4 minutes
Win 3.x + Win 9x
Kay Bruns, Uwe Zänker, Jens Puchert
the one and only win9x module-player with soundcard hardware mixing support for: OPL4 cards, AudioTrixPro, GUS, iNTERWAVE (GUS PnP + Reveal), SAM9407 cards (such as EWS 64 XL, ST97 PCI, MaxiSound Home Studio ... even under NT4, you have to set the environment variable (Control Panel->System->Envirorment) "SAM9407=330" where 330 would be the base port in hex + you have to boot DOS (to upload the firmware) and then warmstart to NT)
features Cubic Spline Interpolation, 2 different modes: integer ("CPU") and floating point ("FPU"), forced FPU Cubic Splines for HDD recording (best quality)
full version of the MCI-device available, to play MODules from your own applications or with MediaPlayer
supports "Direct To Disk Recording"
uses fine Interpolated Dynamic Oversampling (IDO2)
plays: XM, NST, MOD, WOW, OKT, STM, S3M, 669, FAR, MTM
supports ARJ, LHA and ZIP archives
playlist + jukebox function - just drag&drop a complete directory with subdirs ...
if you prefer the old grey disign, it's available at, for the new hotkeys please refer to mod4win's WHATSNEW.TXT
NEW: all machines stopped, full version available for free

        JUDAS 2.06y        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
JUDAS 2.06y (429 KB)
3 minutes
DOS (Win 95/98)
Cadaver &
JUDAS Apocalyptic Softwaremixing Soundsystem is blasphemy-ware, that means: use at own risk, don't expect "serious" or "professional" docs or attitude ;), full sources are included
contains a compiled version of a very basic commandline-driven player
can be used to create music & fx with the most popular soundcards, mainly intended for games
JUDAS is exclusively intended to be used with Watcom 32bit flat protected mode DOS programs (DOS4GW or PMODE/W)
I don't have the slightest clue how JUDAS behaves as game soundsystem, but from what I tested so far it seems to have the best audio playback quality I ever heard: it doesn't clicker at all, it smoothes bad "classic" 8 kHz samples with it's cubic interpolation, but does NOT touch sharp 808 kicks for instance - all other players except mod4win, all trackers I know and very most wavetable cards (AWE and GUS for instance) just smooth them away
it allows realtime playback via SB (Pro, 16) and GUS and of course (that's what I think I will use it for) has a WAV writer device
supported fileformats are XM, MOD, S3M, WAV and raw samples
software mixer features: 32 channels (can be increased), unlimited amount of samples (dynamically allocated), clipping, a "fast mixer" and a "quality mixer" which supports cubic and linear interpolations, 32 bit mixing, click removal system
NEW: lot's of fixes and minor enhancements
NEW: channel volume meters (don't worry! They won't slow down the mixing at all when you don't use them)
NEW: rewrote the file writer (now writes WAV files)
NEW: made Judas WATCOM 11.0 compatible (structure packing was the problem)
NEW: added quality mixer clipping indicator
NEW: added song rewinding and forwarding

        MusicManiac 2.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
MusicManiac 2.0 (1645 KB)
8 minutes
freeware player, based on MIDAS
supports modules: MOD,S3M, XM and (IT)
integrated module management: copy, move, rename ..., drag&drop
you can organize your favourite modules in "discs" (playlists)
another K/oS freeware is ModInfo 0.3 (15K) , a Cubic fileselector styled tool to show the dates of a module (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, DMF, MTM), easy to use directly with MusicManiac
NEW: very important note: MusicManiac 2.0 requires the MS Visual Basic Runtime (2.8 MB) installed on your system (without it not even the installation works)
NEW: comes with five different players (called "Designs"): it's 100% programmable through ActiveX (COM), so you can create your own full-featured module-player in about 10 lines of code, using any ActiveX-aware programming- or scripting-language (VB, VC++, VBA, JScript, VBScript...), unfortunately Delphi doesn't work
NEW: if you are interested in this you should download the K/oS MusicManiac SDK (294 K) with full documentation of all ActiveX controls, lots of examples, test-programs, pictures ...
NEW: please send your questions/problems/suggestions/designs to

