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last updated 12-Jun-2002

NOTE: This page will not be updated anymore, see you at the new website!

        CDex 1.40  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
CDex 1.40 (1285 KB)
7 minutes
Albert L Faber
freeware, my personal #1 CD audio ripper, simple and straightforward to use, CDDB and freedb support
allows recording of single tracks, multiple tracks or track fragments, optionally with jitter correction
customizable format of target filename and subdirectories
reads and submits track information from cdplayer.ini file and from local/remote CDDB/freedb
bar indicators for grab progress and jitter control (possible errors)
saves to WAV or MP2/MP3 or mp+ or Ogg Vorbis via external DLLs or through external programs through commandline parameters
supports encoding external WAV files
automatically generates M3U or/and PLS playlists (optional)
Win2000 users who get an "ASPI not properly installed" error should download
NEW: finally did the step from beta to release state, several language versions available
NEW: Ogg vorbis RC-3 (added Quality option) + latest LAME version
NEW: fixed some Ogg vorbis related bugs plus some others

        CDcopy 4.800  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
CDcopy 4.800 (1107 KB)
6 minutes
Markus Barth
20$ shareware, supports SCSI and ATAPI drives + the generic win32 interface under NT, offers all the common options
saves track by track or selected sectors or whole CD, shows the average copy speed after the copy process has finished
saves in formats AU, WAV, RAW + works directly with several MP3 compressors (incl. L3ENC and TOMPG) to handle the process of ripping and coding in one pass
uses ASPI based Windows port of Andreas Mueller's Cdrdao, combine the features of cdcopy and Cdrdao to write your CDRs in DAO mode
support for BladeEnc.DLL - no external compressor required, separate VQF encoding path, channel-swapping, extended remote control, MPx bitrate conversion, support for 80 min CDR
multilanguage support, conversion of CDDB files to CSV and CDPLAYER.INI, lyrics server support, CDDB batch queries, support of MP3 lyrics tag
integrated CD-inlay editor with TWAIN interface and support for most common graphics formats
uses CDPLAYER.INI or CDDB (remote or local file) to get CD-track info (title, author ...)
"Write DAO-CUE File" produces a file which can be handled by DAO
built in MP3 compressor/decompressor, supports VQF, QDesign audio MPEG encoder and M$-Audio
a german helpfile is available
NEW: AAC decompression, AAC cd-writing, cd-writing from playlist

        Audiograbber 1.80        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Audiograbber 1.80 (1369 KB)
7 minutes
25$ shareware audio-CD grabber
includes functions to check that the copies made are identical to the original
offers to automatically normalize the music, delete silence from the start and end of tracks and send them to an external program (most likely MP3 encoders :-)), it also uses (if installed) Fraunhofers internal acm CODEC to create MP3's
looks nice and works fine, reads cdplayer.ini and connects to the database
can rip digitally in Win NT/2K even without ASPI manager
support for M$ Audio 4.0, CDDB submit function
NEW: ID3v2 support
NEW: switched from CDDB to

        WinDAC 1.53        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
WinDAC 1.53 (547 KB)
3 minutes
Christoph Schmelnik
31$ shareware, 32 bit ASPI manager required
saves track by track or selected sectors, shows the actual copy speed during copy process
kills zero-samples at the begin/end of the written track, includes a nice simple script processor
realtime conversion to 11, 22 or 44 kHz Stereo/Mono (Mix/Left/Right) + Windows ACM (Audio Compression Manager) support - lucky you if you have FHG's MP3 codec installed ... and if you have the CPU power to code it realtime while CDA-ripping with 8x speed :-)
handles multiple CDROM drives simultaneously
the file names can be read from the CDPLAYER.INI + edited directly in the drive window
files can be written directly to the RAW (or MP3) format, even into subdirectories depending on the CD
NEW: several GUI bugfixes, slightly less CPU usage
NEW: handle tracknumber to plugin's to allow them to write ID3 v1.1 tags
NEW: the category can be used for file and path naming options
NEW: added all CD information to the available parameters in scripts