        ModPlug Player 1.46  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
ModPlug Player 1.46 (335 KB)
2 minutes
Olivier Lapicque
freeware 64 channel module player, standalone version of the PC's one and only MODPLUG which allows to embed MOD-type songs on your www-pages
plays 669, AMS, AMF, DBM, DSM, FAR, MOD, S3M, XM, IT (incl. NNA's + stereo samples), MED, MDL, MTM, NST, OKT, PTM, STM, ULT, WOW, WAV
support for IT filter envelopes and resonant filters (Zxx) is not really close to the original in this first version (to say it the moderate way)
supported soundcards: every card via windows driver (no specials like hardware mixing) + DISK (WAV-File)
even modules as XM, MOD, S3M, IT or WAV - cool :-)
features: bass expansion, stereo spectrum analyzer, playlists, reverb (no comment ;) ), oversampling, surround ...
NEW: updated sound device handling (less chance of dropping audio)
NEW: supports modules with up to 1000 samples
NEW: improved MMX processing for resonant filters, EQ optimizations for 3DNow! and SSE
NEW: increased max mixing channels from 128 to 200

        Multi Module Player 5.450        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Multi Module Player 5.450 (124 KB)
< 1 minute
DOS (Win 95/98)
Charles Attard
nice module player, if you have a SB16 and love DOS this one is a must have
supported modules: 669, MOD, MTM, NST, S3M, XM
supported samples: WAV + XI
PC keyboard input to play samples (MIDI input + PC keyboard are active simultaneously)
supported soundcards: SB Pro and SB16
includes tone generator and disk writer
32 bit mixing with a fine dynamic linear interpolation filter, optional also a low pass filter
list file mode (enter MMP <@liste.txt> )
visualisation: oscilloscope + frequency spectrum + piano keyboard, adjustable
NEW: arpeggio bug fixed
NEW: redesigned Digital Low Pass filter (effect is much smoother)
NEW: antialiasing filter with two or four times multiplier (CPU hungry but very efficient WITH oversampling)


        Soritong 1.0  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Soritong 1.0 (1820 KB)
9 minutes
nice freeware mp3/vqf player (you need the vqf-addon (340 K) to play vqf's)
plays MP3, VQF, WAV, SH (Sorinara's own format)
includes "Music Manager" to organize a large number of mp3 files, after entering the song-info you can view your collection of songs in different ways (sorted by Title/Artist/Album/Genre) or create playlists
User Interface Script allows to create own interfaces, not just graphical "skins"
supports some sound effects like equalizer, crystalizer, vocal reducer, techno enhancer and wide stereo
NEW: CD-Audio support, WMA (MS Audio 4.0) support
NEW: timer
NEW: playlist (.pla) bug fix
NEW: expanded language pack (configuration localizable)


        VSampler 2.75  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
VSampler 2.75 (7624 KB)
37 minutes
VSampler 2 has been ceased in October 2003 in favour of it's successor VSampler 3
realtime controllable VSTi/DXi/standalone 24bit/96kHz stereo sampler and synthesizer with up to 64 voices and 16 individual outputs
works either as native VSTi or DXi (Pro version only) offering sample accurate timing or standalone through a virtual MIDI port
loads 16/24 bit WAV/AIF (incl. loop-points and rootkey), SF2 (Creative Labs SB Live format), TTI (TerraTec instruments), LM4 drumkits and (Pro only) AKAI S-1000/S-3000 CD's and ZIP-discs, AKAI S1000 PRG and P files as well as AKAI S5000/S6000 AKP files, VSampler exports SF2 and VBS (it's own bank format, which includes all bank-specific settings)
fully customizable realtime controls (modulation wheel, assignable controllers, pitchbend), integrates external VST effect plugins and even hosts VST instruments
supports realtime effects, such as volume-, filter- and LFO-envelopes with linear or logarithmic envelopes, two velocity controlled filters (modes LP, HP, BP, notch), two LFO's
velocity zones allow to use different samples in dependence of the velocity to create very realistic instruments, incl. velocity zone crossfades
includes two realtime-synths: an DX7-like FM synth (imports original DX7 patches) and a classical analog-synth
automatic spreading of several imported WAV-files at the keyboard by frequency analysis, automatic mapping of split-ranges and root-keys, derived by pitch-tracking ("Track Freq" must be activated), new option for creating e.g. drum-presets from multiple WAV's loaded at once (checkbox "use next free key(s)" in Open-Dialog)
by use of templates you can apply complex instrument settings incl. keyzones to another instrument with just one mouseclick
you can make the graphical interface match the mood of your song by "skins", incl. animated rotary knobs, there are several alternative skins availabe for download
VSampler bank fileformat description available for program-developers (.hlp file + Delphi sample project) at the vsampler download page
NEW: VSampler 2 has been ceased in October 2003 in favour of it's successor VSampler 3