        Awave ACDR 2.0  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
Awave ACDR 2.0 (232 KB)
2 minutes
25$ shareware, audio CD reader & converter, conversion uses code-parts of the wellknown AWAVE instrument/sample converter and player
read tracks from your audio-CD's and convert them into AIFF, ALAW, AU, F32, IFF, MAT, MP3* RA*, SB, SW, TXT, UB, ULAW, UW, WAV, VOC, VOX, WMA* (* means a free 3rd party add-on is required)
a 3-step procedure 'wizard' makes the conversion both quick and easy
single pass operation for all options and output formats
supports CDDB2 for retrieving track, album, and artist names (registered version only)
flexible output file naming control
high quality sample rate conversion, optional jitter and scratch correction
convert whole tracks, 'merged' consecutive tracks, or H:M:S selections
here's some of the available options: create M3U playlist, remove leading silence, high-quality sample rate conversion, jitter correction, and drive read speed control
comment about the TOP rating: it's because of the integrated unique file conversion capabilities

        ExactAudioCopy 0.9b4  TOP!

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
ExactAudioCopy 0.9b4 (956 KB)
5 minutes
Andre Wiethoff
postcardware: cd-audio ripper, ID3V2.3.0 tag support, uses ASPI interface, so both SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives are supported
saves track by track or selected sectors, shows the actual copy speed during copy process
has all the common features like sector synchronization (jitter correction), read error and complete lost of sync detection and correction, flexible track naming, CDDB & cdplayer.ini - support, fast and burst mode reading, support for Audio Compression Manager (ACM Codecs) for direct compression (you know, the Fraunhofer MP3 codec ...) ...
.. but goes beyond with its "secure mode": optional it reads every audio sector at least twice, that's slow of course (0.7x on my 12Plex) but this way it detects (and reports) not identical sectors
if an error occurs (read or sync error), the program keeps on reading this sector, until eight of 16 retries are identical, or five times these 16 retries are read (means: in worst case it will read bad sectors up to 82 times)
external MP3 compression support (including long filenames and ID3 tagging)
use EAC if you want to be sure to get the best possible CD audio rip, and if you ever have a scratched CD - if this one can't do anything you're lost
NEW: some bugfixes, mainly the CD burning part is fixed, also the lock ups in the wave editor may occur again or may be gone now, please tell about your experiences if you encountered problems before

        AudioCatalyst 2.1t        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
AudioCatalyst 2.1t (2923 KB)
14 minutes
30$ shareware, Xing and AudioGrabber teamed up and the result is, guess what, a very straight and fast all-in-one cd-audio ripper / MP3 encoder
the trial version has two limitations: you can't encode external WAVs into MP3, you can only encode a randomly selected set of CD tracks
variable bit rate encoding may be a good idea, but the overall quality of Xing still can't compare with other encoders
the tech dates of the CD-ripper part are identical with the separate "AudioGrabber"
together with the CDDB support the complete package is just unbeatable in simplicity and speed (2x speed incl. ripping and encoding at my P200MMX!)
the XING encoder is really faaaaast, the audio quality is OK considering the speed of the encoder
NEW: improved support for CDDB access, 31 new genres added to ID3 tag editor, new file and folder naming format

        cdXtract 1.00        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
cdXtract 1.00 (168 KB)
< 1 minute
Colin Hill
freeware CD-Audio grabber, supports SCSI-3/Plextor/Sony/ATAPI
you may correct the target ID manually if the autodetection didn't work
saves selected tracks or a sector range, shows actual copy speed during copy process
optionally kills zero-samples at the begin/end of the written track

        alternate CDFS.VXD        

downloadat 28.8 it takesprogram runs underauthorupdated
alternate CDFS.VXD (39 KB)
< 1 minute
Win 95/98
freeware, this one is a funky little device driver which replaces the original windows CDFS.VXD, once installed it shows Audio CD's as WAV files (even in different formats and sample frequencies) in your file system
if it works for you (I got many mails from people who told me it does't work for them) it makes all external win95/98 CD-Audio-Rippers obsolete
just put it into your \Windows\System\IOSubSys directory and reboot (make a backup of the original CDFS.VXD to be on the safe side)
the sense? load AUDIO-TRACKS as ordinary WAVs directly into your favourite wave editor or ...
... just tell your favourite MP3 encoder the name of the WAV to encode it directly instead of ripping it down to you harddisk
unfortunately it doesn't run under NT