        Mellosoftron 3.1        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Mellosoftron 3.1 (1808 KB)
9 minutes
Tommy Anderberg
29$ shareware, fully programmable virtual sampler - play MID's with own soundsets from any sequencer and with any soundcard
no noticible latency (20 ms), win9x/NT and DirectSound 3 required, pentium recommended
loads WavMaker and MIDInight Express PRG's
comes with it's integrated sample-builder: easy to create own sounds from WAV's
can be played through MIDI controller/keyboard, computer keyboard or mouse
NEW: maintenance release with minor interface and documentation updates

        NovaStation 2.1        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
NovaStation 2.1 (5729 KB)
28 minutes
Win 95/98
Innovative Trek
30$ (internet version) 30 days demo of *the* XG Midi Wavetable SoftSynth with 2 MB wavetable included, MMX required for this version
the engine was licensed from Yamaha's popular SYXG50, it features: 676 instruments plus 21 drum kits, supports modes XG, GM, GS, TG300B
you can use it with any MIDI sequencer since it integrates into the MIDI output devices
3 effect blocks: Reverb - 8, Chorus - 8, Variation - 36
adjustable polyphony, maximum is 128(!) voices simultaneously
bottom line: only 2 MB wavetable (audio quality suffers a bit) but overall output result is OK still

        TiMidity++ 2.10.0        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
TiMidity++ 2.10.0 (683 KB)
4 minutes
1st Tuukka Toivonen,
now Masanao Izumo
win32 GUI version (check authors page for other platform-versions) free MIDI to WAV renderer (and realtime player, especially for soundcards w/o wavetable), uses a GUS patchset (means: it's fully customizable)
superb mixing quality incl. interpolation
full sourcecode and precompiled binaries for all common platforms available at the TiMidity++ homepage
supports every plain soundcard (you should have a pentium for 44 kHz / stereo realtime)
max. 48 polyphone voices at max. 65 kHz :-)
check out Eric A Welsh's great GUS patch set, info on how to setup the whole stuff is there too
NEW: enable to write each separated wav file if `-o' command line option is omitted
NEW: Ogg Vorbis output


downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WinGroove (958 KB)
5 minutes
Win 3.x + Win 95/98 + NT
Hiroki Nakayama
32 channel MID-player for you wavetable-less users, 16 bit/44 kHz/stereo, even on a i486
uses it's own included 1 MB sample-lib, overall sound quality is pretty good for that "size"
win9x users can install WinGroove as standard midi device for use with every application
includes realtime reverb + compressor

        Audio Compositor 4.4  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Audio Compositor 4.4 (1510 KB)
8 minutes
Scott Mitchel
40$ shareware (limited to 22 kHz mono and read-only of soundbanks in the unreg'd version), MIDI to WAV (16, 24 or 32 bit) renderer & player, soundbank editor and converter
works via DirectX or MME and is therefore the first realtime software-wavetable-MIDI-player I know which works under NT4 (Timidity didn't allow realtime MIDI input)
it reads a standard MIDI file or live input from MIDI IN port (use a loopback midi driver to route the signal from a MIDI sequencer into AC)
it can output the result into a WAV file or realtime trough your soundcard, the average CPU load on my Celery450 was 50%, so even on a P200 there's a good chance to use it as realtime sampler
loads plain WAV samples or complete instruments/banks in DLS (level 1 & 2), SF2, KRZ and it's own ACP format
saves complete instruments/banks into DLS or SF2 (registered version only)
works pretty good as software AWE32/64 emulator for those who don't own one, just load a MID, open the matching SF2 and hit play!
provides a graphical environment for editing samples and patches, well, the GUI design is definitely not the strong point of AC
non-germans just ignore this: Günter Schenk's deutsche Online Bedienungsanleitung für Audio Compositor, alles auch komplett als ZIP zum offline lesen vorhanden
NEW: fixed a bug in DLS output causing some regions to be written with an incorrect loop type
NEW: some minor cosmetic enhancements, including an improved display in the renderer
NEW: some minor efficiency improvements in the renderer
NEW: a change in the SoundFont editor to work better with LiveUpdate's "LiveSynth" product
NEW: support for polyphonic aftertouch (not to be confused with regular channel aftertouch, which has always been recognized), polyphonic aftertouch routings can be saved to .ACP and DLS level 2 files
NEW: support for the MIDI Tuning Standard, in its present state this will be accessible only to, forgive the term, sysex geeks
NEW: for fast systems realtime polyphony can now be set as high as 128 voices (MIDI files, as always, are rendered with unlimited polyphony)